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Mahmood Ahmadu: The Man Forbes Best of Africa Award Cap Fits

By Eric Elezuo

No one was surprised when this great son of Africa was nominated as the winner of Forbes Best of Africa award. The reason is not farfetched: Mahmood Ahmadu has conquered the vast territory of entrepreneurship, leaving in his trail tales of good tidings of great joy.

An accomplished entrepreneur, Mahmood Ahmadu, who is the Founder and Executive Chairman of OIS, also known as Online Integrated Solutions Ltd, was born on September 9, 1966. He is a product of a very humble beginning. It is not by accident that his crowning coincides with his 54th birthday.

He attended ATBU and Nasarawa State University, where he obtained his qualifications. Records have it that Mahmood Ahmadu obtained further educational qualifications in the form of management, IT and communication industry courses. He has since utilized these skills to start and operate small businesses involved in the exchange of various profitable products and services.

At quite an early age during the early 1980s, Mahmood received a family inheritance with which he established his first company called A2A Communications Limited. The company, it is said, shot him into limelight as one of the pioneers in the field of GSM business, especially in Northern Nigeria with branches in almost all the state capitals. He has since shown class in the field of buy and sale, service delivery among others, establishing various facets of companies to accommodate the teeming and growing Nigerian workforce. His business activities and operations span 53 countries and five continents.

Mahmood has further leveraged on his growing goodwill over the years and dexterity in creating opportunities to expand his venture both locally and internationally. He has also raised awareness on the importance of education and has also enhanced the quality of education through scholarship programmes.

He has always aimed to be the best in whatever he does, and thus has stayed on top in managing a strong international network between IT and Telecom companies thereby boosting his capability, capacity and credibility. This has given him an edge in relating seamlessly with both the international and local business world, giving his companies a multinational presence in over 56 international locations across 10 different time zones.

Mahmood strongly believes in CSR, and has inculcated it as a form of belief, faith and culture. In addition to raising awareness on the importance of education through scholarship programmes, he has made donations to various charities and individuals as well. This way, he has been able to build an African multi-business conglomerate with special focus on Information Technology which many African countries have leveraged on to achieve cost-effective services for their people and governments.
An astute business man, Mahmood has been known to work within the provisions of the law, and in his years of practice, has not ran foul of the laws of the land.
Mahmood holds the Nigerian National Honour of the Officer of the Order of the Niger (OON), his altruistic tendencies, hard work and selfless benevolence have endeared him to many, and attracting many recognitions and awards internationally, like the UK Asian Voice Charity Awards for community empowerment. It is worthy of note that he is the first to be recognized with this award.
He is also an awardee of the London Leadership and Peace Award at City Hall London awarded by Boris Johnson. He also received the prestigious Euro Knowledge ‘Africa Change maker Entrepreneur’s’ award at The House of Lords in London for his Fintech platform and his drive for social inclusion for the millions of financially excluded and unbanked.
Mahmood is also the recipient of (BEFFTA) the Black Entertainment Film Fashion Television and Arts ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ also in London among many others for his numerous contributions to community engagement empowerment and advancement. Ahmadu is sure a businessman in a class of his own
Mahmood is no stranger to awards as a result of his numerous achievements and assistance to humanity. In 2016, for instance, he won the BEFFTA Lifetime Achievement Award, Asian Voice Charity Award for Empowering Local Communities as well as the ISAC Award by Nigerian Economic Development.
Entrepreneurship aside, he is a genuine family man, and a proud one for that matter.
For standing firm in the world of entrepreneurship, affecting lives and carting away the prestigious Forbes Best of Africa Award, you are our boss of the week. Congratulations sir!

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