By Eric Elezuo

The remains of late Mrs Regina Naa Anerkai Nortey, who died recently, at the ripe age of 84, has been laid rest.

Mrs. Nortey, who was the mother of Mr. Alexander Samuel Nortey, was committed to mother Earth on Friday in full view of a large crowd of family members, friends, colleagues and well wishers from all walks of life shortly after a funeral service was conducted at the Westley Methodist Church. The service was supervised by prominent clergymen attached to the parish.

A well advertised thanksgiving service is expected to hold today, also at the Westley Methodist Church before a grand reception follows at the Air Force Officers Mess at Burma Camp.

Expected to grace the events are high profile friends of Mr Alexander Samuel Nortey from various sectors of the economy as well as colleagues and well wishes of the Nortey family.

May her gentle soul find peace in the bosom of the Lord.


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