You Must Issue Fresh Proclamation, 14 Aggrieved Edo Lawmakers Tell Obaseki

The 14 aggrieved lawmakers of the Edo State House of Assembly have said that no amount of intimidation and threats will make them abandon their call for a proper inauguration of the assembly.

The lawmakers under the banner of the Integrity Group had asked Governor Godwin Obaseki to issue a fresh proclamation for their inauguration.

They accused the governor of coercing the clerk of the assembly, Audu Omogbai, to elect principal officers and inaugurating the assembly in night of June 17 with nine of the elected 24 assembly members made up of the APC.

Recall that the National Assembly after considering reports of their mediation committees had also ordered the governor to issue a fresh proclamation. But the governor has yet to do so more than three months after.

Last week a member representing Ovia North East II, Vincent Uwadiae, was suspended by his Okada East ward of the APC.

But the spokesperson for the Integrity Group, Washington Osifo, said the suspension would not break their resolve to pursue justice and preserve the rule of law.

He said, “We will continue to speak the truth and won’t follow anyone sheepishly. Good conscience is what is binding us. No matter what they do it will not break our resolve.

“The more they fight us, the stronger we are. We are on the side of the people and justice, we will prevail.”

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