Life Coach: Because I Can

By Lamide Adenuga

No mountain is too high for you to climb, all you need to do is have some climbing faith, and push yourself to make the attempt. Take the first step on your way to the top, even if it is with fear, do it afraid. Someone once said; there are really no mountains in our lives, because when a man and his God confront a mountain, impossibilities vanish.

No river is too wide for you to make across, all you need to do is believe it when you pray. Believe you will make it to the other side, you will not be submerged in the deep waters of life, you’ll not drown in the troubling waters of academics, and you’ll not be swept away by the boisterous waters of an uncertain tomorrow. Even God says in His word; “when thou passest through the waters, I’ll be with thee, and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee”.

Believe in your God and believe in your guts; things can get better for me, things will get better for me. My question to you is; if you are not for yourself, who will be for you? If you do not raise your hopes, what do you want to raise? Learn to always trust that still, small voice from within that whispers in your ears saying; Because I can!

You don’t need to look outside of yourself most times for strength and confidence because it comes from within, it is there all the time. You already have all you need to make it in life, and to be really successful. If you can take the time out to search through the deep recesses of your heart, you will discover that for most of the questions you’re struggling with, for most of the issues giving you problems both during the day and night, the answers lie within. Just take the time out to be still, commune with your spirit and trust in yourself.

Some things will come along the way to resist, but in times of danger don’t freeze, that’s the time to be a “G”, that’s the time to keep at your dreams, and push the game to the other half of the field. No matter what you go through, sing your way as you transit through life. Indifference is the enemy; nothing is inevitable if you’re willing to think.

Nothing is unattainable if you’re willing to fight. Reach for the sky, focus on the plan, and always have the courage to take your dreams out to the world.

If things go wrong, you need to put yourself together. Regain momentum, get back into the game, and come out strong. Establish new goals, develop a new sense of purpose, and generate new ideas about your life; how you’re living it, how you can live it better, and things you can do in the future.

Believe in yourself and always try to be positive, good things are coming for you. Whether you sing on key A or key Z, it doesn’t matter. Just make your chorus ”BECAUSE I CAN”.

Lamide Adenuga is an author and an International Conference Speaker who believes that the right mentality can power anyone to success; an ideas man who is out to transform people and places he comes in contact with.

He is a Business Development Consultant/Business Management Consultant, a well sought out for motivational and inspirational Speaker, and a Business Coach to entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners and business starters. He is also an Angel of strategy and organization and has featured on Radio and Television shows severally.

Lamide is a Public Relations Specialist and has written articles in various newspapers, journals and magazines. He is a Personal Effectiveness columnist in OVATION International Magazine. He is also a Television host with his Motivational telecast, “MAKING THINGS HAPPEN” on WAP TV.

Facebook – Lamide Adenuga Speaks. Twitter – LammyMotivates

FOR BOOKINGS AND ENQUIRIES, Please call +234-8032454647

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