Lola Omotayo-Okoye: Is She the Most Beautiful Celebrity-Wife?

By Eric Elezuo

World over, celebrities are known to hook up with the most beautiful of women, and end up settling down with one of them, most times, the beautiful among them, as wife. This is irrespective of how bad looking the man is – you will agree with if you have sen Seal of the Kiss By A Rose fame. I dare not say more.

It is worthy of note that Nigerian celebrities are not left out in the quest to amass the classiest of women with whom the settle at the end of the day.

Among very many women, who have been privileged to wear the garb of wife of Nollywood or music icon is the delectable Lola Omotayo-Okoye, who is married to wave making pop singer, Mr. P, formerly of the legendary P-Square fame.

The proud mother of two gorgeous kids, who prides herself as a classy lady with a little bit of hood in her and God lover, has been married to Peter since November 17, 2013 amid controversies that have trailed the union, including the age difference and extended family squabbles.

Though the two met about 18 years ago, Lola daily carves the picture of an 18 year-old girl owing to her distinct beauty routine, peace of mind and not forgetting luxury at her beck and call.

Lola is not only beautiful on the skin, those who know her have said that her beauty is skin deep, transcending to her character and relationship with everyone she comes in contact with. Still married to her husband, an Igbo man, till date, is a testimony to the glorious fact

Even as many has said that Lola is a diamond cut off, as her beauty radiates even from afar, wwe make bold to ask: is she the most beautiful celebrity-wife?

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