Here Comes All Nigeria DJ Awards

Nigerian DJs who have been doing amazing things on the wheels of steel now have to rejoice as the will soon be rewarded for their hardwork.
According to Mr Kanbi Owolabi the Executive Producer of the event, the
All Nigeria DJ Awards (ANDJA) will be an annual pan-Nigeria Disc-Jockeying event aimed at officially recognising and rewarding a very unique breed of music professionals.
According to him “This crop of Nigeria’s
finest DJs, who are spread across the country, can truly be referred to as ‘Unsung Heroes’”
The event, which is set to take place in Lagos, Nigeria, will be organized by Kanbitoons Company, an Event
and Entertainment firm highly renowned for churning out great event concepts.
The objective of the event’s planning committee is not just to organize an average, every-day award
but a memorable event which will ensure that the award recipients gain strong national and global recognition while the supporting/sponsor brands attract and receive consumer empathy for their
products and services.
According  to Owolabi a versatile player in the entertainment and event management sector, with over 25 years’ experience under his belt as a top-
level awards organizer, the All Nigeria DJ Awards (ANDJA) is billed to be a high octane, novel and
unique event with limitless imaginations and a bold execution style.
Noteworthy is the fact Kanbi Owolabi is a seasoned media practitioner and part of resource team member that worked on pace- setting industry awards such as  Fame Music Awards (FMA), The REEL Awards, Awards for Musical Excellence in Nigeria (AMEN), The Movie Awards (THEMA), Snap To Stardom, Models
Mingle and others.
The awards will spread across 28 categories ranging from regional to National levels and will also
have special consideration for female DJs who have stood toe to toe with their male counterparts.
Mr. Emmanuel Robinson, the strategy consultant to All Nigeria DJ Awards (ANDJA) disclosed that
the planning committee and advisory board appreciate individuals and organizations that have shown
interest to be part of this laudable project as he implored other corporate organizations to come on
board as veritable stakeholders and sponsors of the unfolding success.

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