Opinion: Free to Think

By Lamide Adenuga

Everyone living on the face of the earth is free to think, you have the responsibility to expand your vision for your life. To turn out well in life, to get to the top of your game, to achieve your life’s goal which ultimately will be to be successful, you must manifest the responsibility of expanding the vision of what’s possible for you to achieve in life.

It’s been said time and time again that there are three faculties in the human mind;

  • The Memory.
  • The intellect.
  • The imagination.

The memory is there to think about the past, the Intellect is there to process the now – the present, and the imagination is there to envision the future. I implore you that you use you should use your imagination; explore in your mind the many diverse possibilities that await you in future.

Let reiterate the fact again that everyone is free to think; whether you are young, whether you are old, whether you are rich, whether you are poor, whether you have more than enough or whether you do not have enough, you are free to use your imagination, you are free to think, no policeman will arrest you for dreaming of the kind of life that you want.

Mind you please, I am not just talking about wishful thinking here, but alongside your thinking should be a corresponding plan to achieve those big dreams, and also a corresponding action to fulfill the good things that you desire for yourself.

If you have heard about or read of stories of people who rose from nothing to something, it began in their thought life, men and women whose lives and stories exemplify “grass to grace”, first entertained it in their imagination, they climbed out of the deepest pits all the way to the pent house of their dreams, it became possible for them because they first imagined, and that spurred them on to go for it.

I may be sitting in the corner of my room, and in my imagination I can picture great and amazing things for myself, and I only need to work towards it with all that I have, and I should not stop until I achieve it, same goes for you as well, and for everyone out there.

You are free to use your imagination, you are FREE TO THINK.

Lamide Adenuga is an author and an International Conference Speaker who believes that the right mentality can power anyone to success; an ideas man who is out to transform people and places he comes in contact with.

He is a Business Management Consultant, a well sought out for motivational and inspirational Speaker, and a Business Coach to entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners and business starters. He is also an Angel of strategy and organization and has featured on Radio and Television shows severally.

Lamide is a Public Relations Specialist and has written articles in various journals and magazines. He is a Personal Effectiveness columnist in OVATION International Magazine. He is also a Television host with his Motivational telecast, “MAKING THINGS HAPPEN” on WAP TV.

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