Peter Omonzejele: A thoroughbred Academic, Achiever

By Ken Ehimen and Edaki Timothy

Call him a man on the path to making progress and creating history and you are right. Refer to him as a man who is standing tall above life’s challenges and taking the burden by the horn to make visible to all his giant strides in the sands of our country and you have not sugar-coated the truth. Call  Professor Peter Omonzejele a man who has a knack for knowledge and a brain that dispenses information from years of research and study and you have not meandered from the truth.

Hard work and dedication always pays, at least that is what life taught us and only recently it has taught us the same lesson, using one of its many sons, Peter Omonzejele as an example. The Associate Professor of the prestigious University of Benin was recently lauded and honored with an award for his exemplary teaching methods, research experience and a go-getter drive by the Esan Forum.

Prof. Peter Omozejele with his brother Simon Omozegele, left

Professor Peter Omonzejele undertook developmental training in: Time and Project Management; Research Skills and Conflict Management; Communication and Presentation Skills and the Diversity and Inclusivity Course. All the courses were undertaken at the University of Central Lancashire, Preston. England.

Professor Peter Omonzejele holds membership of several international bioethics associations amongst which are: The International Association of Public Health Ethics Network based in the United Kingdom, The Philosophy and Bioethics Network also based in the United Kingdom, a Resource Expert in the newly established Bioethics Beyond Borders Network based in the USA and a member of The Centre for Bioethics and Culture Association located in the United States. Peter Omonzejele is a member of the editorial board of the Developing World Bioethics Journal. Peter Omonzejele has published bioethics articles in international journals in the United Kingdom, the United States, Israel, Canada, Thailand and China. He has just completed the writing of a book tentatively entitled:” The Ethics of Medical Research on Humans: An African Perspective & A Guide to conducting fieldwork in Africa”.

Prof. Peter Omozegele and his wife, Mrs Veronica Omozegele, Chief Inegbenehi with Grace

He is also an international clinical and research ethics consultant. Peter is the Head of the Bioethics Research Unit of the Women’s Health and Action Research Centre (WHARC), Benin-City. WHARC (under the chairmanship of Dr. Omonzejele) is in the process of constituting a Local Research Ethics (LRC) Committee to review research protocols.

Professor Peter Omonzejele is an academician per excellence. He has proved that his wealth of experience is always brought to the fore wherever he finds himself. A man whose love for society and a desire to change the evil inherent in the heart of everyman led him to study Philosophy and Bioethics.

He had his Bioethics training at the University of Witwatersrand, Johanesburg, South Africa and at the University of Lancashire, Preston, England.

Prof. & Mrs. Peter Omozegele with friends and family after receiving an award from Easan Forum (UNIBEN and UBTH) as a distinguished Professor of bioethics and health policy

He has a benign smile always resting upon his face and his quick to attribute everything he is and would ever be to the Almighty Creator. He represents a man who knows where the gold lies buried and would leave no stone unturned in unraveling the treasure. Dr. Omonzejele has shown that he is a man to be revered, respected and to be looked upon as he is not only offering the world his mind, he is letting the world peruse through his thoughts through his many thesis, dissertations and project works. Of a surety, those who have passed through him have always been full of praises for the man who they describe as a colossal individual in the academic field.

Happily married to Veronica Omonzejele,  Peter puts family first as he knows that family and love is quintessential to any man’s happy stay on earth. He is also always quick to speak lovingly of his wife who he claims is a rare jewel in his life.

Without bias, Professor Peter Omonzejele represents a man that all and sundry should strive to emulate. He is the perfect picture and description of three things- an academia, a husband and of course a real boss.


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