Opinion: It’s Now Your Turn

By Tolulope A. Adegoke

“Just as eagles turn the storms that come their way into propellers that aid them to their desired heights and PEAK of greatness; they get up daily to confront and fight against what other birds flee from in the form of storms and other intimidating factors that they strive and thrive on to be where they ought to be and not be where they ought not to be by the standards and forces that they are subjected to. It is important to note that you must wake up, dress up, gather your courage, overcome your fears and excuses, take charge, and win, because it is your turn to thrive and live – the journey to the PEAK begins within!” – Adegoke, Tolulope A.

All of the great conquerors we’ve looked at so far in prior posts, are great conquerors who refused to let their origins hold them back. They became champions by refusing to give up. They went through the incubation process, the heat of times (empowerment), and then emerged as bright stars, winners in their age.

I implore you, buddy, don’t give up on your goal; don’t dismiss your own ability. Time is a very sobering element that must be acknowledged, pondered, and dealt with if global effects are really and honestly desired. Crawl, walk, run, or fly! Soar! But don’t simply stand there! You cannot afford to be idle. God Almighty expects us to maximize, empower, and utilize our talents for the benefit of humanity, as well as for our own elevation, comfort, and, most importantly, for His eternal glory!

Remember that you are here on Earth on a mission of marvels, to provide extraordinary opportunities to individuals, corporations, and countries, thus leaving a better planet to future generations. Remember, as soon as we leave this world, we will all have to account to the Giver of Life for the life we have lived and the blessings we have received!

Knowing this, I challenge you to go outside of your comfort zone. Aim higher and stay up late working on your goals, visions, and potentials. Acquire relevant information via a variety of lucrative channels. Examine literature on your topics of interest. PUSH the doors till they open. Learn at the masters’ feet (your God-sent mentors or teachers). Stay humble; be devoted to God and to your fellow man; pray hard; contemplate in tranquility: seek quiet; rest well; eat well; network (meet people); start small; relate with respect and honour, and assist others in finding their feet.

Pursue excellence; transform your abilities into skills (products); comprehend business terminology and administration; spend your time; control your energy, and activate your visions; work on paper (Habakkuk 2:2). Read, learn, accept joy, and be happy no matter what is going on around you. Be thankful. Work with the clock. Flow beyond the current rhythm in order to safeguard the future!

It is my hope, and God’s hope, that you will join all of the wonderful men and women we have already covered here, as well as many others you may be acquainted with. While others see storms as obstacles or limitations, these people, like eagles, turned them into propellers that catapulted them to their PEAK of greatness. Remember that every other number, no matter how large, began with zero. Zero may represent the problems you are now experiencing, but there is a lot you can make of it if you don’t let it overwhelm you. Reread the success suggestions provided by the individuals listed above, as well as the ones you’ve already read here. Begin putting them into practice as soon as possible. God will soon locate you with His favour, and your story will change to GLORY!

Here is a charge from me to you to encourage and guide you and those around you on this plane called earth and the journeys that come with it, in order to maximize your potentials and the opportunities that come with time and chance. It’s called “A Teachable Spirit & A Deliverance Heart.”

“When learning to be humble, you must be willing to listen, learn, and grow, as well as be open to suggestions and corrections from others.

You don’t know everything, and you certainly can’t pretend to! So here is my daily mantra for all seasons: my soul is calm, quiet, and available before My Maker, God Almighty!

I will continue to be teachable.

I will not be stupid and exaggerate Myself!

I will sit at the feet of my God-sent masters to learn so that I may soar above the clouds.

I will stay modest for the rest of my life!

I will acknowledge my helpers and praise God in them, and I will establish peace with all mankind.

I will continue to develop my gifts/potentials with the goal of blessing people all over the world.

I will never look down on any guy I meet.

I will continue to do my best for God (Divinity) and the people (Humanity).

I will not give up until I have fulfilled my destiny.

I’m not going to let go until I’m completely exhausted.

I am simply a tool in my Creator’s Mighty Hands; He uses me according to His perfect Will, to fulfil purposes, all for His Glory!

The world will continue to see my Maker’s irresistible wonderfulness through me. He will continue to grow within and through me… I will not be a ‘wander-fool!’

I’m not ashamed of the decisions I’ve made or the steps I’m taking…

I will be happy and joyful for the rest of my life! It is not my life, but my Father’s… God in the form of a MAN (Me); with this, I am boundless, unchained, unbothered, and limitless.

Because of this vision, I am neither ashamed nor afraid of this mission…

I will continue to be honest, wise, and grateful!

I will make certain that my impacts are felt all over the world, while remaining grounded in order to be launched into the yonder beyond the skies, where the realms of impacts flourish on a continuous basis…

I will never give up, I will build castles in the sky and leave footprints in the sky…

Yes! Footprints can be seen in the sky… Visionaries are the only ones who can see them…

An eagle’s strength lies in its flight and vision!

I keep my head down to avoid stumbling and fumbling!

True strength, true vision, and flights into the unknown are all found in humility!

I will be quick and totally obedient till the finish… My prospects of honour and grace are based on my faithfulness.

I will fly on the wings of the Holy Spirit to overcome all obstacles and oppositions…

I’m not going to concentrate on the cross, but on the crown… Not the exams, but the testimonials; not the cost, but the reward… Not the grains, but the profits, not the hisses, but the ease, not the bugs, but the rest that will come when all the labour is done… I will have my crowns of glory, sitting in glory and splendour, praising my Creator, my Master, for bringing me this far without giving up on me, against all odds!”

This is when a tool transforms into ‘The Tool’!

We are nothing more than tools in the Creator’s Mighty Hands, used to carry out His flawless plan on Earth: to love, repair, construct, solve, touch, bless, and impart. His brand is at risk in your life; don’t sabotage it! Only your sacrifices will persuade Him to work with and for you.

Envy the sacrifice, not the success!”

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Tolulope A. Adegoke’s book “The Power of an Empowered Zero” (Awakening The Giant Within You!) is one to look out for. Dr. Yomi Garnett (CEO/Chancellor, Royal Biographical Institute, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America, United Kingdom, and Abuja, Nigeria) wrote the foreword. Ola Aboderin edited the piece.

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