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Error: Women Turn Private Parts to Means of Drug Trafficking



By Sunny Irakpo

Drug trafficking is becoming more prevalent in our society in recent years. Years after years, we keep on battling with this scourge as a nation. Some persons have chosen drug trafficking as a huge source of income and the inglorious business is growing in leaps and bounds. The immoral business has become a multi-billion naira industry for the perpetrators of the trade. The players in Nigeria are not slowing down in their attempts to expand their trade across all nations of the world.

Despite the efforts of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) with the current War Against Drug Abuse and Offensive Action Against Drug Traffickers and Cartels, sending many drug barons into their net, couple with the efforts of the civil society groups, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and other stakeholders in the war against drugs and substance peddling, the ugly trend keeps on surging higher. Merchants of the different banned drugs like cocaine, heroine, marijuana, codeine, tramadol, and the likes are secretly trading these adulterated drugs from one place to another despite the consequences as spelt out by the agency.

From time immemorial, dealers of banned drugs that are into import and export have a perculiar strategy to move hard drugs in and out of the country for commercial purposes. Law enforcement agencies have apprehended and dealt mercilessly with some drug peddlers that were caught in the airport, land borders and other strategic places of entry and exit in Nigeria. So many despicable and unconventional formats have been developed to outsmart the NDLEA, Customs, Immigration and the Police in the course of trading drug businesses. Dealers of hard drugs keep on developing new means of carrying out their illicit trade. Apparently, they have seen that drug peddling is a colossal business in some South America and some parts of Asia, hence they are jostling to make the business even bigger than it is in the country today.

The most despicable and unimaginable strategy is “Women Hiding Drugs in their Private Parts” just to play on the intelligence of security personnel. It’s quite alarming that drug traffickers would go to this extent of using the revered bodies of our mothers, sisters, aunties, wives and nieces to carry out their destructive businesses. Apparently, the moral compass of our society is further decaying and people can literally do anything just for money. Recently, we read about too many cases of women that concealed hard drugs in different private parts of their bodies. The story of a mother of (3)by name, Mrs Anita Ogbonna who stocked (100)wraps of cocaine in her body and she was caught at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja.The news was all over the media. Another female by name, Mrs Okafor Ebere Edith was also caught at the Muritala Mohammad International Airport in Lagos with (35) wraps of Cocaine concealed in her private part. The list is endless and it is highly embarrassing reporting the news of our mothers, wives and sisters involving in drug trafficking in an absurd manner. Just recently, one Mrs Nnamdi Nora Chinyere was caught with (100) wraps of heroine and so many more have happened in recent years. These women were caught concealing hard drugs in different private parts of their bodies. So shameful and disgusting! Our females are consequently turning their private parts to secret illegal business centre just to evade our security men at the various airports in the country. There are cases of many other females that are not mentioned that were apprehended and are being investigated by law enforcement agency.

The big question before us, especially to the female folks is:
“When did the private parts of our mothers, sisters, aunties and females in general turn to a secret haven for trafficking of drugs?” The answer(s) to this logical question can be seen from different dimensions. Mothers unarguably are the symbols of domestic morality and a guiding light for their children in this generation and the generation after. Mothers are seen as home makers and a foundation of socialization for their wards. Many stakeholders in the fight against drug abuse have been asking this question: “Are the home makers turning to home breakers?” Every woman should rise to protect their privates and protest against the abuse of their bodily parts, especially their vagina, a special place designed by God for procreation and conjugal blissfulness and enjoyment. It is quite saddening, disheartening and morally incomprehensible that some women have deviated from that original plan and they keep trading their morality on the altar of drug proceeds without considering the consequences that may befall them. The private parts of some women are no longer sacred and treated with respect because of the quest of making quick money? For how long shall we continue to behold this dastardly act at the detriment of womanhood and nationhood?

According to the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) through a press statement as released by the Director of Media and Advocacy, Mr Femi Babafemi, he said the Agency under Brig. Gen. Buba Marwa (Rtd) led administration has apprehended over 5000 drug traffickers and seized over 2.05 million kilograms of illicit drugs across the country of which 3000 cases are arraigned and over 500 individuals convicted for illicit drug trafficking offenses and at the same time over 1,549 cases are pending in court as the total drug seized with estimated value as at date is put at over N90billoin Naira. Commending the NDLEA Chairman, Brig. Gen. Buba Marwa (Rtd) for this concerted efforts to get rid of drugs from our families, communities and society in general, as members of the public is enjoined to take this fight as theirs because presently no one is SAFE.

At SILEC Initiatives, we totally condemn the disrespectful invasion of this scared and most revered place in womanhood being abused for illegality particularly in drug trafficking and inhuman activities. Over the years, we have taken it upon ourselves to continue the sensitization of Nigerians across all ages on the dangers of drug abuse and the consequences of going into illegal drug businesses.

SILEC as one of the leading anti-drug campaign organisations in the country, have sought for collaboration with the new Brig.Gen. Buba Marwa led-NDLEA to continue with awareness creation as a veritable means to salvage citizens, especially the youths by using all prints and electronic platforms to inform Nigerians on the consequences of going into importation and exportation of hard drugs and its use. Our current partnership with the Diocese of Lagos Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion under the Diocesan Bishop of Lagos and Missioner, The Rt.Rev’d. Dr. Humphrey Bamisebi Olumakaiye, who has graciously given us an international platform on Lagoon Radio, the number one non-stop online radio owned by the Diocese of Lagos to sensitize Nigerians and citizens of other countries across the globe through our program: Drug–Free Nigeria (DFN) Show with Sunny Irakpo every Monday 5-6pm is aired and transmitted across the social media space is reaching many.

We encourage partnership from good citizens and corporate organisations on this life transforming venture, and ask that the broadest members of the public should please download the Lagoon Radio from their google play store or apple store for a robust conversation and knowledge acquisition for information is the fuel of life and its application is power.

It is no longer secret that some Nigerians have been killed in some countries with stiff and complex laws regarding drug abuse and drug trafficking. It is a burden on us to continue informing all Nigerians about the dangers of drug because every citizen is important to project Nigeria. In line with our cardinal objective, we have redoubled our commitment to help sensitize communities, towns, villages, schools, religious places and cities on the negative effects of drug abuse and addiction and engaging in illicit drug businesses.

As a matter of urgency, we are tasking the federal government of Nigeria, in line with their social transformation agenda to continue to throw their weight behind the NDLEA and other sister agencies in order to intensify efforts in this war against drugs in Nigeria. Many more Awareness creation and sensitization programs should be funded in order to tell all Nigerians home and in the diaspora about the risks involved in drug abuse and illicit drug trafficking, especially in some countries with rigid laws on drug matters having death penalties for drug offenders of which many Nigerians have ended up in their death roll and sentenced to death consequently. Remember, the womanhood is a place so reverential and absolutely conjugal God-conformity. So keep it chaste from drug trafficking.

Amb. Sunny Irakpo is the Founder/President Silec Initiatives, Youth and Anti-drug Abuse Advocate, U.S Government Sponsored Exchange Alumni of the Department of State International Visitors Leadership Exchange Program in Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, a Radio Host, Certified by United Nations Office On Drugs and Crime on Drug Prevention, Treatment and Care Sensitization, an Antidrug Consultant.

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Deborah who spoke to SaharaReporters earlier in September narrated how her son, Adebola, was referred to LASUTH from a private hospital, Obitoks Medical Centre situated at Ileepo in the Alimosho Local Government Area of the state on June 17 following a complication from surgery to correct intestinal obstruction.

According to the mother, her son was said to have a ruptured appendix and he had surgery at Obitoks Medical Centre in February 2023.

“After the surgery, he was fine until June when he kept saying he had pain in the stomach. This made us go back to the hospital and the doctor said he had intestinal obstruction and he underwent another surgery,” the mother told SaharaReporters.

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She added the management of LASUTH told them the boy should not undergo another surgery immediately but they kept nursing him.


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