Opinion: There Are Footprints in the Sky!

By Tolulope A. Adegoke

“The sky is the ground (foundation) for champions! The sky isn’t the limit, but the beginning. Therefore, it is abnormal to be normal (ordinary)!” – Tolulope A. Adegoke 

There are footprints in the sky…Don’t be limited! Don’t be intimidated! Don’t be lazy!

You need to tear up the ceilings of the sky to break through into its beyond…

There is a world beyond the sky! I have seen it and I’m going to be launched into the sky, breakthrough into the world beyond it…

The Earth would be sealed up soon…! Only those that can breakthrough into it would sail through! There are footprints in the sky…

The sky is a ground (foundation) for the champions! The sky isn’t the limit but the beginning…

Only the bold, the fearless, the indefatigable, the faithful, the humble, the graceful and grateful would thrive with wings and strengths to soar into it then breakthrough! There is a life beyond the sky…

The sky is in layers! The humbler you are, the stronger you would be…

The stronger you become, the higher you will soar…Your strength lies in your obedience to the tiny still voice…

Stay focused on the world beyond your limits! You are stronger than you think! Yes!

There are footprints in the sky! It is meant for human beings who are not self-centred, who carries ‘divini-stic’ mentality and grace…

The higher you soar, the better you discover! The farther you see, the brighter you understand! The deeper you know, the better you know!

The swifter you are in taking actions towards your life goals, the nearer and faster you are to your destiny!

The nearer you are to your destiny, the greater and more fulfilled you will become! The strength of an eagle lies in its mentality, its unfailing faith to reaching the peak, its mentality is not submitting to the storm, rather maximizes the storm to soar to the yonder while other species of birds are already in their hidings.

It takes a deeper sight and stronger mentality to get to the PEAK! One constant thing about the PEAK is that it’s already prepared and spacious, but just for a few who are not ordinary (normal)…

It is abnormal to be normal (ordinary). And that is why the road to the TOP is so narrow! And in reality, narrow is the way to freedom. At the PEAK, there is FREEDOM! The sky is so wide for every species of birds to fly in it without obstructing another.

There are footprints in the sky! The sky is in layers, but it is not meant for the slothful! It is meant for the hard-workers because only the hard workers can think smarter (thinking beyond their limits)!

The smart workers are high flyers! The indefatigable mentality of an eagle!

There are footprints in the sky, only the champions can leave their marks on it!

We all have got footprints, but where in reality are you leaving your marks? The sky is the beginning…

Don’t be limited! You cannot become what you cannot see from within! You may never understand what you have never worked for!

Only the solution providers value the sky and lay their foundations on it! They are conquerors, they are survivors, they are leaders!

They lead and conquer! They do not only leave the prints on the sky, but build castles in it with the stones thrown at them by mockers who have not even found their bearings on the ground!

Not until you wake up from your slothfulness, from your limitations you cannot reach for the sky!

You must fight your way up with your mentality and actions towards building, helping, providing, leading, sharing and focusing beyond ‘self’… Then the sky is yours to take every time!

Find your way up into the sky before you get sealed in your limitations! You are not growing younger; you have a role to play not only on the ground but in the sky! You have a ‘destiny’ to reach, and a purpose to fulfil!

Don’t toy away! Don’t give up! Arise and Shine (Isaiah 60:1)! You cannot shine without taking the step of rising beyond limits!

The reason why we all value the moon, the sun, the galaxy of stars is because they are all beyond our limits (in the sky)! 

We can also be there, to be valued by others, to be an example of relentless efforts and step takings, to be living Legends, solution providers, graceful and grateful!

But, before reaching for the sky you must be very humble to the ground so as to spin to the sky!

While you are still on the ground, what are you doing, what prints are you leaving, how many lives have you touched, how many destinies have you saved?

Be very humble in clear essence (sincerity), having a positive mentality of impacts, then the STAGE is yours in the sky!

There are footprints in the sky! You are not exempted; you can make it there too, but it must start from your within!

Learn, Apply & Share.

Please note: Spoken word titled There Are Footprints in The Sky by Tolulope A. Adegoke is available on Reverbnation, NotJustOk.Com and other online platforms.

Thank You!

Watch out for the Book titled: “The Power of an Empowered Zero” (From Zero to HERO) by Tolulope A. Adegoke. Foreword by Dr Yomi Garnett (CEO/Chancellor, Royal Biographical Institute, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania U.S.A., U.K., Abuja, Nigeria.) Edited by Ola Aboderin.

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