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Temilolu Okeowo: Amazon Redefining Chastity, Purity

By Eric Elezuo

She has not failed to give glory to God for who she has become today. In the same vein, she had not forgotten that the vessel God used to bring her to her today’s status, is her beloved father, who took it upon himself to inculcate disciplinary tendencies in her life. She had come to realise that the supposed pleasures her father denied her while growing up was actually in her own best interest, ostensibly to prepare her for the task which God has created her for. Her name is Evangelist Temilolu Okeowo, a frontline preacher and advocate of abstinence from sexual sin.

“My dad’s intentional parenting laid the foundation of what I am doing today,” she was quoted as saying during a live online chat with Chief Dele Momodu.

An author and lawyer of repute, Okeowo is also a certified forensics examiner and has been known to have contributed and is still contributing articles to frontline media organisations in the country. In other words, the accomplished legal practitioner is a multiple newspaper columnist.

Among many of her efforts in bringing sanctity to human race, Okeowo has founded the Girls Club of Nigeria, The Girls Club of Africa, which is incorporated in the United States of America and The Girls Apostolic Ministry of All Nations. These arms are all aimed at re-orientating the Nigerian girl as well as empowering and imparting a positive change in the female folk all over the world.

Using herself as a role model for her project, Okeowo has in the last couple of years been voluntarily and vigorously campaigning for the preservation of virginity till marriage and encouraging a chaste life while mentoring the younger female folk through her vociferous and detailed publications in A-list newspapers including the Saturday Punch and The Nation on Sundays which publish The Girls Club; the Sunday Guardian, which runs her Life Nuggets For Girls; and the defunct The Western Post, where she published Temilolu’s Girls. All publications are geared towards raising the awareness for the girl-child to understand who they really are in the scheme of things.

She prides herself as having written close to a thousand articles, and this claim is supported by recent online review, where she is credited to have written the highest number of articles on Chastity the world over! Quite a remarkable achievement.

As a teenage, Okeowo wrote and published four books and while she was an undergraduate Law student, she authored the book that launched her into the limelight titled ‘The Beauty of Life’. The book, which seemed more like an autobiography, discusses ‘the trials and triumphs of a girl growing up in a morally-decadent society’. She also has other publications to her credit including a free, daily devotional – Life Nuggets For Girls.

Reputed as a giant of chastity, Okeowo’s style of evangelism is strictly no holds barred as she has been spotted at many corners of the metropolis dishing out the undiluted word of God, and reaching out to young girls towards coming to the realisation that their bodies are the temple of God, and so must not be defiled. As a thoroughbred evangelist, she is engaged in outreach visits to various markets, remote and riverine areas preaching chastity to the female folk and empowering girls who live below poverty level, besides her regular ministrations in churches and institutions within and outside the country.

To her, chastity is everything, and the girl-child must be brought up to understand that her virginity can only be ruptured on her wedding night, and on her matrimonial bed, with the right person.

“Chastity is a form of preserving your sexuality, holiness and purity,” she told online viewers during a live online interview.

It is therefore, no coincidence that she is fondly referred to in so many endearing terms including as Apostle of Chastity, Chastity Expert, Mother of a million girls, Head Girl of well-brought up girls by her newspaper fans social media followers and as many people that have come her way. she is enthusiastic about her mission to birth a new generation of female global giants!

In that stream, she has been involved in vocal advocacy for the child-child, and is known to have lent her voice at various high profile fora including the Council Chambers of the United Nations Headquarters, New York where she’s invited annually to rub minds with other girl-child advocates across the continents.

A great woman in the guise of the legendary mother Theresa, Okeowo has under her tutelage less-privileged girls, who she single-handedly sees through school. There are also distressed girls who have suffered from child sexual abuse and other forms of domestic violence in her care.

She is a superwoman in every ramification; a fashion colossus as well as a thoroughbred humanitarian. Her life has become a mirror as many that knows, and could very well be described as an example of practice what you preach.

Okeowo celebrated a milestone birthday on August 6, and the day has come to be known as World Chastity Day. And from all of us from The Boss, we wish you a healthy celebration and many more fruitful years ahead, while also congratulating you as our Boss of the Week!

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