Sky Way Capital Launches Modern Hi-Tech Transport System in Lagos

By Eric Elezuo

History was made Friday in Lagos Nigeria as Sky Way Capital debuts in Nigeria as the first of its kind in Africa with its highly customised modern hi-tech transport (train) system. The venture proposed as well a platform where participants can conveniently become co-owners of the world’s innovative technology in mobility system valued at over 400 billion dollars.

Held at the highly developed New Ultra Modern D’Podium International Event Centre at Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja, Lagos, the event brought the top notch members of the technology world as well as team of prospective investors into the thriving capital business.

Setting the tone of the event was a prolific stakeholder in the scheme and immediate past chairman of Amuwo Odofin Local Government Area, Comrade Ayodele Adewale., who delivered a keynote address. It must be stated that he is part of the brain behind the berthing of the scheme in Nigeria.

A cross section of participants

In his address he noted that “Nigeria has a huge long term economic potential. It is a country with a young and expanding population, a developing consumer class, a highly entrepreneurial business sector of small and medium enterprises and has abundance of human and natural resources.”

He intimated that the essence of the conference was ‘to give you an opportunity to hear from the Skyway Capital team about their high speed innovative eco transport technology that can create more efficiency for connecting people and services in an innovative, and productive way for a prosperous cities and communities in Nigeria,’ while stating the gains and objectives of the project as follows:

Officials and stakeholders of Sky Way Capital

To complement and optimize a modern transport infrastructure; provide a fast and efficient means of travel via its eco string technology which is suspended 5-6 meters above the ground

Provide both metro and cargo systems that is 3-4 times cheaper than the usual railways, and can be constructed in any terrain and in all weather conditions.

To aid mobility, reduce traffic congestion, ease distribution for industries, reduce cost of production and enhance global competitiveness.

Ign. Solar

The technology generates its own energy which can also be used to power surrounding communities and facilities.

It was also highlighted that the technology that has no recourse to government funding except if government decide to get involved, but will be supported by private investment, using local resources (steel) and manpower thereby creating the much needed employment in the country.

In his remarks, the Managing Director of the company, Mr. Ing. Frantisek Solar, from Slovakia, collaborated Comrade Ayodele’s stand with a graphic presentation of the high flying technology. He noted that the train can travel from Lagos to Abuja in only 50 minutes, does not emit carbon monoxide and generates its own ebergy as it moves. As a result, it does not use fuel for movement.

Comrade Ayodele

The conference received a bigger boost as the foremost investor into the Sky Way Capital endeavour, Hon Arogundade Shamshudeen, broke down the benefits to investor.

Among other stakeholders who lent credence to the great endeavour was Mr. Redimier Maslo from Estonia and a host of others.


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