Wizkid, Tiwa Savage ‘Fever’: Any Consequence?

By Timothy Edaki

Even if you reside in rock bottom or at the lowest, unknown end of the earth, you must have definitely heard of the heated romance between top Nigerian musicians, Wizkid and Tiwa Savage in the now trending Fever musical video of Wizkid. Either you have seen the video or you’ve heard it as a passing comment from a friend, more likely you’ve been bamboozled with endless reactions to the video on your social media.

And while the controversy surrounding the video is hot and brimming, it is pertinent to bring to the fore certain issues that the artistes might not have considered. A number of reactions have bounced between whether the video is an open declaration of their relationship or just a PR stunt to gain publicity and be in the limelight. If it was more of the latter, then one can unequivocally say that they succeeded. The quintessential question however, should be, at what cost?

Wizkid is 27, and Tiwa, who opted to be a video vixen for him is quite older with 10 or more years gap in their ages and while it might be a PR stunt, it has nonetheless earned the two of them the disrespect of a number of their fans who found the raunchy and erotic video quite disgusting and displeasing, to say the least.

Of more concern however is their kids, Tiwa Savage is the mother of a child with her erstwhile separated husband, Tee Bilz called Jamil, and Wizkid has children, one from his ex-girlfriend, Shola called Boluwatife, and this is quite worrisome because their children would grow up to find almost naked pictures of their parents and that could be quite demeaning and destructive to them.

The goal of any act should be weighed with the consequences of the future and for this stunt pulled by the two artistes; one is placed in doubt if they weighed the acts. They can always get away with it but their children might be the victims of this ignoble act.

While we wish them the best of their intentions, it is apparent that every move made to draw out ‘stew’ should consider the ‘pidity’ behind it. To some, the act is filled with stew, but to the more discerning minds, it is a case of ‘stew-pidity’.

Jamil and Boluwatife will have an option to either overlook or take action when they grow to reasoning age. The choice will be theirs, but it is imperative that parents in the quest for popularity and wealth take stock of their actions before taking them to the public. Remember, it is still a free world, yes, a free world indeed!

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