Potentiality Digest: Who Needs Your Help?

By Sodeeq Abdulakeem Sulyman
The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches, but to reveal to him his own.” – Benjamin Disraeli
If you can conduct a brief investigation into the history of both the evolution and revolutions of our world, you will discover that there are certain individuals who are so important to particular moments in history. What makes them so? Did they just achieve that by mere power of their names or because of the authority they wield over their cohorts? No, great people occupied a significant aspect of our histories by rising to people’s needs.
Social scientists have posited that the only thing that is static and constant in life is change. Therefore, at every point of time humans’ desires and aspirations are subjected to changes; some may be considered as absolute while some may be relative. Kindly research about and study Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs for more insights on the categories of humans’ needs.
At this point, let’s briefly look into what “need” and “help” are all about. Need is simply a mental state of conscious realisation of a gap to be filled or something that is required in making significant progress or changes. “Help,” on the other hand, is the assistance you render or act of kindness you extend to someone at a point of need. Thus, answering your calls and living your purpose in life demand from you to identify those who need your help.
For you to rise to the needs of those who need your help is also preceded by the step of identifying and knowing yourself; having a mastery of your own individual qualities and limitations. Robert Greene, the author of the famous book titled “The 48 Laws of Power” suggested that “The first move toward mastery is always inward — learning who you really are and reconnecting with that innate force. Knowing it with clarity, you will find your way to the proper career path and everything else will fall into place.”
When you have known yourself, identified your skills, abilities and talents, you will have a clear understanding of how your life should be led and how you want it to be defined. One of the reasons some individuals have not gotten their life on the right track, why their potential remains dormant, lying untapped, is because their beliefs and actions are in direct opposition, sharply contradicting each other.
There is a gift, if not gifts, God, the Divine Creator, allotted to you to serve as the key to the doors you are meant to open. If you haven’t laid your hands on the key, the doors will remain closed. And imagine the number of people who will be trapped if you haven’t gotten the key to set them free. Remember, the brightness of your future lies in the number of people you will raise to their needs, the number of problems you are committed to and will eventually solve.
The failure to be specific in deploying our giftings has been the bane for making our potential seemingly unfulfilled. Don’t complicate things for yourself. Leo Babauta says, “Simplicity boils down to two steps: Identify the essential. Eliminate the rest.” Being specific means that you have carved a scope for yourself and you covering that scope makes you navigate the storm, grow along the way and be strengthened to face future challenges that may accompany what need you have chosen to help people meet.
Imagine how South Africa will look like today, if Nelson Mandela didn’t deployed his guts, courage and temerity to deliver his people from the debris of Apartheid. Let’s think about how the United States of America might have become a nation of ruins and destitution, if Benjamin Franklin Thomas, Alexander Hamilton, Roger Sherman and others didn’t contain their selfish interest and speak in unison to sign the constitution of the United States of America, which set nation apart and makes it a land of opportunity for all.
The list is of human inventions and innovations borne out of the need to express individual beliefs, grits and talent is inexhaustive, but everyone who have made their marks in life find something they can do for some people to set those people free, teach them how to live better or give them reasons to live; that’s what lubricate their souls towards higher purpose. Someone once said, “Sometimes, to make your life valuable, you have to go beyond yourself to add values to others.”
SULYMAN, Sodeeq Abdulakeem is a Librarian, Author. He can be reached via +2348132226994. His new book titled: “The Path to Greatness,” foreword by Henry Ukazu, President and Founder of GLOEMI Inc., The Bronx, New York City, USA, is now available on https://bit.ly/Amzn-HS-TP2G

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