Strategy Remains Best Key to Business Breakthrough – Ade Adebajo, CEO, UT Financial Services

By Eric Elezuo

The University of Ghana Business School (UGBS), known for its contribution and achievement in developing world class human resources and capabilities to meet national development needs and global challenge, recently hosted a Professional Business Summit to mark its 39th Management Week. The programme was sponsored by UT Financial Services, a leading outfit in developing small and medium scale enterprises

The summit, which was tailored towards educating students of the University on developing strategies before becoming successful, was themed “Strategy as Key to Success in Business”.

Delivering his lecture on the theme of the summit, the special guest of honour and Chief Executive Officer of UT Financial Limited, Mr. Ade Adebajo, stated that where one studies to earn a degree is not usually the crux of the better, but how many professional courses are attached to it.

“It does not matter where you study; your degree is powerful even if you travel out of the country; it is more powerful if you augment it with professional courses and they are accepted worldwide,” he said.

Mr. Adebajo, who harped on the fact that strategizing is the hallmark of success, told the students and management of the department that with a positive set and focus, coupled with down to earth strategy, there is nothing that can prevent success in any area of human endeavor.

“When your mind is set to doing anything, and you are focused; you need go strategize and when it is carried out successfully, success will be made from it. Strategy is very necessary whenever you want to make a goal and succeed in it.”

He took the audience through a session of mind and career assessment, positing questions that tend to deep into the inner consciousness of his listeners such as ‘Do you have a strategy for life? Do you have a strategy in your study?’ He also noted that no strategy is hard and fast, that every strategy can be amended, modified or changed completely if the need be based on the situational variables.

“You can change your strategy whenever you develop new functional ones or have an idea which you want to succeed with,” he said.

He noted that all those who have made it in life today had planned strategies which they followed religious thereby making a head way in their business, adding that strategy alliance is another way to make headway in business.

In the sense that, when you are concerned with your own business; align yourself with various services anytime needed and same also happens to you.

He ended his delivery with the presentation of nuggets for strategizing, stressing that the tips have proven useful and helpful in past years.

The tips according to the financial guru include

Draw out your own strategy

Make a plan of your own strategy for your business and create ideas that will guide you as well as help to map the challenges that you will face along the business journey. Also never depend on anyone for your progress.

Mimic the Achievers

Mimicking the achievers is also a good way to progress; following their steps and making research about how they have achieved and progressed in business development as well as study how they made headway in their various businesses with their skills, because they have achieved and are still progressing; so strive to make yours a story also.


There is power in partnership if you align yourself with great people with various business enterprises and organizations that are progressing, and hence forming an alliance with them so that they can help with information, and you can also assist when needed.  Partnership makes the bond in business stronger and reliable always. Also, never disvalue people around you because no one knows who is who.

He advised all and sundry to never be discouraged in the quest for success even as bad days are sure to occur.

“Don’t ever be discouraged. As I stand before you today, there were times when things went so bad but because I refused to give up, I am standing successful now,” he said.


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