Opinion: Understanding Vision and Mission

By Tolulope A. Adegoke

“Your gifts or anointing isn’t really a blessing, but responsibility on shoulders to help those hanging others through in their course and causes to fulfilling destiny! When you are anointed or gifted it is not for you, but for your generation. The first rule of IMPACT states that: it has been given, to be given! Success is measured by income, but greatness is measured byIMPACT(S)!”– Tolulope A. Adegoke

God can empower anyone. In fact, God has empowered everyone; but our roles involve activating and engagement of these anointing or gifting. When God empowers you, it is not meant for you to be contained, but to be a channel of distribution to your generation.

To receive anointing or gifting in higher capacity, you must be channelled. When you are anointed or gifted it is not for you, but for your generation. When a man is anointed with knowledge or skills, it is meant for impact, not for selfish interest. To me, the first law of IMPACT says: “it has been given, to be given!”

There are two critical factors that we must consider if must fulfil a purpose:

i.                    TIME

ii.                 SEASON

The book of Ecclesiastes 3:1 reveals that:To everything, there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

Speed is good, strength is also good (it gives the capacity to do exploits), wisdom is as well the principal thing, but in all our getting, understanding is paramount. Of all the thing that you shouldn’t joke with is TIME! It TIME lies CHANCES! If you cannot understand TIME, you will not be able to understand what opportunities mean. Chance is the anointing for capabilities!

The great men that we celebrate and continue to celebrate today are being celebrated because they knew or have the understanding of TIME which encapsulates CHANCES for opportunities!

November 1884 (The Berlin Conference) which featured the Scramble and Partitioning of Africa as a continent was a monument. Twenty (20) determined men changed the lives and destiny of billions across the world. These people sat in a room to discuss the fate races; they discussed and partitioned the world for their making and to take charge and impact their culture on them for their continual generational gains (The Liberation).

TIME & CHANCE happens to every one of us! You do not need to be saved alone to understand these basic truths tagged TIME & CHANCE. There are some factors we must also consider per time, which are:

·        Seed

·        Time

·        Harvest

Some humans are making it big today, even though are not believers, but because they understand the fixed principle which is culled out of the Holy Scriptures: The Power of Time & Season. The Holy Scriptures affirms that Time andSeasons happens to them all.

Preparation is what you do in a season, so as to be able to harvest in the next season!

A generation is a group of people with a common course for common cause(s). The likes of Late Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Sir. Nnamdi Azikwe, Ahmadu Bello and the rest) were able to fulfil the MANDATE of LIBERATION!

The likes of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, Rt. Ibrahim Babangida, Gowon amongst others were TRANSFORMERS!

But, I must reveal an absolute truism to you today that “this generation of ours, as at today have been charged with the MANDATE of TRANSFORMATION, therefore, you and I are The TRANSFORMERS! This is a noble cause that is worth living and dying for! Of course, it is a course worth squeezing the juice.

The answer to you knowing, understanding and fulfilling your authentic purpose on earth lies on you meditating on this mantra: “Oh God of Creation, show us the TRUTH, why we are here on Earth!” Because there is a saying that when the essence of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable!

I charge you to aspire for greatness, not mere success! Prominence is attached with greatness!

Success is measured by income, but greatness is measured by IMPACTS!

God does not answer to songs alone, but prayers!

Redemption, Relief, Comfort, Blessing, Blessing and Grace is all you are bound to carry the course of you acting in-line with the above generational mandate.

Guess what? You are not going to be a leader; you are one already! You are not too young to TRANSFORM (influence) the state of your nation and the world at large! Never underrate the grace which you carry as a being!

…. To be continued

Thank you for reading. I trust that you have been activated for IMPACTS!

Tolulope A. Adegoke is an acclaimed “globalpreneur”, with the mandate to enrich lives and provide the professional, spiritual, academic and leadership empowerment needed to birth, maximize and sustain possibilities in peoples, corporates and nations. He is a prolific writer, frequent keynote speaker and spoken word poet, among others. He has also written countless articles in diverse reputable fields and honoured many public invitations.

He is also a Senior Administrator.

Tolulope Adegoke can be booked for public events via the contacts below:

E-mail: adegoketolulope1022@gmail.com


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