Jamal and Imade: Matchmaking or Accidental Friends

By Eric Elezuo

The last has not been heard of the friendship between Jamal Balogun and Imade Adeleke, the children of top Nigeria music sensations, Tiwa Savage and Davido respectively.

The duo has been practically seen everywhere together and grapevine exponents allege that they are the best of friends.

Recently, the Eminado crooner, Tiwa Savage, shared a picture of her son Jamal with Davido’s daughter Imade as they celebrate children day together.

The togetherness of the celebrity kids, touted as best of friends, have not escaped the prying eyes of trolls, who have wondered if what is playing out is not outright matchmaking as they believe the two may end up getting married.

Going down memory lane, it was revealed that the friendship of the two kids was first made public after Tiwa savage shared a video of the kids fruit snack challenge. No one however, has been able to trace the very origin of the togetherness.

Tiwa Savage has not failed to constantly posts pictures of the two kids as it is believed that they spend almost all their spare times together. This has caused questions in the minds of onlookers wondering if there is a silent matchmaking agenda involved.

Sharing the picture of the two children in celebration of the 2020 Children’s Day, Tiwa savage revealed that Jamal was dressed in green Magritte’s costume while Imade was dressed as Frida Kahlo. She wrote:

“Happy children’s day from Jam Jam and Imade. Jamil aka Rene Magritte 1964. Imade aka Frida Kahlo 1941”

The children, who are products of estranged relationships, are the only children of their mothers. While Imade’s was never married to Davido, Tiwa Savage and Jamal’s father’s wedding was the talk of the town, when it held in Dubai a few years ago. The celebrated wedding soon was involved in an equally celebrated breakup and eventual divorce.

The public continues to watch to see how the friendship of the two children will end; marriage or let’s just kiss and say goodbye.

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