No Doubt Buhari Govt Is Corrupt- Saraki

Senate President, Dr Abubakar Bukola Saraki has stated emphatically that the Muhammadu Buhari Government is Corrupt

Speaking in a Channels Television interview with Seun Okinbaloye, Saraki who is the Director- General of Atiku Presidential Campaign Council said there was  massive corruption especially in the subsidy regime.

According to him when the subsidy scam was blown open in 2015, the Goodluck Jonathan government was paying for 30 million litres of fuel consumption per day though all statistics show we cannot consume more than  22million maximum.

” The country was losing so much due to this leakages and we frowned against it and raised the alarm”

He said the Buhari Government which came to fight  corruption now pays subsidy for 50 million litres per day

Asked if he thought there was corruption in the subsidy regime, Saraki said ” It is big time fraud”

He said the National Assembly has investigated the operations of the NNPC but the Executive Arm has not helped matters.

He noted that for the last two years it has asked that the subsidy payments be included in the budget but it has only been done in the 2019 Budget. He said the government has to explain where all the money has gone.

On the elections, he said though his party has confidence in the Independent National Electoral Commission ( INEC), it was unhappy with how the Federal Government was harassing the opposition.

He noted that while the PDP has begun its campaign covering 4 of the 6 geographical zones so far, the ruling APC has done nothing, it is relaxed ” we are wondering what they are relying or are they scheming to subvert the will of the people?

He stated further that PDP will begin its state wide campaign from next week.

Dr Saraki also said  that the Muhammadu Buhari Government has failed in its three promises of Security, Fighting Corruption and Economy and thus, Atiku Abubakar will coast to victory since Nigerians are faring worse now than in 2015.

According to him in 2015, only part of the North East had security challenges ” Today we have security challenges in the North East, North West and North Central”

In his home state of Kwara,  Saraki was confident that his political structure was firmly on ground and it will once again coast to victory at the polls like it has always done.

He stated that he is a man of the people who cares and has stood by his people and so the people will never abandon him for outsiders and noise makers.



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