Opinion: Another Attempt to Blackmail Prince Ned Nwoko

By Joe Okafor

The audio recording is now trending on the social media. The conversation is between two men from Onicha -Ugbo in Aniocha North Local Government Area of Delta state. One is Assia Eze who was just spending his eighth day in Turkey at the time. The other, Azuka Jebose Molokwu, a former Nigerian journalist based in USA and now works essentially as a hack writer. Onicha-Ugbo, their home place shares boundaries with Idumuje-Ugboko, the community that the International Lawyer and business magnate, Prince Ned Nwoko, hails from.

Azuka as he is now notoriously known has gained infamy and loathed on social media for his irritable and insidious attacks on the respected billionaire Lawyer ,Prince Ned Nwoko. Azuka is well known as the smear campaign agent of Rainoil boss, Gabriel Ogbechie. Only recently , it was revealed that Ogbechie had called Azuka 18times on phone.Ogbechie’s phone number, the dates and times he made the calls were all revealed. He hasn’t denied it and he is most unlikely to do so considering that the exposè was allegedly from the network insider. But this was the same man, the same Rainoil boss that denied ever knowing Azuka, not to mention working for him. The exposè therefore put a permanent taint on the integrity of the man that trades in oil and gas.

And once again , an unrepentant Azuka is doing his shameful job.

So, in this recorded audio which Assia Eze recounted in an interview with Anioma Voice, an online publication, the Turkey based Assia narrated his encounter with Azuka.

Hear him, “Azuka called me. It was after eight days that I arrived Turkey. He asked me if I knew him. I said no. He then told me he was from Onicha-Ugbo. Then I asked him, are you not the one writing all sorts of bad things about Prince Ned”. Then Azuka responded, “thank God , God has removed you from that evil man and killer”. Shocked, Assia asked who he so qualified with satanic adjectives and Azuka responded unequivocally that it was Prince Ned. Naturally , Azuka confessed, he got terribly irritated and for a good reason. In his words, Prince Ned remains his greatest benefactor.

“This was the same man that saved me when my leg was going to be amputated”, he said. Indeed one of Assia’s legs was going to be amputated by some quasi-medical practitioners in a local hospital. But Prince Ned took him to a decent hospital where he was saved. He spent two good years in this hospital and the billionaire Prince paid his medical bill of N7.5million. It was not surprising that a dumb founded Assia therefore listened in shock as Azuka appealed to him to provide him with some information about the renowned Antarctica adventurer,
Prince Ned. Azuka wanted Assia to give him more information about the lies they, Azuka and his sponsors, peddled about someone dying in Prince Ned’s country home’s swimming pool. He narrated lies about how the Prince dumped innocent people in prison and so on. The summary in his words is he wanted Assia to join them to blackmail Prince Ned. In his voice, ” let’s work together to see how we can blackmail Prince Ned and embarrass him in court “. He told Assia that Gabriel Ogbechie would pay him some incredible sum if he joined their crew of blackmailers. To demonstrate their seriousness about initiating him into their repulsive gang, Azuka told him Gabriel Ogbechie had sent him, Azuka, the sum of N300,000 to be transferred straight to Assia’s account and this would be followed with a whopping N10million gift.

Then Assia took time to lecture this Ogbechie’s messenger about Prince Ned’s kindness, how he, Prince Ned, planned to send him abroad for treatment over his decaying leg before settling for a very special hospital in Nigeria due to logistics delay and paida staggering N7.5million for his treatment, and how the generous Lawyer pays many of them salaries without doing any job for him. But Azuka remained adamant in his quest to convince Assia. In Assia’s voice, “when he told me to send him my account. I quickly agreed so that I will have evidence. Then he paid N50,000 . I got the alert but I told him I didn’t. So, he told me he would use Western Union . I was happy because this time he will send me the code and all these will be evidence “. Indeed Azuka played into Assia’s plans because he wired the money. And as soon as Assia received them, he shared the receipts with Prince Ned and people he worked closely with.

It was therefore laughable when Azuka tampered with the conversation and edited the dialogue to present Assia as a compromised fellow on social media. It turned out only as a futile exercise and a waste of time and money because Assia remains infinitely grateful to Prince Ned stating ” if not for him I would have been dead “.

What is of utmost pimportance in this rather tragic phone drama however, is Azuka’s morbid desperation. It is a crass demonstration of his obstinacy, lies, his blackmailing job and the fact that his woeful assignment has the overt endorsement of his paymaster in oil and gas trade.

But because Prince Ned is obviously on the side of truth, he has remained consistent and all the malicious attempts to blackmail, frame or even assassinate him have come to nothing.

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