Opinion: Potentiality Digest: Ponder on the Affirmative

By Sulyman Sodeeq Abdulakeem
You can’t produce magic in your life until you learn the luminous arts of a real magician” – Robin Sharma
With the way the world is evolving and how everything is changing, maybe due to the pandemic that is ravaging every spots around the globe, or any other things an individual is going through personally, it is simple to just conclude that right now; things are tight, tough, rough and disjointed in every ramifications. However, staying on that lane is something this write-up intends to caution us from.
One of the secrets that every successful individuals have leveraged on and harnessed to push themselves beyond the beginning of their stories is the power to make declarations upon their desires, aspirations, goals, targets; and essentially their life. To these successful people, everything that would ever comes to fruition in their life stems from the statement they either write on paper, speak to people or say to themselves.
You may be imagining why affirmations can be so powerful that it holds the key to unlocking the doors to your own abundance. Simply try this trick right now: Can you compare the results of task or assignment you have engaged in in the past, where you strengthened your mind and created the mental image that you are already doing that task and the one you neither strengthened your mind nor carved a mental image before doing the task.
You will see that the task or assignment you engaged in with mental image and strength produced more desired results than the ones you just engaged in, without affirmation. This is because, before you begin those tasks that favoured you, you have boldly affirmed and confessed to yourself that this is what you have to do. And because you are ready to do it, it gives you power to determine the level and quality of what you wants to do.
I have gone through different stories of most people we are celebrating today. One of the things I found amazing about them is that, before they tell the world whom they are; before they were known in the world, they had firstly told themselves whom they are and made themselves known to the world through what they do. Do you think you have not being doing something to your own expectations? Raise your affirmations, increase the quality and values of what you says to yourself.
Affirmation, if it is being cultivated and makes it an integral part of someone’s every day living, it helps in nourishing someone’s thought; it aids in envisioning the place someone can occupied, if a person offers him/herself the intuitive mental resolution that something can be done; and it assists in springing in one’s mind, the potency to see ahead of things, to be curious. And curiosity, according to Andy Maslen, “is the driving emotion that pushes us to explore our world.”
No matter where you are right now in life; regardless of your position, social status, academic qualifications and the professional titles you might have earned, you can still achieve more, when you are relentless in unleashing the power of affirmation on whatever you do. Either it is something you wishes to do or you have being doing and the results have not turn to your favour, keep declaring to yourself what you are. Les Brown aptly noted that “You don’t get in life what you want, you get in life what you are.”
This is the notion that pushed Nelson Mandela to make himself the front-runner in putting an end to apartheid in South Africa. Most of the South African leaders never see it realisable. But Nelson Mandela affirmed to himself that it is achievable and in reality, it was! Many people never believed that Rwanda would ever recovered from genocide that sent it on the throes of ruins. But out of sheer positive resolve and declaration to oneself, Paul Kagame is transforming the lives of Rwandans and restoring their image admirably!
Whenever you are framing a statement in your mind, let it be a statement that carries enough power to push you towards your goals, not the one that will weigh you down. Whenever you are making a resolve on what you wants to become and be known for in life, let it be the one that when your belief system consumes it, that resolve will overpower everything working within you. Instead of admitting to people’s opinions or assertions that it cannot be done, keep telling yourself that you can do it and be projecting the image of yourself doing that thing.
“Everything is always impossible, said by Nelson Mandela, “until someone does it.” Tell yourself that the purpose you are being called to serve cannot be denied and rejected. It is never too late for you to do it. You can still do it. Keep injecting in yourself, that enormous and infinite power to visualise your triumphs. Ademola Adeoye charged that, “If you can see a day that you will be celebrated, you will never allow what you are going through right now to cause you to throw in the towel.”
Abdulakeem is a Librarian and co-author of the book “Responsible Living: Live to Fulfill Your Potential.” He can be reached via +2348132226994

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