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Soliloquy: Dissecting “The Issues” As Presented By Adams Oshiomhole & Dino Melaye



By Michael Effiong

On Thursday, September 29, 2022, all the Presidential candidates for the 2023 election were invited to Abuja, Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory by the National Peace Committee chaired by former Head of State, General Abdulsalami Abubakar (Retd.).

At that event, the Chairman had said and I quote “I call on politicians to address issues that are fundamental to Nigerians. We want to ensure that there is civility and decency in public discourse… Please avoid the spread of fake news and personal attacks”

Before I go on, I would like to appeal to the National Peace Committee to update its website. It is shocking an utterly embarrassing that what the Committee’s website shows as recent events are the events of 2018! That is not good enough for an organisation that is taking up such a critical national responsibility.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand, it is within the statement made above by General Abdulsalami that I viewed what transpired on Channels TV’s Politics Today anchored by Seun Okinbaloye during the week.

The very popular programme has become a veritable platform for national discourse and agenda setting and has been playing this role so well in the last couple of years.

And of course, politicians who love the limelight like ants to sugar will milk such opportunity for the benefit of their parties and their candidates.

The first person to appear on the show was former Edo State Governor, Adams Oshiomhole. The former All Progressives Congress (APC ) Chairman, went well off the mark.

He barely spent the over 40 minutes provided to sell his candidate or his party. Each time the anchor tried to steer him to issues, like the failure of the present APC government, strength of his candidate, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and his Renewed Hope Agenda, Oshiomhole who adorned a white shirt which he claimed represented a sign of victory and peace in his homestead, was bent on throwing stones. He was anything but peaceful.

He kept hitting at the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar.

He began by saying that Atiku had no integrity because Governor Wike and four other governors have said he is not trust worthy; he called Atiku a betrayer and went on to discuss Atiku’s family life.

He noted that in 2019, Atiku used his wife Jennifer to campaign in the East, he went on and on, there was no boundary to the verbal punches he threw at the former Vice President during the programme.

According to Oshiomhole, Atiku had no right to go to Ondo to promise to better the education system in because there were many illiterates in his Adamawa State! He even queried why Atiku should own a University?

He called Atiku the weakest candidate and noted that Atiku is battle weary and has become stale.

He was so engrossed on this Atiku attack mode that he did not know when he took a pot shot at his own candidate by saying that Asiwaju Bola Tinubu’s decision to sponsor and back his wife, Oluremi, as Senator  in Lagos State was his candidate’s idea of selfless service. Of course, the social media had a field day tearing him apart on that one.

I could almost imagine the Atiku Presidential campaign fuming as they watched their principal being rubbed in the mud anyhow, I can bet they were on the phone immediately to the Producers of the show to register their angst and sure enough, the very next day, one of their own former Senator Dino Melaye had his own turn.

Like Oshiomhole, he came out gun blazing. He began by calling Oshiomhole names. He said the former governor was not only morally bankrupt but was a rabid womanizer who is the only known politician that has his genitals flying around via a leaked video on social media.

He did not stop there, he stated that all the women of easy virtue in Edo State know the former Governor and that too became a hit on social media (Oloshos know Oshiomhole). And how his former air hostess wife has left him etc.

He was not done, he went on to discuss Tinubu’s family how his children were from different mothers and how he could not attend his real mother’s burial and so on. It was so painful to watch really.

The too men by now should have been sanctioned not only by their parties but the peace committee. I believe this is not the kind of discourse that we should be watching on our TVs ahead of the elections.

These two men actually back two candidates who on several occasions have met each other in public and exchanged pleasantries. Like they say on the streets, wetin be their own sef?

Either we like it or not Atiku and Tinubu are the front runners in this election and they have both released their manifestoes so there are a thousand and one things that these surrogates could have discussed.

I will like for example to hear Atiku or his surrogates discuss the power problem and what was his role in the N16billion or so spent by the Obasanjo government on power. Senator Dino would have done well to expatiate on this.

He could also have discussed how Atiku intends to go about raising our GDP to $5000 by 2020, creating three million jobs, lifting 10 million poor Nigerians, increase funding for the police etc.

Even his plan to restructure the country, devolve more power to the state which will mean resource control, tax relief, private sector-led venture funds and expanding export opportunities which have been widely commended could have been a powerful foundation to score good points. So he need not have gone to the mundane.

For former Governor Oshiomhole, he could have cleared the air about Tinubu’s health which have raised cause for concern in recent weeks and the nagging issue of Chicago State University and which Bola Tinubu attended Richard Daley College since he was discussing integrity.

He could have delved into Tinubu’s 80-page policy document. How he intends to increase crude oil production to 2.6mbpd by 2027 and 4mbpd by 2030.

Why his candidate wants to construct gas pipelines without gas processing facilities and why fighting the monster called corruption was mentioned in passing in the document.

These are just matters from the top of my head that I have brought up, I am sure Nigerians have many serious challenges that they would have loved to get the views or solutions from the various candidates or their camps.

Issues such as the galloping inflation rate, the astonishing increase in the number of poverty-stricken Nigerians and the calamitous numbers of out-of-school children are there seeking answers. These are the big ticket issues that we want discussed.

Like was noted by the Nigerian Guild of Editors (NGE), we would not allow politicians and their surrogates to engage in any shadow boxing and name calling at the expense of our collective development, it is our duty as members of the Fourth Estate of the Realm to call them out and make them tow the right path when they are going astray.

I do hope that we have hit the lowest of the low with Former Governor Oshiomhole and Senator Melaye, henceforth let the discourse be about real issues. Let us keep it clean please!

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One Year in Office: Adeleke Gives Scorecard, Pledges Continuous Democracy Dividends




By Eric Elezuo

The Governor of Osun State, Ademola Adeleke, has felicitated with the people of Osun State as his administration marks one in office.

In the statement he personally signed, the governor informed that the last one year has been characterized by reconstruction and reconfiguration of various of the state’s economy, adding that the administration has been able to navigate through “numerous land mines deliberately set by the past administration to frustrate our administration” to provide appropriate leadership and benefits for the people of Osun state.

Adeleke further intimated that he is on a working visit to Europe and Asia, where he hope to attract investment opportunities foe the state.

The governor highlighted stability of the civil service, improved intercity road networks, surgical and medical outreaches as well as the #Imole100BInfrastructure as some of the laudable achievements of his administration in the last one year.

Below is the detailed statement:

It is one year ago today since our administration came into office. It has been a year of reconstruction and reconfiguration across the various sectors of the osun economy.

Due to the current economic situation in the state and our country in general, I have directed that this anniversary be conducted in a low key atmosphere. I remain committed to prudent use of our scarce resources on more pressing issues.

I am currently on a working vacation to Europe and Asia where I am advancing partnership discussion with potential investors needed to improve our state economy.

It is important to recognize the enormous challenges and obstacles we have overcome and the progress we have made thus far. Despite the numerous land mines deliberately set by the past administration to frustrate our administration, we have developed a robust mechanism to successfully navigate and overcome these challenges.

We have stabilized the state civil service with continuous commitment to the welfare of the state civil servants and pensioners, this we will continue to focus on in fulfillment of a critical part of our 5 point agenda.

We have massively improved intracity road network across the state by constructing over 90KM of roads, completion of the Phase II of Òṣogbo-Ikirun road and ongoing construction of Osun ring road (Ona Baba Ona) both abandoned by the past administration.

We have embarked on surgical and medical outreach that benefited over 50,000 vulnerable citizens. Also, we have completely rehabilitated over 31 schools across the state.

Recently, I launched the #Imole100BInfrastructure that focuses on education, health, road construction and water. These are critical sectors that we have identified to urgently revamp for the sustainability and development of the state economy.

I am happy to share that as we move forward, the positive results of our collaborative efforts for the past one year are expected to bear fruit. With projected increase in our internally generated revenue and prudent application of public funds, our infrastructure plan will be fully funded without seeking external loan.

Today, I re-affirm my commitment to serving with the fear of God and focused on delivering on my 5 point agenda as promised during the campaign season.

I thank you for your continuous support and prayer as you continue to support our efforts to develop our dear state.

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Behold! The Akinrogun of Gbonganland




By Eric Elezuo

The atmosphere was surreal, the turnout fantastic, the ambience splendid and the environment cozy with flamboyant touches of royalty, magnificent and deep rooted culture. It was the Chieftaincy title conferment of the Akinrogun and Yeye Akinrogun of Gbonganland on prolific journalist, Aare Dele Momodu, and his wife, Mobolaji Momodu, by the paramount ruler of the land, Oba Adetoyese Oyeniyi, Odugbemi I, the Olufi of Gbonganland.

A known and prominent son of the land, the Momodus were chosen for the title for their unwavering support of the community, and unrivaled performance in the society at large at an event that coincided with the 25th anniversary of the Olufi’s coronation.

According to a letter to the effect, the Olufi stated that the honour is in “recognition of your various land mark achievements as a world renowned journalist author, publisher, business man, public affairs commentator, frontline politician to the level of being chosen as a presidential candidate of a strong political party in our presidential elections.

“Another compelling reason is the fact that your own biological mother was a native of Gbongan from the famous Oluoje family. Some of your achievements include but not limited to:

i. Chief Executive Officer and publisher of Ovation International, a magazine that has given publicity to people from all over the world.

ii. Launched Ovation TV in 2015

iii. Launched an online newspaper called the Boss newspapers.

iv. You have received hundreds of awards and honours for your work in the world of business, politics, literature, the music and fashion industry.

v. You write a weekly column called “Pendulum” published every Saturday on the back page of Thisday newspaper.
Aside from the above. you are a cultural man per excellence and a worthy ambassador of the legendary Oduduwa Dynasty and a philanthropist, committed husband and father. WE ARE VERY PROUD OF YOU!!!”

Beautifully decked in expensive blue aso oke attire, the couple were accompanied by a retinue of well wishers, family members, friends and associates, who made the trip from every corner of the world, as they stepped before his royal Majesty for the all important conferment.

Literally interpreted as an accomplished warrior, the Akinrogun title comes in handy and ready-made for the like of Dele Momodu, who has tranversed the universe, courted the high and mighty even without ever holding public office. It is believed that that there’s no influential personality in the world today that Momodu has not made his acquaintance. He is a man of many parts.

Held at the Community playing field, the conferment of chieftaincy title on the Momodus was the cynosure of all eyes in as much as there were other awardees on the day. His larger than life status was proved with the calibre of personalities that turned up for the all important event.

In his appreciation message, Momodu, who spoke in Yoruba, appreciated the Olufi and the people of Gbongan for considering him for the honours. He also extended his appreciation to a former Chancellor of the University of Lagos and son of Gbongan, Professor Wale Babalakin, who paved the way for him to have a smooth celebration.

Earlier, Momodu had visited the graveside of his mother, Mrs Gladys Momodu, where a prayer session was held, and thanksgiving to God for her life. Another stopover was the family house of the Fatoyes, where the patriarch of the family, Osuola Isaac Fatoye, received the entourage, and proclaim blessings on Dele Momodu.

Shortly after the conferment, the party moved in a convoy to the reception ground at Bola Babalakin Estate, decorated in elegant colours and lights by @psquareevents, where other high profile individuals were already waiting in anticipation of the grand celebration.

It was not just one party; it was a gathering of the who is who is Gbonganland, the southwest and Nigeria in general.

Among personalities present were the Deputy governor of Osun, Prince Kola Adewusi, Chairman, Biscon Communications, Prince Bisi Olatilo, Prince Damola Aderemi, Senior Special Assistant to the Akwa Ibom State Governor on Lagos Liaison, Mr. Michael Effiong, Mr. Dupe Ashama, Hon. Remi Ojo, Otunba Gbenga Peters, Mr. Adebanjo Adebanjo, Erelu Fadeyi, Mr. Rufai Ladipo, Mr. Wale Babalakin, Mr. Gbenga Olunloyo, Editor, Ovation Magazine, Mr. Eric Elezuo, Publisher, Yes Magazine, Azuh Arinze and a host of others.

The first class event was punctuated at regular intervals by rhythmic sounds from a live band, and sumptuous meals and drinks from @depotterscocktail, @kammisplaceevents, @tripple O finger foods.

Also in place for a well rounded ceremony, which was organised by  @Subtleleganceeventbackup, was @fortuneguard, which provided adequate security in conjunction with @bandbushers, that served as ushering crew.

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We’ve Not Appointed Any New Chief Judge, Osun Govt Clarifies




By Eric Elezuo

Following reports making the rounds that the Ademola Adeleke-led government of Osun State, has disengaged the services of its Chief Judge, Justice Adepele Ojo, and replaced her with Justice Olayinka David Afolabi, the state government has stated categorically that no such thing happened.

In the statement signed by the Hon Commissioner for Information and Public Enlightenment, Oluomo Kolapo Alimi, and made available to The Boss, the government insisted that Governor only submitted a resolution of the state House of Assembly recommending an acting appointment to the Chief Justice of the Federation for decision and action.

“With all sense of responsibility, it is important to set the records straight that Governor Adeleke has only duly notified the Chief Justice as the Chairman of the National Judicial Council (NJC) in writing about the resolutions of the House of Assembly following a series of petitions made against the sitting Chief Judge of Osun State,” the statement noted.

The statement further recognised Gov Adeleke as a man of immense constitutional background, who is at home with due process, and would never do anything contrary to the law of the land.

“Governor Adeleke is a man of due process and rule of law with a deep level of respect for the bar and the bench, the NJC and the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“We assure the public that Mr Governor is fully aware of the limit of his powers as well as the responsibilities of the various agencies of government and will therefore not act in any way to violate the constitution and rule of law,” the statement further assured.

Adeleke has in few months of stewardship as governor changed the landscape of governance in the state, bringing government to a roughing distance of those at the grassroots.

Read the statement in full:

Governor Adeleke Writes CJN/NJC, Says No Official is yet Appointed Acting Chief Judge

The government of Osun state has denied news reports that Governor Ademola Adeleke has removed the lChief Judge and appointed an acting Chief Judge, clarifying that the Governor had only forwarded the resolution of the House of Assembly and recommendation for an acting appointment to the Chief Justice of the Federation for decision and action.

With all sense of responsibility, it is important to set the records straight that Governor Adeleke has only duly notified the Chief Justice as the Chairman of the National Judicial Council (NJC) in writing about the resolutions of the House of Assembly following a series of petitions made against the sitting Chief Judge of Osun State.

In the communication, Mr Governor intimated the CJN of the recommendation of the House that the Chief Judge should step aside and included his own submission for an acting appointment to fill the vacuum while the NJC reviews and decides on the petition.

To that end, the Governor in the same letter recommended to the CJN, the appointment of the most senior judicial officer, Hon. Justice Olayinka David Afolabi for thorough consideration and further processing by the same NJC through the CJN

We urge the public to note that while the House of Assembly recommended the appointment of a replacement to the Governor in its resolution, the Governor however, toed the line of law by writing the CJN on the entire development and submitting all materials for NJC as mandated national agency.

We therefore, wish to state categorically that Governor Adeleke has not appointed any judicial official as Acting Chief Judge and nobody has been sworn as Acting Chief Judge of Osun state.

Governor Adeleke is a man of due process and rule of law with a deep level of respect for the bar and the bench, the NJC and the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

We assure the public that Mr Governor is fully aware of the limit of his powers as well as the responsibilities of the various agencies of government and will therefore not act in any way to violate the constitution and rule of law.

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