Osinbajo’s Speech: Mockery of Buhari’s Government or Fact

By Eric Elezuo

In a five page speech delivered by the Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, during the 10th Bola Tinubu Colloquium to mark the former Lagos State’s governor’s 66 years anniversary, the Professor of Law hinted on certain issues bordering on the way the government is run as well as the receptive nature of the beneficiaries.

When the Vice President hinted on the achievements of the Buhari government in agriculture he quoted categorically from story he claimed the President told of how in ‘his own village’ everything seems to have changed as no farmer leases out his farm anymore. He added however that ‘the more interesting part of the story is that not only are more people now going to Hajj, they are also taking new wives’.

The statement may have elicited laughter from the capacity filled auditorium, but Osinbajo, in characteristic nature of releasing serious matter through mild means, may have thrown a salvo telling that the farmers are not educated on what to do with their proceeds other than marrying wives and going on religious pilgrimage. The government owes it to the citizens to continually provide mentorship on reinvestment for higher yields and profitable existence, not allowing people to waste hard earned resources in acquiring new wives, which may take them back to where they were coming from – poverty.

In his story where Tinubu stormed out of a deliberation while he was still governor, Osinbajo presented the birthday boy as someone who is not at home with other peoples’ views so long as they are different from his. Anyone who reads between the lines will understand Osinbajo’s line of reasoning.

In another instance, while blaming PDP’s 16 years of misrule for the woes of today Nigeria, Osinbajo noted that  ‘the reason why we will talk about it is, first, we must let our people know that we cannot afford to go this way again; never again should we allow a system where people take the resources of this country and skew the resources of this country, use the resources against the people of this country, and at the same time, they want to continue in ruler-ship.”

Note that Osinbajo did not say ‘…they want to return to ruler ship’, he said ‘they want to continue in ruler ship’. The VP could only be talking to someone who is already in power and obviously wishes to continue. This is a case of pointing at someone with one finger while the other four are pointing at oneself.

He added yet another, calling on the ruling party to live up to expectation when he noted ‘we as a party and your government, must show the difference between us and the party and government that impoverished our nation. We must show that difference.’

For the Vice President, after three years in power, to still be calling on the party to show the difference could only mean he understood the party and the government have not lived up to expectation. As a result, there is need for resurrection of ideas to take Nigerians out of the quagmire of misrule of both before and now.

If the VP intended a lampoon against his party and government, it is in order, and if he intends stating a naked fact, it is also in order. Whoever therefore, is affected, is prevailed upon to do the right thing for the collective good of the nation.


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