The Senate, The Police and Need for Professionalism

By Eric Elezuo

Following the failure of the Inspector General of Police, Mr.Ibrahim Idris to honour Senate summonses, and the Senate’s declaration of the chief law officer as enemy of democracy, a renewed war, though unspoken has continued to rage between the law making institution and the Police.

Just a few days ago, the Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki, who is at the heart of it all, cried out alleging that the Police were poised to slam a murder charge on him, apparently in retaliation for all that has happened between the Senate which represents, and the Police.

The Police have, in reminiscence of what they did the Senator representing Kogi West, Dino Melaye, resurrected a 10 years old case which reported pointed at Saraki and the Governor of Kwara State of arming and sponsoring cultists to kill rival politicians. Consequently, six of the culprits were moved to Abuja for questioning – a move Saraki believed has ulterior motives.

Among those said to have been killed were one Bukola Ajikobi and Bayo Ajia, who the Police spokesman, Mr. Jimoh Mooshood described as innocent, contrary to the statement of Kwara State Police in 2016 when they were killed, which described them as  members of cult groups terrorising the state.

Sam Okaula, the Kwara Police Commissioner at the time, said 11 suspects were arrested in connection to the killings and paraded them before the press in Ilorin.

The commissioner said the killings were linked to rival cult clashes and vowed to stymie the violence before it was too late. It is therefore not known how and where IGP Idris came about their ‘innocent’ status if not for the purpose of something sinister

Saraki’s uneasiness at this time may be as a result of his commuting in 2010, as Kwara State governor, Ajia’s death sentence to absolute pardon. But if the IGP is capitalizing on the fact to witch hunt the Senate President; that could count for a crime.

“The Senate President is afraid that since the matter is related to cultism and he had pardoned a man widely known in Ilorin as a cultist in the past, then the police could easily rope him in,” a source said.

Whatever be the motive of the IGP in moving the suspects to Abuja, even as a court of competent jurisdiction has ruled that they be moved back to Ilorin, the maneuver was unnecessary and suspicious and portrays them as waging political war against the Senate and its leadership.

In all these, the Presidency has kept mum, in a manner that tends to suggest that there is an element of complicity. So far, for members of the Senate has come under the radar of the law enforcement agencies as the Senate and the Police war rage. They include Senator Dino Melaye, Senator Ike Ekweremadu, Senator Jonah Jang and Senator Bukola Saraki.

The Police can employ more professionalism in its dealings with the public, and cease to portray itself as an agent of vendetta, especially at a time it is faced with so much scandal of inefficiency.

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