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The Laws and the Kings (Pt. 2)



By Tolulope A. Adegoke

“Weaknesses could be the best definition of describing a fool to his generation; excuses could also be the best description of failures! In fact, an excuse is a beautiful way of describing “why” you have failed as a being! No one is ever too small to lead, and none will ever be too big to serve! Your gifts as MAN is at the mercy of your abilities to respond swiftly and responsibly (with good character) to changes, opportunities and challenges so as to appropriately MANage the resources (or gifts of men and things) that God Almighty has put in your care or custody. If you then fail to combine the worthy “equations” of “Responsiveness” + “Abilities”, which equals to “Responsibilities”, and the equations of “Discipline” and “Discipleship”, you would lack “fellowship” and “followership”! And if a you have no one to lead but “rule” (ride), you would end up destroying your purposes and the treasure troves you have been exposed to, to keep and engage, to build and rebuild, to sustain and retain as you have automatically embarked on a course of “error” that dishonours the original purpose of your being and it essences, even at present, as your presence is no longer a “present” or answers to the prayers of your generation, which in-turns limits your effects of handing over good works unto coming generation(s). Therefore, the original intention of the Creator to have chosen you for this course as “leader” is to become or multiply as bundles of “seeds” to be sown, and as sacrificial offering presented by God to (your)generation(s) for the building of destinies (which are) encrypted or locked up in “tiny” earthly vessels called MAN: for their risings, which are intended to “sing” and continue to “sing” to the goodness and glory of God Almighty (Himself), and not that of the “messenger” who has been chosen a leader with the “cross” of “courses” intended to cause or erupt (positive) change and sustain it, to retain it as “batons” of hope by faith (and works) to be deliberately passed on and on with passion unto others, all through generations!” – Tolulope A. Adegoke, Ph.D., MNIM

The Golden Guiding Rules (continues):

 i.       No matter his level, size or stature, a king, must NEVER GIVE UP TOO SOON!

Giving up too soon automatically results to failure and disqualifies a being from “being”. Even in the thickness of the dark, in the face of defeat, in the harshness of the weather, in the heat of times, a king must never give up! The never give up statement is the daily mantra of champions and of kings! Kings are crowned ultimately to give enviable and outstanding results, having sacrificed themselves for a course to cause an effect effectively and reflect the purposes of their being as royalty through loyalty to their peoples.

The essence and extent to which he would go in his courses as a leader will be determined by his strength of courage. Weakness is simply the best definition of describing a fool, but a king must never be one. Weakness gives room to distress that could lead one into being depressed; However, it is the ultimate key to giving up too soon. A king must at all times, in all things keep his head up, and be rugged in spirit, for this is the fuel that ignites the power and prowess of all great achievements!

ii.     Also, a king must have a Queen! No matter the sensitivity of royalty, the intensity of loyalty, the beautification or decourations of the throne, royalty is incomplete without a worthy (virtuous), and charismatic Queen. Nothing blooms without the awesome wonderful “touches” of the Queen. The Queen suppresses the king’s anger, activates the “kid” in the king at the mid of the “nights”, and activates the “king” in the “kid” in the “day”, thereby helping him to discover or rediscover the hidden treasures of leadership and the “weights” of what lies on his shoulders as blessings and responsibilities. For there is a kid in every king, and in every kid lies a king! The Queen, being virtuous maximizes his effects and helps his devastating helplessness. She cuddles and hides his childish acts or attitudes like a mother; for she is the neck and the beauty of the throne, the “strength” and as well “weak-point” of the king. She gives him courage to move on, likewise strength to keep pushing hard and well! She is a key or password to getting it right or wrong.

Truly, the woman is the “mother” of the king, as she murders his weaknesses to avoid devastating implications; she is the playmate and Queen to the king of the throne. She is the “beauty” of the throne, the distinct satirical image of royalty, the perfect completion of Royalty in regalia, the naturally endowed “socket” where the king connects with the energies of nature in ecstasy and power, and as well eases off his tensions in fact, and in the form of “fats”. The Queen therefore, is the production factory of the king, she maintains constant productivity of the “basics” needed in favour of her soul-mate, The king! She is simply the compliment of his found rib- the maximum effect that powers the essences of his being to “being”!

iii.  Furthermore, a king must NEVER FORGET HIS SOURCE. A river that forgets its source will dry up, and would be forgotten in the annals of history! A king must at all times remember his source by acknowledging the Divine Maker, the Master of all Creations, The King of all kings, The One that Makes all things possible, The Only One that does things that no other can undo! The One and Only Source of all that lives. Mere acknowledging and reverencing The Source (God Almighty) enriches the king with more wisdom, knowledge and understanding, including with its applications guide to rule, lead and conquer with utmost confidence and ease that surpasses all mortal comprehension.

iv.   Finally, a KING MUST REPRODUCE A BETTER VERSION OF HIMSELF (that is, have a replacement of himself for the continuity of service)!

It is pertinent for every reasonable king to reproduce a better version of themselves so that when he is done fulfilling his own purpose or role on this earthly plane, there is someone agile, ready and equipped enough to handle the mantle of power and as well to take over the throne without being thrown and blown away by the beautiful distractions that comes with royalty. And that is why kings must have “heirs” and “heiresses” who must have been nurtured and prepared for future assignments (as serving hands) in the royal ways and patterns, decourated with crown on his/her head to be king or Queen, to lead and conquer, and not to “ride” and “rule”!

If any king refuses to reproduce a better version of himself, he is without sentiment worthy to be pronounced a failure! A king must so much raise his heir or replacement consciously and cautiously with all that it requires or needed so that his replacement would reign, lead, and yield to the tenets of God Almighty and the expectations or demands of his/her people better than him, because the glory of the latter must be better than the former; he must therefore be an improvement and an upgrade of policies and administrative prowess, so as to impart lives (better) with possibilities- ease, strategy, comfort and gratitude; it is then that the king is rated a successful and fulfilled king, while the absence of a replacement or heir considers him unfulfilled no matter how great he seemed to be and unprepared for the future of his people(s). The Holy Book of life reveals to us in Revelation 5:10 that: “And hast made us unto our God kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth.

We must note that: “we” are the kings under the auspices of the King of kings – The Creator of All things and beings! So we must tread with caution and courtesy to Him Who has called us as beings to “being” (reign) for His glory.

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Fani-Kayode: The Man and His Belly




By Danjuma Garba
We are disturbed by the recent inciting comments by a former Aviation Minister and Director of News Media, All Progressive Congress (APC) Presidential Campaign Council, Femi Fani-Kayode.
Recently, the media has been awash with reports of Fani-Kayode’s inciting rhetoric targeted at causing ethnic disharmony and widespread violence across the nation. We can no longer continue to ignore his excesses as they pose a grave danger to our democracy, unity and security.
Recall that his ethnic profiling and inciting statements fuelled unprecedented violence against non-Yoruba voters in Lagos State at the just-concluded governorship poll. We find totally unacceptable, his recent threat to make the country ungovernable should Bola Ahmed Tinubu not be sworn in. This is a threat against national peace and security and should not be ignored by all relevant security agencies.
Already, his rancorous and misguided outbursts had attracted the attention of the international community. A British envoy addressed him and pointed out the dangers of his inciting statements. However, instead of retracting his statements, he went wild against the envoy with derogatory remarks and tirades unbefitting of a supposed statesman.
Femi Fani-Kayode is infamous in Nigeria for his opportunistic political misadventures. He is a rabble-rouser whose only political value is the noise he makes and the ripples of disaffection it causes.
He has never contested, won or lost an election. His is to parasitically attach himself to the winning side and look for any available financial opportunity to sustain his extravagant and drug-ridden lifestyle.
He is a craven man who rides behind the trails of valiant men to glean the spoils of war. And while waiting for the spoils, he can go to the extremes of verbal assaults, name-calling and denigration of opponents.
His method of political engagement is crude, savage, hostile and barbaric. He does not spare vices however indecorous in his quest to appear loyal to his paymasters.  He is a known groveler who does the “dirty jobs” for his paymasters in return for “food”. Former president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo’s description of him as a foodie who does the bidding of anyone who gives him “food” is very apt. He is a man with zero integrity and decorum.
As a result of his unprincipled approach to life in general, and to politics in particular, he has no allegiance to any political party or ideology. He has loyalty only to his stomach. And when he is done eating, he scatters the table and spites the host. His eloquence is fuelled by the sight of food rather than being inspired by a cause, reason or logic. He is a political pariah who, like a hawk, flies about looking for only what to eat.
Femi Fani-Kayode is such a despicable figure that is awful and abhorrent in private life and unfit for public offices.
No wonder, he has been married four times, and all four women left him. No one can cope with Femi’s childish, belligerent, narcissistic and immoral behaviour. His mouth is full of bile proceeding from the dark enclaves of his bankrupt and untutored soul.
One wonders what a man who has failed in virtually everything, is doing in the corridors of power. For being unable to lead his private life, he is totally unfit to lead others. He is a confirmed public and private failure.
The incompetent junkie once blamed

witches for the plane crashes that happened under his watch as the aviation minister.
But how did Femi Fani-Kayode come about? Available records show that he was born to Chief Remilekun Adekunbo Fani-Kayode. Femi trained as a lawyer, a supposed educated man.
In age, Femi is supposed to be a man in his sixties being born on 16 October, 1960, but in character and conduct, he is a delinquent adolescent always running in and out of trouble with his unbridled tongue.
With his unstable and volatile character, one doubts if his education goes beyond his ability to read and write. Education is beyond mere literacy; it refines character, shapes perceptions, enhances tolerance and imparts civility.
The sum total of these is what is called civilization. But Fani-Kayode lacks the basic ingredients of true education. His uncouth manners speak more of a pretentious barbarian at the gate of civilization than of a truly educated and civilized person. His ethnic bigotry smacks of a pre-historic man in a band of hunters and fruit gatherers. His level of clannishness and intolerance is totally antithetical to civilization.
What an educated head ruled by a bankrupt mind and moribund soul! He refused to allow his intellectual engagements to tamper with his ethnic crudity and absurdity.
He represents the fading generation of African elites who continue to hold on to sentiments that are intolerant of others and inimical to a free, fair and inclusive society. They are the worst hindrance to inter-ethnic harmony and national unity in Africa.
Femi pathetically carries underneath his flamboyant attire, a deeply troubled, stark naked, abysmally wretched and utterly miserable soul. Such a pity!
It is against all sensibility that such an unhinged and irresponsible fellow should be elevated to the point of having political visibility in a civilized and democratic society. In saner climes, moral imbeciles like him are quarantined as societal outcasts and persona non grata.
Though his ill-fated foray into politics began quite early, whatever patronage he has enjoyed came on the heels of his family’s name and influence rather than on the strength of his personal merit or capacity. He lacks in totality, the character and conduct of an adult, let alone the attributes of a statesman.
We, therefore, call on the ruling party to amend their initial mistake of appointing Femi Fani-Kayode into their campaign council by distancing themselves from his inciting and bigoted comments.
He is such a political liability and should not be considered for any political appointment in both the nearest and distant future. Already, he is trying to cause a diplomatic row between Nigeria and the United Kingdom with his recent tantrum against the British Deputy High Commissioner to Nigeria, Ben Llewellyn-Jones, who tried to address his excesses.
We would be forced to believe that Femi Fani-Kayode is doing the biddings of the ruling party to destroy Nigeria if drastic punitive actions are not taken against him.
Finally, we call on the Inspector General of Police, and the Directorate of State Security (DSS) to arrest within 48hours, Femi Fani-Kayode for posing a grave threat to national security with his ceaseless inciting statements and ethnic profiling. This is to serve as a deterrent to other tribal bigots, and overzealous politicians.

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Open Letter to Bayo Onanuga by Richard Akinnola




My dear Bayo,

I hope you are now happy and satisfied, that the National Broadcasting Commission(NBC) has sanctioned CHANNELS with a N5 million fine, following your petition over the Datti Ahmed’s interview on CHANNELS.

Chief Gani Fawehinmi and Dr Olu Onagoruwa ( both of blessed memories) were the best of friends for several years but that friendship was truncated when the latter decided to join the Abacha junta as the Attorney-General, churning out despicable Decrees. Their relationship ended and Gani publicly upbraided his erstwhile friend.

You and l have been friends for several years, fought many battles together against the military, particularly against their onslaught on the free press. I therefore feel terribly pained that l have to publicly upbraid you for your recent public statements, particularly your petition against CHANNELS tv, to the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC). Et tu, Bayo? I’m still trying to wrap my heads round your sudden 360 degrees against all you fought for under the military. You are yet to be in government and you have started exhibiting intolerance against the independent media, the same thing you fought for all your years, like Dr Onagoruwa did. I’m sure your principal, who has been a lover of free press, would be embarrassed by your position.

I watched the interview under reference and l must say, you are VERY UNFAIR to Seun Okinbaloye, the anchor man who repeatedly cautioned Datti Ahmed for making some seemingly inciting comments, to the anger and discomfiture of Datti Ahmed. So, in all conscience, what then is the basis of your petition to the NBC? Can you compare that to your recent incendiary post against an ethnic group? Why are you making enemies for your principal, instead of friends, in a country so polarized? While your principal is preaching unity and healing, you are busy trying to make more enemies for him. Yesterday, it was ARISE, today, it is CHANNELS. Is that a foretaste of what to experience in the incoming government? So, we should be fixated on NTA and TVC, isn’t that what you are trying to tell proverbially? To say that I’m totally embarrassed by your silly conduct, would be stating it mildly.

For eight years, despite all vitriolic attacks on the president, Femi Adesina, as Special Adviser, Media to the president, did not petition against any medium but you wey never enter, don dey censor the media. What a shame! I can expect the disaster that awaits us if you become the presidential spokesperson. Do l subscribe to unfettered press freedom? No. I believe every freedom comes with responsibility. However, when you create a perception that the incoming government would be intolerant of the free press, we need to sound the alarm bell.

My dear Bayo, it is often said that until a man tastes power or has access to money, you can’t judge his character. That may not be totally true because one of our mutual friends, Tunji Bello, has tasted both but has been his normal self that l have known for over three decades. His decent character has not changed, in and out of government. So, could it be that your real character is just unfolding? Just because you are now at the periphery of power, you are ready to obliterate all the values and principles you held all these years. What a shame!

TAKE NOTICE that we would fight this your planned “insurrection” against the independent media the way we, including you, fought Abacha’s dictatorship against the media.


Postscriptum: Before l wrote this open letter, l had informed some of our mutual friends, so that they won’t feel embarrassed.

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Voice of Emancipation: Who Will Pay Buhari’s Debt?




By Kayode Emola

In less than two months, President Mohammadu Buhari will relinquish the exalted position of President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He will however, not take with him the huge debt he bestowed on the country, and that would be left for both the incoming and future governments or their successor when Nigeria eventually breaks up to pay. The question remains as to who will pay this huge debt as there are over 130 million Nigerians living below the poverty line today.

Just this week, the Chinese government rejected Buhari’s further request for an additional loan of ₦10.1trn ($22bn), from the China-Exim Bank which was earlier approved by the morally bankrupt Nigeria National Assembly. The said loan was intended to fund the modernisation of the Kano – Kaduna segment of the Nigerian Railway. The obvious question to ask is, how much has that Railway line generated in the past 3 years to justify that humongous loan facilities for an outgoing government.

This is not minding the fact that Buhari is leaving the Nigerian people with ₦46.25trn ($101.87bn) external debt and a financially depressed nation. With the cost of living biting hard and many strong financial institutions around the world feeling the pinch, I believe it is time to take stock. We recall that Buhari came to power on a mandate of hope, however, if there is anything to go by in the last 8-years, it is anything but hope, in fact, I believe Nigerians should be very afraid of the direction the country is going.

A lot of the self-determination activists who are not well grounded in freedom struggle believe our quest for freedom stemmed from the extrajudicial killing by the armed Fulani militia. That is not the basis of our decision to leave an unproductive country like Nigeria. Many of our people are facing far more untimely death on a daily basis because of bad governance in Nigeria and this cannot continue without a permanent solution which is a total withdrawal from the Nigeria framework. The people in power are creating more havoc on ordinary Nigerians than all the armed terrorist groups put together.

This is a compelling reason why we must be more vocal and succinct in our message delivery to the ordinary man on the street, who is not well-versed or have reliable information. With our teeming population and abundant natural resources, Nigeria should be among the 5 biggest economies in the world. The recent developmental strides in Dubai and Qatar are supposed to be child’s play compared to Nigeria’s achievement in the last 62 years of independence. Our economy is however led by reckless government officials, who have riddled with loans that cannot be repaid if we continue on this trajectory.

To my fellow Yoruba countrymen who are happy that a Yoruba man is going to be President of Nigeria, a country with a fraudulent constitution, and hoping for a miracle. I will say, think again; as I pity our stupidity for lack of wisdom. We will come to bite our fingers in the nearest future if we don’t double our efforts right now to get out of Nigeria. If we remain trapped in this contraption called Nigeria for whatever reason, either by our own making or otherwise, then our children and future generations may never forgive our docility.

We cannot continue to live in a country where we the Yoruba contribute the largest share of its revenue, yet has nothing to show for it, order than parade political jobbers as an achievement. If that is not stupidity, then I will like to know what happened to free basic education and healthcare started over 70 years in Yorubaland by Chief Awolowo. Yet, many of our children are now out of school because their parents can’t afford exorbitant school fees in private facilities. Why are we allowing many innocent lives to die because of poor health facilities and a lack of adequate social amenities?

The lists of vices go on and on, which I wouldn’t want to dwell on. I will only want to drive home one fact, the only solution is the complete exit from the Nigerian structure. If anyone is thinking we can remain in Nigeria and develop our region, it is like eating your cake and hoping to have it again at the end of the day.

The time for ‘uhuru’ (freedom) is now and we must do everything within our power to get it. I see many power tussles going on in the self-determination struggle itself, and this is not a healthy environment to thrive. We need to consolidate our efforts, not by forcing people into submission but by dialogue, without which we cannot get a consensus. Without that, we will continue to toil endlessly with nothing to show for it.

I implore all the acclaimed self-determination groups to as a matter of urgency come together and chart a way forward for the Yoruba struggle. Without that, many people will be doing excellent work in their closest but may not be enough to reach the end goal which is a free independent Yoruba nation.

I hope talented people will be given the opportunity to thrive so that the necessary tools needed to accelerate our struggle are put to good use. The Yoruba nation is within reach, but it risks being jeopardised by many charlatans who know nothing about the struggle for an independent nation. We can continue to dance around, but if we don’t hit the nail on the head, we may remain on this mountain for a long time to come. My prayer is that we get it right on time so that we can save the millions of our trapped population in poverty with no hope of salvation.

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