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Lessons from Kigali: Transforming Osun State for a Sustainable Future



By Bamikole Omishore

Effective governance has proven to be an essential phenomenon in today’s world. This is the reason the journey of transformation started by the government in Osun State draws a striking parallel with the remarkable progress witnessed in Kigali, Rwanda. I was privileged to accompany Governor Ademola Adeleke on a leadership retreat to Kigali, Rwanda, and he was no doubt impressed by the level of orderliness and organization right from the airport. As the airport gates opened in Kigali, it was impossible not to notice the seamless order and organization that guided the process. This experience sets the stage for lessons that will shape the basis of learning for Osun State.

The hallmark of Kigali’s transformation is not merely its infrastructural advancements but the leadership mindset that propelled it forward. Rwanda’s leaders dared to dream big, inspiring unity and a shared vision of growth. In a similar vein, Governor Adeleke has committed himself to leading by example in Osun State. From improved healthcare services to enhanced education initiatives, the Governor is already sowing the seeds of positive change. And this is only the beginning.

One cannot help but be impressed by the lush greenery that envelops Kigali. The city’s commitment to climate sustainability is a testament to responsible governance. It is heartening to note that just a few days ago, Governor Adeleke pledged to plant over 100,000 trees in Osun State. This will not only help to beautify the state, but also help to combat climate change. Besides, this isn’t just an environmental gesture; it’s a solid commitment to a healthier, greener future for the good people of our state.

To further catalyze growth, Adeleke recognizes the importance of fostering an environment that nurtures innovation. According to Governor Adeleke during the visit, “We are taking steps to improve the ease of doing business in Osun, ensuring that startups with groundbreaking ideas have the support they need to flourish. These startups hold the potential to address local challenges with fresh solutions, driving not just economic progress, but social betterment as well.

“To encourage start-ups that will address local problems in Osun State, I have identified five steps that we need to take to improve the ease of doing business. These steps include: Simplifying the process of registering a business in Osun State, providing access to funding for start-ups, creating a conducive environment for businesses to thrive, providing training and mentorship for budding entrepreneurs and encouraging collaboration between businesses and the government,” the Governor said.

Furthermore, the governor’s aspirations don’t only stop at the state’s borders. By initiating a culture of peer review and challenge, it is hoped, the visit will spark a nationwide revolution in leadership, starting with his counterparts that also undertook the trip. “Just as Rwanda’s success story inspired me, I believe that our commitment to change will inspire the other governors across Nigeria. Together, we can set the stage for a new era of cooperative governance that transcends political boundaries,” Governor Adeleke said.

But the journey doesn’t end there. Governor Adeleke intends to harness the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a blueprint for innovation and development in Osun. According to him, the SDGs provide a framework for driving development in Osun State.

He said: “Here are four ways that we can aggressively use the SDGs to drive development in Osun State in the next seven years: We will focus on providing access to quality education for all children in Osun State. This will help to reduce poverty and improve the standard of living in the state.

“We will work to provide access to clean water and sanitation for all residents of Osun State. This will help to improve health outcomes and reduce the incidence of water-borne diseases.

“We will focus on promoting gender equality and empowering women and girls in Osun State. This will help to reduce poverty and improve the standard of living for women and girls in our state.

“Above all, we will work to provide access to affordable and clean energy for all residents of Osun State. This will help to reduce poverty and improve the standard of living in the state. Besides, by aligning our efforts with these global objectives, we will not only foster growth but also contribute to a more sustainable world.”

As a leader of impact, Governor Adeleke understands the profound impact of setting a personal example. Just as Rwanda’s leaders led the way in creating a clean, green city, he has committed to leading Osun by example.

“By ensuring that our cities are clean and sustainable, we’re not just building a better environment; we’re instilling a sense of pride and responsibility in our citizens.

“From Rwanda’s orderly airport to Osun’s pledge for a greener future, the lessons are clear: visionary leadership, sustainability, and innovation are the cornerstones of progress.

“As we navigate this path of transformation, I am confident that Osun State will emerge as a shining example of positive change – a testament to what’s possible when leadership is driven by a passion for growth, a commitment to the people, adherence to due process and rule of law and an unwavering belief in a better tomorrow.”

Moreover, it is hoped that as Governor Adeleke focuses on creating enabling environments, businesses will find Osun state as the most suitable destination in Africa to do business.

He said: “From investing in the value chain of agriculture such as cassava to starch, to opportunities in energy and mineral sectors, to driving an agrotech-led agricultural transformation, to building on the tourism opportunities, to investing in sports as a business, Osun State is open and ready for investments and we welcome investors home and abroad to come to our dear state.”

Governor Adeleke at the leadership retreat organized by United Nations Developmental Partners and the Nigeria Governors’ Forum in Kigali, Rwanda, reiterated his administration’s readiness to drive sports development through public-private partnerships. The Governor made this known while responding to an address by Masai Michael Ujiri, a British born Nigerian-Canadian professional basketball executive and President of the Toronto Raptors in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Ujiri, during his brief interaction with the Nigerian delegation described sports as an important sector that needs proper attention by the government in order to drive the needed development in the sector. He said the government needed to bring in private investors and cited examples of how commercializing sports had helped many developed countries. Governor Adeleke, who assured the delegation of the readiness of his administration to develop sports in the state, extended an invitation to Ujiri to further consolidate his administration’s plans and efforts for the sector. “I will invite you to Osun state in Nigeria. Come with sports’ investors. Osun is open for sports as a tool for economic development,” Governor Adeleke said.

Instructively, during a workshop session at the retreat, Tolani Alli, ex-aide of former Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo, referenced Governor Adeleke’s giant strides of completing multiple projects by his predecessor and embarking on groundbreaking projects without taking any loans.

In conclusion, Governor Adeleke’s visit to Kigali remains a lesson in leadership and development, and he is committed to implementing the lessons learnt in Osun State to make it a shining light among the league of states. It therefore behooves all residents of Osun State to join hands with the performing Governor on this journey towards a better Osun State.

Bamikole Omishore is the Special Adviser on Sustainable Development Goals and Multilateral Relations to Governor of Osun State.

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National Day Schools Competition: Aijay Media Celebrates Nigeria’s Rich Heritage




The Aijay Media Annual National Day Schools Competition, held every October 1st, is set to hold this Tuesday.

The event, as always, is programmed to showcase the best of Nigeria’s rich cultural heritage, and traditions as well as celebrate the country’s national day, with varieties of competitions, which have grown in popularity over the years, attracting participation from schools all over Lagos State.

This year’s competition revolves around the “Theme: Nigeria Will be Great If …”, with different schools competing in various categories such as traditional dance, poetry, drama, and music. Students are to display their talents, creativity, and prowess in interpreting the theme.

The CEO of Aijay Media, Mrs. Ijeoma Oka, said that the competition is an opportunity for students to showcase their talents, celebrate their cultural identity and proffer their own solutions to the anomalies in our country.

The Competition is also an opportunity for schools to win prizes, including educational materials. This Last year’s competition saw many schools taking home prizes, with Tenderhands Montessori School, Lagos emerging as the overall winner.

Mrs. Abiola-Seriki Ayeni was the Special guest of honour at the previous year’s competition. Speaking at the event, she commended Aijay Media for organizing the competition and called on well-meaning Nigerians, government, and companies to support this vision. She also urged Nigerian youths to embrace their cultural heritage, promote national unity, and work harder.

Given the success this competition is expected to attract, it is expected that more schools and organizations will participate in the future.

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NLC, TUC Declare Indefinite Strike




The organised labour unions, comprising the Trade Union Congress (TUC), and the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), have declared an indefinite strike effective from October 3, 2023.

TUC President, Festus Osifo declared the strike at a joint press conference also attended by the President of the NLC, Joe Ajaero in Abuja on Tuesday.

Ajaero, who spoke first, carpeted the Federal Government over what he described as lackadaisical stance to address demands raised by the unions since the subsidy removal policy took effect.

He accused the government of deliberate refusal to engage in a meaningful and constructive dialogue within the ambits of good faith during the 21 days ultimatum and the subsequent successful 2-day nationwide warning strike on the 5th and 6th of September 2023.

According to the NLC President, the National Executive Councils (NEC) of the NLC and TUC in their various meetings deeply analyzed the current situation in the country, taking into cognisance the extensive hardships and deprivation afflicting the citizens across all states of the federation.

He said both NECs unanimously condemned the government’s apparent conscious lethargy and tardiness in handling the consequences of its petrol price hike on Nigerians.

Ajaero also noted that the NLC and the TUC NEC-in-session observed that there is no disagreement between Labour and Government on the existence of massive suffering, impoverishment and hunger in the country as a result of the hike in the price of Petrol which demands an urgent need for remedial action.

He said the government totally abdicated its responsibility and had shown gross unwillingness to act, thereby abandoning Nigerian people and workers to excruciating poverty and affliction.

He went on to accuse the federal government of continuous grandstanding and forestalling all avenues to peaceful dialogue with organized labour on ways to save Nigerians from the huge hunger and suffering experienced across the nation.

“As a result of the unconscionable hike in the price of Petrol (PMS) by the Government, the Government has continued to demonstrate not just an unwillingness to mitigate the massive hardship in the country but also a complete lack of intention to take positive steps and empathy for the multi-dimensionally impoverished citizens of Nigeria.

“The federal Government has therefore not met in any substantial way, the demands of Nigerian workers and peoples as previously canvassed in our mutually agreed roadmap to salvaging the economy and protecting workers and Nigerians from the monumental hardship.

“The grace period given by the two labour centres has expired but trade unions continue to face severe threat from the State via the brutal and suppressive power of the Police and Government.

“The National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) continues to be illegally occupied by the Government via the instrumentality of the police who have cloned the leadership of NURTW.

“The Road Transport Employers Association of Nigeria (RTEAN) continues to be illegally occupied by the Lagos State government in total disregard to the Courts and the statutes.

“That the State has continued to blackmail and sponsor serious campaigns of calumny against trade union leaders in the social media using its buying and coercive powers instead of making efforts to lift the burden on the masses,” the NLC President stated.

When Osifo got hold of the microphone, he said, consequently, the NLC and TUC NEC-in-Session resolved as follows: “to, in the spirit of the Independence Day celebration and to demonstrate our resolve for a truly independent Nigeria to take our destinies in our own hands and rescue our nation

“To embark on an indefinite and total shutdown of the nation beginning on zero hours Tuesday, the 3rd day of October, 2023. To direct all workers in Nigeria to withdraw their services from their respective workplaces commencing from the 3rd of October.

“To direct all affiliates and state councils to immediately start mobilizing accordingly for action to organize street protests and rallies until Government responds positively to our demands.

“We enjoin all patriotic Nigerians to join hands across the nation to assist this government put the people back at the centre of its policies and programmes.”

Daily Post

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Nigerians Will Be Shocked If Chicago Varsity Releases Tinubu’s Academic Records – Obaseki




A chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and member of the Presidential Campaign Council (PCC) in the last election, Dr Don Pedro Obaseki, has said Nigerians will be shocked if the Chicago State University (CSU) releases the academic records of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu. 

Obaseki who was the Director of Research and Documentation of PDP – PCC in the 2023 election explained that Atiku is seeking an open disclosure of Tinubu’s CSU documents because it is believed that the Supreme Court of Nigeria may be compelled to listen to fresh evidence in the petitions already submitted to it.

Speaking during a zoom conference hosted by Prof. Gold Emmanuel, a psychologist based in London, on Monday, Obaseki said it was because of the nature of the issue and the need for Nigerians to know that the former Vice President Atiku Abubakar is insisting on the full disclosure of President Tinubu’s academic records by the Chicago State University.

He said even though President Tinubu has said the public disclosure of his CSU documents would cause irreparable damage to him, “Nigerians would even be more shocked to know more about the certificate in question.”

He said, “Even when the court of first instance and the appellate court have convicted someone to death minutes before the Supreme Court gives its final judgement and there arose fresh and compelling facts and evidence, the apex court is bound to listen to the fresh facts before making its final judgement.

Daily Trust

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