Obaseki Is Playing With Fire-Edo Group

Edo Peoples Movement, a group of professionals based in Edo  State has asked Governor Godwin Obaseki to heed to the order of the Senate concerning the House of Assembly or risk getting into trouble.

A member of the group told The Boss that Obaseki is playing with fire and certainly keen on fanning the embers of the crisis in the state by his insistence on shunning the recommendations of the Senate’s fact-finding Committee which was approved by the whole house.

” it is now obvious that Obaseki is the problem and has something to hide. Why is he afriad to issue another Proclamation? He is fighting a lost cause because the minority members cannot direct affairs in the house, it will not stand and he knows it.

The Governor is not sure of himself, he is in a panic mode and that is why he is fighting everybody even the party. That, I must, confess, is not the way resolve the matter at hand. The right thing will be done even it is not palatable to Governor Obaseki

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