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Alex Duduyemi: An Amazing Gentleman to the Core

By Eric Elezuo

Real gentlemen come in special packages; packages that affect every life they come across. Chief Alex Duduyemi is a rare breed of special packages. He is one in a million, and a definite force to reckon with in every facet of human existence.

Born in August 1935 in Ile Ife, Chief Duduyemi has been priviledged to traverse through life, earning for himself a reputable identity rooted in stretching helping hands to the needy, and as many as that his benevolence can reach, and of course, they are far reaching in number.

In 1957, Chief Alex-Duduyemi graduated from the North Western Polytechnic, Kentish Town, London, and proceeded to Lincoln’s Inn Law School, London, from where he finished in 1960 and obtained his Law degree. He was called to the Nigerian Bar in 1961.

An accomplished professional, who started his career as a legal practitioner, Chief Alex Duduyemi, who has also been conferred with one of Nigeria’s top honours, the Officer of the Federal Republic, OFR, is an epitome of acumen both on the business and home fronts. He serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Bolex Holdings Limited, in addition to holding the reins at Manucom Fishing Company Limited (fishing and fish trading).

Not only that, his never-say-never attitude also prompted the establishment of Equity Petroleum Services Nigeria Limited (Oil Services), in addition to Equity Shipping Company Nigeria Limited (General shipping and coastal transportation).

His humanity extended to the founding of Manufacturing and Commodity Company Limited, a General merchandise and trading concern which, together with other companies of his, has employed and sustained thousands of Nigerian families.

In 1997, the high chief saw the need to better the education of the Nigerian child, and so birthed the Henry Alex-Duduyemi Memorial College, situated in Ile-Ife, Osun State, a flourishing co-education institution saddled with the responsibility of churning out to the world completely baked students, well equipped and ready to face the world.

Chief Duduyemi had more than a bite of the Nigerian political climate, serving at the highest of places before going private. He was elected to the Federal House of Representatives from 1964 to 1966 and was a Parliamentary Secretary – Cabinet Office, Lagos from 1965 to 1966.

Among many others of his endeavours include serving as Director at Secure Electronic Technology Plc coupled with being a Barrister at Law and Solicitor to the Federal Supreme Court of Nigeria. He is also the Chairman of BJ Services Company Nigeria Limited, BEC Freres Nigeria Limited and Burau Veritas Nigeria Limited.

The accomplished husband, father, grandfather, great grandfather, mentor and great achiever has made his point clear as to where his penchant for development lies:

“I have committed the rest of my life to build well rounded Nigerian youths that are not only going to be leaders of different sectors of the Nigerian economy in the near future, but also function effectively as world citizens,” the industrialist was quoted as saying.

So many people call him father because of the positive impact he has made in their lives. The Chairman of Ovation Media Group, Bashorun Dele Momodu, is one of them, and will not stop talking about how he almost cleared his account to help fund the establishment of Ovation, which today has grown to become a household name in celebrity journalism.

Sir, for being who you are; an impact making force, a grand achiever and a gentleman to the core, you are our Boss of the Week. Congratulations!

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