RE: Kashamu/Adebutu Parley: A Plea to the Political Gladiators Not to Politicise a Straightforward Matter of Seeking and Giving Forgiveness

By Olayinka Ilebiyi

Albert Ogunde sang; Yo yo yo Yoruba ronu o. The song remains evergreen. This is a time for all the Yoruba race wherever they may be to unite. Only united approach will conquer the palpable danger of the Southwest incursion by the Fulanis who ironically are not all Nigerians.

But how possible is this, if we continue to seize every opportunity to tear ourselves apart. It is said 10 united people will defeat 10 million people that are not united. It is possible because the ten that united are going to use those not united against themselves.It is therefore time for the Yoruba to think and not a time for bickerings and dirty politics.

Worse still,we seem to take delight in doing battle with those among us that the Yoruba race will always need for the advancement of her cause

Regarding Kashamu/Adebutu parley,i recall an incident that happened in early 90s in an area called Ajitadun in Abeokuta, Ogun State Capital. A man who by all standards can be referred to as very wealthy, but cantankerous got converted to Christianity 2 weeks prior to his death.
One of his tenants who was a popular figure had a dream three days after burial of this wealthy man and “he saw him in heaven clothed with white apparel and inhabiting a glorious house” .

The interpretation of the dream according to men of God was that the man’s sins were cancelled even though he died two weeks after given his life to Jesus Christ.

Judging by all the reconciliations made by Senator Buruji Kashamu before he was called back by his maker, one can easily conclude that he had made it to heaven because it was a genuine reconciliation. This is confirmed in the scriptures Ezekiel 18:21-22.

How I wish all of us will borrow a leaf from the late Senator’s actions and reconcile with those we know we have wronged or those that have indicated that we have wronged them. It gives satisfaction as well as making peace with our maker.

Many people have expressed divergent views on the conversation Senator Kashamu had with Sir Adebutu before he passed on. What is confounding is that we seem to be underplaying the penitence of Kashamu and the magnanimity of Sir Adebutu. These were very obvious in the video. We seem to be overplaying the release of the video and by so doing, we may be missing the point that without that video very few would believe the parley ever took place.

I had for years monitored Baba Adebutu from afar before my job made me to come closer to him and those working for him. Yes Baba Adebutu is an astute businessman, but with heart of God. My line of duty afforded me the opportunity of mingling with the high and the low who are always with him.He is a man that fears God, have respect for all and sundry and abhor evil in totality. He has respect for sanctity of souls and always willingly to liberate the oppressed. He can do anything to save souls. He is much concerned about human life and can spend fortune to save soul.

Kashamu is said to equally have these attributes especially the generous attribute, irrespective of whatever any reservations anyone may have about him. His remorseful heart in the nick of time would have earned him repose in the bosovm off the Lord. Thus he has no issues with anyone living and vice versa.

My fear is for the living. We can only plead that political gladiators wouldn’t hide under the cover of empathy to perpetrate evil against the Adebutu family.

I hope and pray am proved wrong. My instincts suggest that Ladi Adebutu’s political foes are looking for ways to weaken his Father through character assassination thereby whittling his support for Ladi’s political endeavors. This is typical of “bo ba o pa bo ba o bu lese” syndrome. In other words,if you can’t catch him to kill smear him at all cost. What a wicked world this portend!

The unraveled incidents of Dipo Dina and Funso Williams continue to send cold shivers down the spines of all God fearing people.

The two families (Kashamu and Adebutu) are from the same Senatorial District, Ogun East.

People should please refrain from creating gulf between the two families, but rather build on the foundation of reconciliation laid by the late Senator who many times in that conversation referred to Sir Kesington Adebutu as his father. (Baba mi ni eje).

The nation is still smarting over Awolowo and Akintola imbroglio more than half-century after.

May God bless the House of Oodua and her stock.

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