Whyte Cleon Limited Officially Launches in Ghana

In the words of the great philosopher- Plato; “Beginnings frame everything that comes after them. With careful planning and a deliberate approach, your beginning can set everything that comes after it up for success”. This philosophy also drives the board, management, and staff of Whyte Cleon Limited as the organization breaks into new frontiers in Ghana.

This historical, ground-breaking event with the Ghanaian corporates took place on the morning of Tuesday, May 25th, 2021 at the Marriott Hotel, Accra, Ghana.
The event commenced with a welcome address by the Chairman of the board of directors – Mr Bismarck Rewane, who called in virtually to welcome everyone to the first Whyte Cleon breakfast and introductory presentation. Mr. Rewane, spoke eloquently about the need for continuous and developmental trade agreements between African nations, which he said is the true African answer to Africa becoming a force to recon with globally.

Riding on the back of Mr Rewane’s opening speech, the MD/CEO- of Whyte Cleon Limited, Mrs ‘Nireti Oyeniyi-Adebayo, spoke further on the Ghanaian venture and the reason for the company’s strategic entry into the Ghana economy.

Why Ghana?  One may ask:

Communication history – Both countries are anglophone countries.

Trade between Nigeria and Ghana has continued to grow over the years and is bigger than trade between Nigeria and other African countries, therefore any company willing to expand into Africa will think first about Ghana.

Ghana is welcoming, its people are friendly and warm and my STANFORD EXPERIENCE (2016), has given me new friends in the country, who I now see as family.

Nigerians here have great things to say about this country, we believe in the relationship, the business environment is attractive, improving on a sustainable basis that promotes ease of doing business and these are some of the many reasons why Whyte Cleon is in Ghana today.

She concluded with this: ‘Now that we are here, we can seek opportunities to work together. We would like to assure everyone, that we pay close attention to our business and to the people we outsource to organizations because we believe people matter, what they do matter, and how it is done matters to us.
Officially introducing Whyte Cleon Limited to the corporates, Ms. Linda Ampah with visible enthusiasm, reeled out the decade long company profile of Whyte Cleon, which was quickly followed by the airing of the documentary showing the 10 years journey of Whyte Cleon Limited in Nigeria.

Thereafter, the delectable Country Manager, Whyte Cleon Limited (Ghana), Monica Adukpo was introduced. Showing her readiness for business, she promised to quickly reach out to the corporates and hopes they would all have their doors open for her, readily taking advantage of the Quality Management Systems that Whyte Cleon offer to make their businesses more efficient and more profitable.

The morning climaxed with a keynote address by Mr. Emmanuel Kitcher – Standford Seed, African Regional Director, whose excitement about the progress of African initiates such as Whyte Cleon Limited and it’s promises to the continent was very evident. He gushed on with exuberance noting how today’s event coincided with the African Union Day and how significant it is for greater collaboration between African companies bringing African solutions to African problems as only Africans can truly position the continent on the world stage.  Speaking highly of the MD/CEO, ‘Nireti Adebayo who happens to be a Stanford SEED alumni-Cohort 7, and how she has grown the company in its 10 years of existence, despite the pandemic and closure of physical borders, she saw possibilities, surmounting all hurdles to bring world class quality management systems to Ghana, showing the capacity of the business as a truly African multi-national company. Africa is our home, let us come together, collaborate, and build the Africa we want, he concluded.

In closing, Mr. Niyi Adebayo, a director of Whyte Cleon Limited, appreciated the presence of all organizations represented at the event. Gentlemen of the press, all management and staff of Whyte Cleon present, and everyone who has graced the event, and made it a success.
In the words of the visionary leader- Kwame Nkruma- “it is clear that we must find an African solution to our problems, and that this can only be found in African unity. Divided we are weak, united Africa could become one of the greatest forces for good in the world”. He thanked everyone for attending the event and closed with a prayer to signify the end of the day’s proceedings.

ABOUT Whyte Cleon Limited

Whyte Cleon Limited is a leading Human Resource Outsourcing & Management Solutions provider in Nigeria.

Whyte Cleon is a people-centric company. In the past decade, they have built a culture of professionalism, integrity and excellence, providing practical and bespoke solutions to energize all their clients in bridging the gap between Strategy Development, Talent Acquisition, Strategy Execution, Organizational Performance and Human Capital Investment. Designing systems that align with goals, organizational vision, and monitoring of progress for organizational successes.

Please visit the company’s website for more information.

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