Motherhood: Tales the Society Never Tell

Motherhood is beautiful and magical. The society has found a way to paint a picture perfect scenario about motherhood, it is no doubt a blessing to be a mother but this article is here to debunk this picture perfect scenario often painted by the society.

Motherhood is a huge task

We often get carried away with the excitement of being a mum and overlook the weight of the task ahead forgetting to prepare ourselves mentally for it, the society seldom tells us how much of a burden this task can be.

There’s no one way to be a mother

The society is quick to dish out advice about being a mother forgetting that motherhood is different for everyone, the same way pregnancy is. Raising up a child is different for everyone as children and personality differ.

The difficulty in allowing others discipline your child

We must have come across the adage that says “it takes a whole village to train a child”. As much as this is true, it is difficult to watch another person scold or smack your child. However, it is a necessary evil from teachers to grandparents to discipline our children even if we are not comfortable with them beating our kids.

The struggles between career and child

It is difficult to find a balance between these two because they both require most of your time, unfortunately, they are both important. The difficulty in finding this balance takes a toll on mothers emotionally, psychologically and physically, some women cave in and let go of their careers to enable them to take care of their kids. Are you ready to make that sacrifice?

Having kids – the responsibility of rearing good, kind, ethical, responsible human beings—is the biggest job anyone can embark on.” —Maria Shriver

Making financial adjustments

The realization sometimes hits hard when it occurs to you that your income isn’t only for you anymore, but for you and your child.

Life situations will be your greatest teacher

Having a baby comes with different situations and responsibilities, no two days are the same and you keep learning from the various situations and responsibilities that occur.  Even though there is an array of resources online which promise to teach you how to raise your kids, it will never suffice as nothing could train you better than life itself.

Being a mother isn’t as black and white as the society makes it look; there will be grey areas and it is important to filter through all the tales the society tells about being a mother. In filtering, we would find advice worth holding on to and others that should be let go off.

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