Opinion: All for Good

By Tolulope A. Adegoke

“Good is a path. Also, it is a choice. It is a choice that must be made. Every man is born with the ability to choose! Your decision determines your fate. Find your ‘good,’ and then choose your ‘good.’ Re-unite with your ‘good’. Stick to your ‘good’, even when tempted by ‘bad’! You don’t get rid of ‘bad’ by being bad. You can only triumph over ‘bad’ by being good” – Tolulope A. Adegoke

Your determination determines your outcomes. What’s good?

Good is simply when a crisis works to restore peace, and I will say it’s all for the better.

When both the positive and negative agree to power energy, it is good, and I will say it is all for the better.

Good is when noise submits to quietness for the sake of sanity.

It is when the soul opens up to divinity for the great alignment of spirits with that which is holy, pure and kind.

Good is when war submits to lasting peace,

It is when someone humblely admits his or her mistakes and maturely seeks forgiveness.

Good is when both ‘good’ and ‘bad’ things happen for the benefit of those who love God, and I’ll say it’s all for the better.

What’s good? Good is a rare virtue, one of the most genuine forces that breeds sanity, sanctity, and a good life.

Good is God stepping into the darkness, like a lamb among wolves; a light in the darkness; a stream in the wilderness; a force for the fall of the false, for what is true and real to be revealed; and I will say it’s all for good.

There is a pull of faith in fate to fulfill our destinies.

Goods may be mocked, but that doesn’t mean an authentic product isn’t good.

Good may be frustrated out of your abode, but without you, good is still good, and would always find a place of abode conveniently, honourably and peaceably accommodated by those that truly value the virtue of its versatility because it is a university that requires sanity, sanctity and maturity to overcome adversities… and I will say it’s all for good.

Let me paint you a picture of a good story about what it’s like on the canvas of reality without any gullibility:

“Bad and good started living under the same roof, but one had to leave for the other to reign, and one thing is constant about good. It flows naturally and doesn’t struggle to be heard, to be seen or to be felt.

Eventually, there was a cold rift between the two forces, but instead of warring, they left for good. After three (3) months, the oil in the lamp that powers the light in the home and environment ran out, and they had to rely on candles for illumination. Ooh, gross darkness has emerged as a result of the absence of good, as a result of the absence of light.

The light was obtained from Good, because the only thing that Good took with it while leaving was the power of light. Because there was no light, no warmth, no sight, the dog became very ill and grew old in its weak condition. Because of pride, the bad refused to look for the good.

Truly, bad was bad, and bad is bad; but good was busy illuminating those that accommodated it after leaving its previous abode.

The good news of good things has spread throughout the world. became a strong nation, stronger than the greatest. After being battered and beaten by bad people, everyone began migrating to secure their destiny and fulfill their purposes. They’d been raped so badly by bad people.

Good became HOPE, FAITH, DELIVERANCE; good became HELP, HOPE; good became the last resort for their determination.

One day, I had to look for, and invited Bad to a meeting alongside her supporters.

He stood up and asked the congregation: “Why do I live there? Why do you think I am here?” And the supporters screamed: “because you are good, because you are kind, because you are hope, deliverance, and our last resort and resolve.”

And Good asked again: “What has offered you so far?” And there was deep silence atmosphere became so cold, it was so touching, mournful and sorrowful. People become so broken, because virtually all of them have lost one or two things to being followers of bad things, either consciously and unconsciously; either ignorantly, lackadaisically and adamantly.

The bad became so sad, but the good also made a good and godly statement. “Everything, both good and bad, happens for the good of those who love God,” he said.

Good continued, “I am a creation with a purpose of illumination, sanity and sanctity by divine order, while it is a creation with a purpose of pollution instigated or permitted by divine order to help understand, reveal, appreciate the course and cause of. Would any of you present here understand the value of good if there were no bad? If there were no darkness, would there be any need for light to be valued? If there is no blindness, would there be any need for sight? If there is no hunger, would there be any need for food?

Value is understood, respected, honoured, acknowledged properly through lack. Would there be a valuable peace if there were no war? If there is noise, would there be any value in quietness or silence? Is there any value in wisdom that comes from good if there is no foolishness?!!If there is no death, would there be any value in life? If there are no illnesses, would there be any value or need for cure or healing?”

Everyone was astounded, and they were all broken. Good further said “I say to you again, everything, both the good and bad, happens for the good of those that love God.

The most genuine force for healthy living is good; bad is the path to destruction. Bad turned bad; bad turned sorrowful; bad turned humbled; bad turned broken. He had no choice but to renounce himself for being bad.

Everyone applauded and praised him, saying, “Good is the deliverer of eternity.”

But I have to tell you today that there is also a good path. Also, it is a choice. It is a choice that must be made. Every man is born with the ability to choose! Your decision determines your fate.

Find your best, and then choose your best. Re-unite with your family. Stick to what is good, even when tempted by what is bad!

You don’t overcome adversity by being adversity. You can only triumph over adversity by being a good person. Your decision determines your fate. Both bad and good are established and determined by your strong decisions and choices. Both life and death are choices you resolve to make.

Life is good. Death is bad. Death gives room for a fresh life. And when a seed is planted in the earth, it must die. It must decay, and that would give room for a new life, for a NEW DAWN… And I would say, “IT’S ALL FOR GOOD!”

Thank you for reading.

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