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Nireti Adebayo: Entrepreneur Par Excellence

By Eric Elezuo

Diligence, determination, courage, commitment among many others are just words. But they are words which have been enlivened and weaponised in the life of a first class entrepreneur, skillful administrator and cherished family woman, Mrs. Nireti Adebayo.

Here is a woman, who consciously set out to make a great difference in the world of entrepreneurship, and with great enthusiasms to create a enduring legacy for generations now and yet unborn. In fact, Nireti, as she is fondly called is a typical example of the saying ‘what a man can do, a woman can do better’. This is exemplified in her courageous strides in the field of enterprise, breaking boundaries and creating new frontiers. One can confidently say, she threads on grounds where even the best of men fears to thread. She is an amazon of a woman.

Like a few others in her category, who crave, dream and work towards success and achievement, ‘Nireti is thoroughly bred in every ramification, and with an excellent educational background that prepared to the greater height she has reached and continue to pursue. She has an M.Sc. degree in Administration (Strategic HR major) from the prestigious Lincoln University, Pennsylvania, USA, in addition to a Higher Diploma in Accountancy.

That is not all! She is a two-time proud alumnus of the Lagos Business School, with an AMP 19 (Advance Management Program), which she got in 2007, and the CEP Stream 22 (Chief Executive Program), which she got in 2013. In addition, Nireti attended the IESE Business School, Barcelona where she earned a Diploma in Management. She is practically loaded, and has not been afraid to showcased the stuff she is made of in every field of endeavour; social, economic or otherwise.

‘Nireti Adebayo’s giant strides in the enterprise culminated in her establishing Whyte Cleon Limited, a human resource outsourcing and consulting solutions firm with a highly endorsed reputation across various industries in Nigeria. She oversees the thriving affairs of the establishment as the Founding Chief Executive Officer. Her diligent expertise led to the establishment of Whyte Cleon operations in Ghana, and with expert knowledge under her leadership, unique business sense and ethics, the team has grown into a formidable one serving various sectors.

Whyte Cleon Limited was incorporated in 2010 and commenced full operations immediately with strategic focus is to provide practical and specific solutions to help clients bridge the gap between Strategy Development, Talent Acquisition, Strategy Execution and Organizational Performance. The company has steadily grown into one of the preferred HR Outsourcing solutions providers in Nigeria.

Within the period of their existence, and under the superlative leadership of Nireti, the company has placed over 15,000 employees in organization spread across the nation and with an international office in Nairobi, Kenya.

It would be quite an understatement to say Whyte Cleon is thriving because presently, the company has been propelled into becoming a leading HR organization of highly engaged employees with a resolve to consistently deliver quality service and exceed client expectations. This is not just a wish, but tangible reality as clientele that cuts across every strata of the society testifies to the soft touch of Mrs Adebayo and her team.

With over 22 years cognate experience spanning several corporate organizations in different capacities, ‘Nireti can without mincing words said to be a result oriented, passionate HR professional. She has been able to impart exceptional problem solving, motivational, human developmental, leadership and management skills to her clients and assisted them over the years to formulate, develop and effectively implement their HR strategies.

She said of the company: “At Whyte Cleon Limited, we not only believe in people, we also bridge the gap between organizational needs and the availability of right talents to meet these needs.

“Critical success factors for organizations to attain profitability and growth requires the inclusion of all stakeholders in the crafting and implementation of corporate strategies at all levels. It is with this knowledge that we offer specific services to support organizations in executing their strategies as it relates to the following offerings Outsourcing, Recruitment & Selection, Learning & Development, HR Administration, Payroll & Verification.

“We believe emphasis on technical competence must be matched and balanced with managerial competence to ensure stakeholder confidence, customer satisfaction, productivity, profitability and stability. The best structures without the right people are like a beautiful edifice without a well-structured foundation.

“Creating a sustainable organization with the right attitude and skill sets supported by a great structure, corporate strategy, processes and innovative technology must be hinged on full engagement of employees to achieve greater success. Organizations who recognize and make their people Believe what they do Matter and that they can make a Difference build more sustainable organizational cultures.

“The 11 Year study by John Kotter & James Heskett (Harvard Business School) shows that the revenue growth of organizations with positive culture is 682% while those of organizations with weak cultures amounts to 166% growth rate. Organizations must Engage, Enable and Energize their employees to retain their best talents, recognize and reward good performance.”

Participating in the Stanford Graduate School of Business Seed Transformation Program, Nireti developed an ever-growing transformational mindset, which she has injected into the Ghana branch of Whyte Cleon Ltd.

Beyond her educational qualifications, she is a Fellow of the Association of Outsourcing Professionals of Nigeria, Member, Institute of Directors, Member, Chartered Institute of Personnel Management and Member, Society for Human Resource Management USA, IAOP – USA.

She was recently appointed to the board of AIFA Reading Society, and has been appointed to serve as a member of the Board of Trustees of the Stanford Seed Network, a network of high potential businesses seeking to transform lives and bring prosperity to Africa. She’s also a Founding member of RTA (Angel Investors).

In addition, ‘Nireti is a two-time advisory board member for Standard Chartered Women In Tech – SC WITI – (a Standard Chartered Bank sponsored program at the Enterprise Development Center – Lagos Business School). She is also a facilitator at the Enterprise Development Center of the Lagos Business School – Expert in Residence program.

On the home front, ‘Nireti is also a superstar. She is married to her heartthrob, Niyi and both are blessed with beautiful children and a wonderful family.



Whyte Cleon Limited is a leading Human Resource Outsourcing & Management Solutions provider in Nigeria. The company’s strong pedigree and unmatched ability to serve clients and prospects better than anyone else in the industry can be attributed to its culture of professionalism, expertise, integrity, excellence and dedication that has been studiously built over the years.

Whyte Cleon aims to provide practical and bespoke solutions to help clients bridge the gap between Strategy Development, Talent Acquisition, Strategy Execution, Organizational Performance and Human Capital Investment. They design systems that align within client’s needs and organizational vision while also monitoring progress towards their goals.

It is noteworthy that years of field experience, academic research and benefits of seeing what works best in clients individual communities nationwide have influenced the organisation’s creative services and recommendations. Whyte Cleaon advises, guides and supports clients to achieve and sustain workplace success.

On a good day, Whyte Cleon Limited, leveraging on the grace of teamwork, integrity, empathy, professionalism and respect for individuals, is poised to partner with any organization in aligning talent acquisition with business strategies in order to generate a greater competitive to the customer’s advantage. It further develops, among other things, specific employee outsourcing & recruitment solutions guaranteed to effect productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction which are valuable to every organization.

At Whyte Cleon, People matter, in addition to what is done and how it is done. In a nutshell, it is a team of professionals, and as a result, positive employee engagement, innovation and positive change management matter.

On Tuesday, May 25, 2021, Whyte Cleon Limited will be introduced in greater dimension in Ghana at the Marriot Hotel, Airport Square, Accra by 10am during a breakfast meeting.

From the stable of the firm’s profile, it is discovered as follows:

“We are pleased to introduce our organization Whyte Cleon Limited. We are a Human Resource Consulting & Outsourcing Management Solutions provider.

“We provide practical and tailor made Human Resource Management Solutions to enable our clients bridge the gap between Strategy Development and Execution Talent Acquisition, and Organizational Performance. We advise, guide, and support our cients to achieve and sustain workplace success.

“At Whyte Cleon we partner with client organizations to align human resource management with business strategies to generate competitive advantage. Our commitment to our clients, combined experience of our rich pool of dedicated and certified consultants coupled with our strategic partnerships enable us provide unrivaled value added services beyond the traditional realm of human resources management. We deploy Human Resource Management and Outsourcing solutions that enhance the ability of our clients to achieve a very high level of employee engagement and retention, which helps them drive organizational excellence, achieve customer satisfaction and nigh profitability. Our processes are reviewed and revised cn regular basis to meet our clients’ needs and enable them take advantage of market opportunities, easily overcome business challenges, and generate exceptional results.

“We strive daily to build an organization with great, innovative, happy and highly motivated people who not only with measurable results our clients but also positively impact on the culture of our client organizations deliver value added services We are professionals who truly believe that people matter. We believe what we do matter, how we do it matters and that we can individually and collectively make a difference. We believe in team work, integrity, professionalism, and respect for the individual. We believe in positive employee engagement, innovation, and positive change management.”

It is time to do business with Whyte Cleon as the likes of FirstBank and its subsidiaries, UAC, Visafone, Airtel, GNI, Alvac, Superflux, UPS, BRISCOE, DAEWO, NIBSS, Radisson Blu, PZ, Sterling Bank, Affordable Cars, CAP PLC, MDS, System Energy, Pearlwort, Grandoak, Enterprise Bank among others can’t be wrong.

A partnership with Mrs Adebayo and Whyte Cleon is a partnership that works.

Congratulations ma for your giant strides in fostering healthy relationship among people, and putting smiles on the faces of clients and the general public. You are our Boss of the week!

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