House J: Best Definition for Luxury, Entertainment and Pleasure

By Eric Elezuo and Ajibade Morakinyo                                                 Photos: Ken Ehimen

Have you ever imagined the immense luxury in the home of the biblical Joseph, the Prime Minister who saved the nation of Egypt and children of Israel from a seven year drought?

Though time is irreversible for one to go and see first hand what his home looked like, House of Joseph, popularly known as House J or HJ, located on Joel Ogunnaike, GRA, Lagos, gives one the classic imagination of what the great biblical economist’s opulent life was like.

Tastefully arranged bedroom

Owned by the humble and God fearing, Bayo Fatusin, House J runs a  24 hours service, and is open to everyone who wishes to be pampered with the best of high quality amenities. Its amazing facilities like uninterrupted power supply, sophisticated security apparatuses; well-trained operatives to protect lives and property of customers are the hallmarks of first class service in HJ.

Out of this world bathroom and toilet

On arrival at the prestigious hotel, there is this certainty that engulfs one, expressing one common truth, which suggests that one has approached a place of pleasure. The feeling is undoubtedly stupendous even as the fascinating horticulture that ushers one in as you walk or drive in presents a kingly welcome message from the creator.

The lobby

Walking down to the reception where automatic sliding door bows to the would-be lodger, and into the waiting presence of courteous front deck officers, the customer is made to feel the superiority of the environment over and above others. The smiles that flow from these well trained providers of comfort, are quite disarming like the Egyptian maidens who must have decked the ambiance of Joseph’s home with their unbeaten grace. Here, the choice of highly affordable rooms is made for incredible and luxurious relaxation.

With a variety of rooms to choose from ranging from Vintage Executive, Business Executive, Standard, and many others, the HJ lodger is in for the best time of his life. The exotic wallpapers, well-crafted POP, and wall painting in each room speak kingly. Also, they are loaded with home sensation facilities. All these would make one miss little or none of his home comfort for as long as he can stays. The beds and tables are made from the best of mahogany and decked with the best of luxurious foams, sofa for sitting relaxation, high performing electronic gadgets and super-fast wifi connection to reach out to the world while you are pampered. And of course, all rooms are laced with high quality air conditioning system. It is worthy of note that 24 hours power is guaranteed with the presence of two gigantic generating sets to complement the efforts of power distributing companies.

The reception

On each walkway in the highly luxury providing environment, are posh paintings and splendid artworks of decisive moments, most of which from ace photojournalist, Sumisola Smart-Cole suspended on the walls in addition to local contents.

Beautiful artworks and decorations

There is also a deliberate merging of the ancient and modern with known artifacts co-existing side by side with modernity. The giant golden vase, cuisine chair and table, to antique leather boxes as in the movie, Titanic, to mud pots; known as ancient refrigerator, stylishly bring memories of the good old days.

The yellowish stairway mixed with touch of white joined other objects to project kingly messages. But stepping on this staircase, one is confronted by the captivating soft tunes of relevant music gently massaging the sensibilities.

The bar on its own is decked with elegant tables and chairs, and there is a promise of choice nourishing foods and drinks. The table décor will surely suit your personality.

The poolside

The manner its attendants present themselves buttressed cultured set of individuals in comparison to some other joints across Lagos. The attendants are radiantly clad in simple flowery top, well appealing and complimenting the nature endowed atmosphere.

House J boasts of a standard swimming pool measuring 3.3 feet to 7.2 feet, situated right under the sun, in the middle of the outdoor restaurant. This pool side arena gives lodgers and customers the opportunity to sunbath with family and friends in their numbers, enjoy a round table conversation beside the pool, have a pool side party, and share the pleasure that the exotic wine, liquor, soft drink, and energy drinks of choice that line the beautiful shelves provide.

Moreover, you can enjoy a roof-top gym while in House J. This is fully equipped with the best of exercising machines like cycling machines, barbells, jugging machines, and many more.

There is a portal of choice: you can choose from room(s) within the environs of the pool; and get to see the rare views of this pool and objects around it. The horticulture around this pool is a story of admiration to every sight.

If you need a pin drop environment, where you can be free from the intense hustling and bustling of Lagos city life, House J is the place to be. It is the best definition luxury and entertainment can get.

Floral beauty

Obviously, House J is a place of luxurious relaxation.

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