Cassia Restaurant and Bar Unveils The EeTtNnIiKkIi

Towards serving its customers in a more delightful manner, Cassia Restaurant and Bar has unveiled an exquisite cuisine of its ethnic meals in a grand relaunch.

Within the past 3 months of its rebranding, the bar which is located in the heart of G.R.A, Ikeja, has been causing a stir with its newly renovated exterior that showcases a modern look and its quiet and cosy interior featuring framed pictures of our heroes past adorning its walls, an efficient staff structure and a mouth-watering taste of the EtNnIiKkIi with an exciting twist. Specialties include Ekpang nku-kwo, Plantain Veggie, Coconut Rice, Sea food Okro, Native Rice, Cassia royal etc.


Over the last couple of years, Cassia has consistently delivered on its array of ethnic dishes and in an effort to take it one notch higher they engaged the professional services of ADSTRAT BMC, Africa’s premiere brand consulting firm ran by Charles O’Tudor and one of the partners, Ekaete Ibritam has this to say,

“After several years of operation, we saw the need for a holistic rebrand and we invited Charles O’Tudor of ADSTRAT, Africa’s premiere brand consultant to oversee the process from start to finish and the resultant effect is what we have today, a modern and homely environment that competes with any in the global space”

Ekaete with her sister, Anietie Isang who are joint partners in the Cassia project, have been instrumental in bringing about the success of the restaurant up to this moment as their culturally inspired curating skills have earned the restaurant the recognition and respect it has garnered so far.

In a brief interview with one of their regular clients Mr. Rotimi Ismail he said, “It’s comfortable and quiet, I eat here because I feel like I’m at home”

According to Charles O’Tudor the Group Principal Consultant of ADSTRAT BMC, the consulting firm behind the rebranding – Cassia is an African brand with a Nigerian twist, this new brand identity reflects aristocracy, passion and purity. Its people are passionate about their function and you, the client. To them, service is second nature.

Their ambience reflects their innate attributes – Passion for excellence and painstaking attention to details.
Their menu – a reflection of their core EeTtNnIiKkIi influence. Proudly south-south with a blend of unadulterated Nigerianism. Their promise – Consistency, Consistency and Consistency. This is what drives them. Each opportunity to serve you is a constant reminder of why they are here…because of YOU.

CASSIA – Cuisine Redefined.

Reservations are to be made via the company’s contact person [indicated below] with emphasis on ethnic meals. The restaurant accommodates up to 60 guests with sitting arrangements in the restaurant, bar and VIP Lounge. It is open to rent for small events such as hangouts, birthdays and corporate gatherings.

Through this branding refresh and as it is included in their commitment, Cassia aims to celebrate and connect more with the creative spirit of the Nigerian culture through its delivery and do same for each and every one of its guests.

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