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Only One on One Meeting Can End Wike/Atiku Imbroglio – Dele Momodu



By Eric Elezuo

As the loggerhead between the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, and the Governor of Rivers State, Mr. Nyesom Wike, continues to draw attention in the political, stakeholders from within and outside the party have wondered what is in stock for the party that held power for 16 unbroken years as the all important 2023 Presidential Election approaches.

Consequently, a chieftain of the party, and former presidential aspirant, Aare Dele Momodu, has proffered that only a face to face meeting of the two gladiators, without a third party, will calm their nerves and restore the opposition party to winning ways among many things.

Dele Momodu spoke to Channels TV, and these are excerpts:

Everyone is wondering what exactly is happening within the PDP at a time when it should actually be playing the

lead role as the leading opposition party. It is immersed in its own internal crisis what do you make of this? First as a journalist and then as a politician…

Well, as a journalist, I’m not surprised. We have a Presidential Election. In Nigeria, it’s a game of almost winner takes all. So, the stakes are very high so there will be quite a number of fisticuffs here and there. If you go into APC, they have their own crisis. If you go into other to the other parties, they have their crisis.
In PDP, it’s unfortunate that we’re yet to settle the fallout from our primary election. Of course, we just played video of the Governor of River State. A man we call the governor of governors. He’s been one of the best governors if you ask me in Nigeria; if not the best but unfortunately, I don’t know how come my party, and my candidate Atiku Abubakar has not been able to pacify him. Maybe there is more than meets the eye. But from my own personal investigation as a journalist, I’ve been told that last year Alhaji Atiku Abubakar met with Governor Wike and wanted them to run a joint ticket and an agreement was reached. And thereafter, Governor Wike decided that he’s running on his own because of the party constitution which normally would have ceded power to the South.
After eight years of Buhari, we all expected that power will come to the South. And that’s one of the reasons I contested, but I knew as far back as March this year that Governor Wike was interested. Although he had not told anybody then I’ve been with him in Port Harcourt. In fact, I stayed with him far more than I stayed in Lagos because we were doing some work with him just like Channels TV. We call him Mr Projects and he’s been launching projects after projects. So, I sent him a letter and I copied two people; Chief Mike Ozekhome, and I copied the immediate past Minister of Justice and Attorney General, Mohammed Adoke in the letter. I told him that “I know you want to run for the president of Nigeria”. I did the same thing as far back as 1991 with Chief MKO Abiola. One of the talents I have is that I can read the mood around me. So, I knew Governor Wike was interested but he didn’t tell anybody. He kept it close to his chest and I advised him. I said as a democrat, I’m not going to ask you not to run but from the feelers I’m getting around, you are going to have a lot of resistance. You have a lot of enemies who will pretend to be your friends. Wherever there is money, wherever there is power, you will see people pretend. I’m one person that will advise you no matter how big you are; from Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to Governor Wike. I always intervene at such moments. So, I told him to please have Option B.

It is good that you are fighting for power to return to the South but you may not be the sole beneficiary. With this, I pleaded with him and I said, I’m running. I’m your friend. I’m your brother. I’m running, if you support me, I’m sure we will get it and I went to the extent of even announcing a kind of shadow cabinet in advance. It’s something that fascinates me about England where you have an idea of who becomes what. For me, if you give Governor Wike an opportunity to fix electricity in Nigeria, he will do it. If you give him the opportunity to fix our roads, he will fix it. But what everybody says about him is that he’s too volatile. So, when I told him that, he got angry that “what did they mean that I am  volatile and all that. So, that is the excuse people use. You see, presidency has a lot to do with your temper and temperament.

But Mr Momodu, it will seem as if these painstaking efforts to appease Governor Wike is an acknowledgment by the leading opposition party that they can’t move on without him…

No! It’s not that they can’t move on without him. It shows how important he is in the equation of things in Nigeria as it stands. I told you, if you have a man who is your best governor, across board and across party lines. Wike stands out as a fantastic performer. And leadership is about performance. So, today, the fear of Wike is the beginning of wisdom in PDP.

There is no question about that!
So, by PDP’s calculations, if Governor Wike is not appeased, how many states in the South-South will the PDP lose in the presidential election?

I’m not sure PDP will lose any state in the South-South. I’ll tell you why, the Vice-Presidential candidate is from the South-South. Governor Wike would expect that his candidate for governorship who is running on the platform of PDP will win. So, if you destroy PDP, how will his candidate then win the gubernatorial election? So, it’s actually true situation for him but he’s very smart. He knows the game he’s playing. What he wants to do is to force a deal with the party. That’s my own reading of the situation. He is a very smart politician. I’m sure eventually the party will lead a deal with him. If I were the candidate, I told you just now I already offered him if I was a candidate that “Governor Wike if you support me, I will do for you what President Buhari did for Fashola.

Fashola had three portfolios at the time in Nigeria. So, if you don’t get what you want, for me, Fashola is even almost more important than the Office of the Vice President. So, what I will advise Alhaji Atiku Abubakar to do today is to sit down one-on-one in person with Governor Wike, and agree on deliverables. If possible, sign an agreement.

But one of the issues that have played up until now is the entire party structure. Well, maybe I should even ask you this as far as you’re concerned, and from what you can see, what exactly is the issue in contention here? You’ve talked about the North-South rotation. There are those who are wondering if the Chairman of the party ought to have resigned. There are those who are saying maybe the Vice-Presidential candidate should have gone to someone else as opposed to Dr Okowa. Don’t also forget that the issues of internal crisis in the party predate the primaries. There are so many other issues at the center, and in the various states of the federation in the PDP. So, for you, what exactly is the issue if there is a central issue?

One, the governor believes the party should have respected our zoning principle or formula or whatever you want to call it.

Number two, he believes that zoning would have favored a southern candidate.

Three, he believes that of all the Southern aspirants he is the one who has the capacity to deliver victory to the party.
Then, number four, initially, there have been videos of Governor Wike saying he can’t be Vice-President to anybody. But I think members of his group were able to persuade him that “look you’ve labeled too much for this party. You’ve made so much contribution, why don’t you accept such offer. Number two, I heard there were three names on the list that was given to the presidential candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, and Wike was on that list. I believe he thinks he should have been the one to make that Vice-Presidential candidate.

Which is why I want to ask because your insider information that you led with when you started your commentary was that ahead of the presidential primaries, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, approached Governor Wike and said let us run a joint ticket but Governor Wike said no that he would rather run on his own. So, when they were to present names to Alhaji Atiku Abubakar to choose a vice presidential candidate, why didn’t he go with Governor Wike who was preferred of that committee?

I think, by then, some things had changed. That’s again according to my own investigation. Remember and this is one of the problems; the manner that Governor Tambuwal stepped down for Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, Governor Wike was grieved because we have passed that stage, and no one was supposed to be allowed to go back to the podium to make an announcement and tell the delegates who to vote for. That was part of the problem but again if Alhaji Atiku Abubakar had picked Governor Wike as VP. Some people in his own circle of influence will be of the opinion that it will be a spite on Tambuwal who step down. Because Wike would have lost nothing. A Vice-President is almost as good as a President anywhere in the world. In the absence of the President, the Vice-President. So, a lot of people were feeling that it would have been a slap on Governor Tambuwal who stepped down for Alhaji Atiku Abubakar.

Now, in trying to solve problems there is need to understand where it went wrong perhaps that would give them an inkling in terms of how to approach it. Now, there’s a reconciliatory committee that’s been set up to see how they can address this matter. But what do you think went wrong between Rivers State Governor and the National Chairman of the party because at a time, they appeared cordial. There were images everywhere how they had that rapport. But all of a sudden, things went sour. How did that happen?

Well, in a normal situation, if the presidential candidate is from the North then the National Chairman would be from the South. But in this case you have the presidential candidate from the North and then you have the National Chairman also from the North. So, what the Wike camp is saying is that, “this is unfair, this is unfortunate, and this should not stand”. And that’s why they were asking that the National Chairman would have to go. So, it’s all about cordiality.
Of course, that cordiality broke down the moment, number one, the party jettison the zoning formula of the party and then settled for a northern candidate.
It’s normal that people will be aggrieved but it is about crisis management. As I said if I were in the shoes of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, I will meet with Governor Wike one-on-one, and face to face. No third party, and let them iron out their differences because we’re dissipating so much energy and there are other presidential aspirants who are complaining that Alhaji Atiku Abubakar has never reached out to them. That he is waiting for them to approach him. And I’m using this platform to appeal to our candidate that if we must win next year’s election, we must work harder at reaching out to everybody. Everyone counts because the election of next year is going to be like no other. For the first time, we are going to have two mainstream political parties being challenged by a formidable third force. So, every vote will be very important, every stakeholder must be reached out to.

I’m trying to see how I can avoid making this a double barrel question. So, the thing is how much time do you think the PDP has to address this challenge before they move on to the next step, and what options do you think will be there for the governor because we’ve seen different while there are speculations that he could opt out and go to the APC. Persons in APC and Rivers State are leaving APC and joining the PDP. First, tell us how much time do you think they have, and what options will be there for the Rivers State Governor?

For me, Governor Wike is a very principled man. He has vowed repeatedly, and if there is one thing, he has been consistent about, it is his love for PDP. I believe he will not leave PDP. What he is doing is a mind game. He’s playing a mind game, and he’s very good at it. He keeps them guessing. He’s a very smart human being and as I said, I’ve interacted with him long enough to know him. He’s a principled man. If he goes to APC, what shall it profit him?

You know, even in South-West, we just won Osun State. Nobody thought we’ll be able to win Osun State, and I congratulate my good friend, Senator Ademola Nurudeen Adeleke for that feat.
But you can see the way the party leadership of PDP all came together and we were able to dislodge APC in Osun State this tells you that if PDP can work together, we have it do more; because APC has messed up Nigeria spectacularly. There is no question about that.

What does the River State Governor have to lose if he doesn’t throw his weight behind your party candidate?

He may lose his governorship candidate because you can’t come to me in the Presidential Election and say don’t vote for Atiku, and then, the following week. you come back to me and say vote for my candidate in PDP. I mean, that would be a very dangerous game to play. I know he’s smarter than that. Governor Wike is not a foolish man. He’s angry, legitimately angry. There are many people who are angry in the party and that’s why I’m saying it boldly here that the party must do everything possible. Because there is this attitude, they are worrying about Governor Wike but there are others in the party that they should worry about as well. They are very important. The next election is not going to be an easy one.

Are you one of those whom they should worry about?

No! They shouldn’t worry about me too much. I’m a part-time politician. I’m not a career politician. I’m back out at Ovation; working at Ovation but if they need me, they will reach out to me, and I’ll do what I can. I supported the Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, and Governor Peter Obi in 2019. I wasn’t a member of PDP. So, I operate without being in a party. When I supported Buhari in 2015, I wasn’t a member of APC. So, I’m a part-time politician. But I know there are a lot of disgruntled elements who will not speak up and they must reach out to them. If they want their names, they can ask me and I’ll tell them.

Well, we are interested since you have said that you know there are a lot of other disgruntled people – would you like to give us hints?

The hint is that, there are a lot of presidential aspirants who felt that immediately after the primary, the party was going to bring them together under one umbrella; so that they can all collectively work for the candidate but everybody is roaming around like orphans right now. That’s the truth! A lot of our other aspirants are roaming like orphans not all of them have Ovation International to go back to. So, I’m back at work. I’m traveling all over the world. I just came into Nigeria yesterday.

I’ve met with Senator Dino Melaye; he came to see me in London the other day, and there are other people talking to me who are also very close to Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, and I’ve been telling them that look there is so much work to be done, and they shouldn’t take it for granted because it’s going to be easy this time around. Every stakeholder must be accommodated beginning with Governor Nyesom Wike.

Well, I’m just trying to put a face to the other presidential aspirant. I don’t know whether or not people were able to secure votes on that day or not. Do you think that this is regardless of whether or not they got votes from the delegates on that day?

You see, I don’t want to wash our dirty linen in the public. Getting votes does not matter from delegates. That’s not a general election. I didn’t get any vote. And as I said at the end of the exercise, I said “I paid for nothing and I got nothing”. That is the same thing I’m going to tell you today, I paid for nothing. But in terms of influence, and I’m not being modest, a lot of us have the wherewithal to influence the thinking of the people. There are people who have the credibility that will influence a lot of people; especially the young ones. Every day, they call me what’s going on? Which direction should we go? Can you tell us the antecedent? Because these days people don’t even know the history of some of our politicians half of the governors that we all pay homage to are just known within their own states. If I ask you to name 36 governors in Nigeria right now, even as a journalist, you will struggle. So, there are global players in the party. There are intellectuals. If you look at America, no candidate will joke with the intellectuals around. Even the President of America defers to the intellectuals. But in political parties in Nigeria, we pay so much attention only to career politicians. With this, I am advising my party to reach out to the intellectuals because they can give you the formula.

I’ve been involved in presidential campaigns now for nearly 30 years since 1993, and I know what it takes. That’s why a lot of people still accuse me of being one of those who brought Buhari to power. So, if I had the influence in 2015; almost eight years ago to do a lot of work for Buhari. This tells you that 7 years after, I’ve grown in experience and in exposure, and I know what our candidate needs. So, I pray that we do the needful so that our party does not waste this opportunity. APC does not deserve to come back to power.

Well, a committee has now been constituted from what we understand. Governor Ahmadu Fintiri of Adamawa will be heading that from what we hear, and what he has also confirmed. The question for me will be how much success do you think that this committee will be able to get?

It depends on how broad-based the umbrella is, but if it is just to pacify a few big people, the problems will not have been solved. I am telling you even as an aspirant, there were days before our elections that you will get you will receive a text message a meeting of the presidential aspirants will be holding at so and so place and time, but just to get there, and no one is there. And no one comes to explain why. Although the big people will be reached to say why they canceled the meeting but all the other smaller, so-called smaller, will not be reached. I am telling you, you cannot practice such discrimination in a party and expect to have peace everybody counts in this election. Governor Fintiri is a gentleman that I know and I respect and I pray that if he will walk with a broad-based coalition of party faithfuls. I’m a loyal party man. That is why even last weekend, you could see my intervention when I pleaded with Governor Wike that please sheath your sword. You don’t need all this stress, don’t take it too far, and there’s another tomorrow.

You’ve talked about a formidable third force but for those who are also factoring in the NNPP. So, if you could look ahead and talk about the forthcoming 2023 Presidential Elections, we haven’t had it this way before with at least three or four persons that are being prominently talked about. What do you see playing out because some think at the end of the day if things continue this way, we may just have ourselves a runoff what do you think?

Well, we’ll be lucky to get here with the runoff. I hope it’s nothing much worse. I’ve read the interventions of Chief Afe Babalola; talking about an interim government. I’ve read the interventions of Mr Femi Falana. We may be playing with crisis, if we’re not careful. For me, as a political analyst and as a journalist, I believe that the two mainstream political parties APC and PDP are still in the lead. As I have said, there is a challenger. A very very powerful challenger in the Labour Party. It remains to be seen how far they will be able to galvanize the people.

But let me say very quickly, there are three main factors that will determine the winner. The race card as they call it in America, we call it ethnicity here, is going to be a major factor. Anybody with wishful thinking can say it doesn’t matter. It will matter!

The second is religion and then money. Because you need a lot of money to mobilize your agents nationwide. We saw what happened in Osun State. Only two mainstream political parties were able to mobilize enough resources for their agents. Because if your agents are not present, it’s going to be difficult. The third force will have to invest also in “other lower candidates”. The lower candidates must work to have senators, they must work to have members House of Representatives, they must have members House of Assembly, they must have others like that. So, that their party candidate can then have what I called the foot soldiers. You need foot soldiers. It’s not enough for people to say “yes, I’m supporting A and B”. There are structural arrangements to it. I like to call it, there is method to madness in Nigeria. But as a today, the two mainstream political parties are sitting pretty. I don’t think they are afraid yet.

PDP has a very good chance. Trust me! With a Vice-Presidential candidate coming from the South-South, it can be assumed that we are going to have the South-South. Labour Party will do very well, especially in the South. I don’t know about the North. I have not really followed their progress in the North yet but I can see the movement is sweeping across.
APC, of course, has an edge with about 22 governors or thereabouts. This means they already have the structures but those structures may be weakened. Like I said, APC just lost Osun State. That should embolden PDP that they can actually take on APC.

But you said earlier about Governor Wike having the need to depend on the PDP otherwise his own anointed candidate would not have his way. Don’t forget that Segun Mimiko became governor on the platform of a relatively unknown party at the time. Don’t also forget that even the presidential candidate of the APC changed party. Literally, what some would say retired from some political party and created his own and became governor on the platform of a completely new political party. So, looking at those things wouldn’t you say there could be some upsets?

Oh, there’s no question about that. But what I’m saying a state is different from the national. In a state, you have fewer constituents to deal with. At the national level, you are going to deal with as many as possible many ethnic nationalities. Even in America, race is a factor you have those who are white supremacists, you have those who are liberal, and in Nigeria, trust me, you will see that on the day of election, a lot of that will come into play. There are those who say “look Tinubu whatever you want to say about him, he’s a Yoruba man, he is a Southerner, we want power in the South, we are going to vote for Tinubu.

You say that Governor Wike is a principled man. So, should we believe him when he says that he hasn’t instituted a lawsuit?

No! I don’t believe he did. He will announce it. Governor Wike is not one man to hide behind one finger.
But our investigations prove to the contrary because sources say the lawyer said they have been paid and they’re going ahead with the suit.

No. Let me tell you, I also read yesterday that there is one of our aspirants that he was the one who instituted it. It is possible that some people will fund him behind. Governor Wike said something technically which maybe you missed that you cannot sue after two weeks he said it with his own mouth.

You’ve spoken about what the PDP candidates should do. You’ve spoken to what Governor Wike should do, but you not spoken about what the PDP which will fly the colors should do.

No, I’ve spoken to it. I spoke about Governor Fintri trying to reconcile people in the party. That’s on behalf of the party. What the party needs is unity. With unity, we can win the election. We saw it in Osun. Osun was a good test case for us and Senator Ademola Adeleke. Nobody gave him a chance. I know so many of our friends said no it’s not possible.

Technically, Tinubu is from Osun State, from Iragbiji. The Governor is very close to Tinubu. All the governors of APC were behind the Governor of Osun State. Yes! We defeated them. It is the mood. And what PDP needs to do today is to create the same mood we created in Osun. We created the mood of possibilities.
Okay, well, we are looking forward to that mood.

Thank you so much Chief Dele Momodu, former Presidential aspirant of People’s Democratic Party, PDP, and publisher and Chief Executive Officer, Ovation International.

Thank you so much. Thank you!

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You’ve Nothing to Offer Nigerians, Only Insults, Akwa Ibom Gov Slams Tinubu




Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Udom Emmanuel, on Monday, replied the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Bola Tinubu, saying that he (Tinubu) always resorts to abusing and insulting people during campaigns because he has nothing to bring to the table for Nigerians.

He also said that despite being insulted by the former Lagos State Governor, he would prefer to allow peace to reign by ignoring him and focusing on helping install good governance to rescue Nigerians from their present woes.

Emmanuel spoke on Monday evening at Government House, Uyo while inaugurating newly appointed Permanent Secretaries, Chairmen and Members of Boards and Commissions, as well as a Transition Committee to ensure the smooth transition of power to the next administration.

Recall that Tinubu had during his rally in Uyo Monday afternoon, reportedly said, “Akwa Ibom, that boy wey bring Atiku here, wey de call himself Governor, tell him enough is enough! He lives in my backyard in Lagos, If no be say we be one, I would have driven him home. You see that mansion he is living, I would just use lizards, pigeons and scorpions to put him inside.“

But reacting few hours later, the Akwa Ibom State Governor said, “for the country to remain in peace, one party must ‘play saint’ and that is why he would refrain from replying Tinubu.

Emmanuel who is the Chairman of the PDP presidential campaigns said, “I also go to other states, and if you watch our campaigns, my principal (Atiku Abubakar) has never spoken about any Governor, he has never spoken openly about Asiwaju before.”

He added that it was unfortunate that Tinubu, who was granted state-owned facilities such as the airport, security, stadium, and a good atmosphere to come in and sell his manifesto, ended up coming to insult the integrity of over 7.9 million Akwa Ibom people.

The Governor wondered if it is possible for any Akwa Ibomite to go to Lagos that Tinubu stays or the actual state that he hails from, to insult Tinubu in like manner and still be allowed to safely return home, “but here our people at the stadium including some state governors just laughed and applauded him.”

“What makes him think he will govern Nigeria? If I reply him now, people will call me and say, haba oga you are not like that. But I will reply him one day. There is nothing like ‘emilokan’ (it is my turn) here, Nigeria is in God’s hands.”

He maintained further that despite being the highest revenue contributor to the federation account, Akwa Ibom State has not gotten a single kilometre of road from the APC-led Federal Government for nearly 8 years adding that the poor response from the Federal Government also caused the delayed commencement of the seaport in the state.

Meanwhile, the governor thanked the newly appointed Permanent Secretaries for accepting the onerous task of service, and urged them to see themselves as ambassadors and work towards raising the bar of leadership which would encourage productivity and promote good working relationship with subordinates in the service.

“This is one thing I promised Akwa Ibom people that appointment of Permanent Secretaries shall be totally on merit and not by mercy, let those that can do the work be given the opportunity. Permanent Secretary is not a promotion, it is an appointment on merit.

Governor Emmanuel also reiterated his commitments towards enhancing efficiency within Civil Service, noting that during his administration civil servants have been promoted on yearly basis.

He assured that before he exits office more Permanent Secretaries would be appointed into the service to fill vacant positions left by the ones who retired.

Addressing Chairmen of Boards and Commissions, Governor Emmanuel who described them as pillars in government, acknowledged their commitment particularly, Chairman, Akwa Ibom State Environmental Protection & Waste Management Agency, Prince Akpan Ikim, for winning laurels for the state through his outstanding performance in keeping and making the state the cleanest in Nigeria for five consecutive years from 2018 through 2022, and tasked others to create an impact that will stand them out.

In the same vein, the Transition Committee members were handed the task of ensuring a seamless transition of government to an incoming administration, and also verify all projects executed by the present administration.

The newly appointed Permanent Secretaries are; Mfon Inuaesiet Edemekong Esq., Dr. Stephen Effiong, Atim Chelly Okoko, Iquo Okon Abia Esq., Uwem Sunday Andrew-Essien, Isaiah Robson Ntekim and Emaeyak Nyong Akpan as Auditor-General for Local Government.

The Transition Committee has Mrs. Ekereobong Umoh -Chairman, Uko Udom SAN, Prof Augustine Umoh, Dr. Ini Adiakpan, Mrs. Nsemeke Daniel, Dr. Nathaniel Adiakpan, Mr Elijah Udoiyak, Mrs. Esther Inyang, Pastor Uwem Andrew-Essien, Mr. Isaiah Ntekim, Mr. Effiong Ekpenyong and Mrs. Bella Akpanya as members.

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PDP Condemns Attack on Buhari in Kano, Blames Tinubu, Ganduje




The Peoples Democratic Party Presidential Campaign Council, has blamed the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, and the governor of Kano State, Abdullahi Ganduje, for the attacks on the convoy of President Muhammadu Buhari, during a visit to the state on Monday.

The spokesperson of the campaign council, Dino Melaye, who shared one of the videos from the reported attack, wrote, “The fight between Tinubu and Buhari is entering a new dimension. The attack in Kano was properly coordinated and funded allegedly by Asiwaju.

“The meeting to push Buhari to submission or face sponsored attack in the north was said to be hatched in Bourdillon. Me, I am busy with Atiku.”

A political activist, Deji Adeyanju, who shared another video of the reported attack, said, “They are showing Buhari and APC Shege in Kano and many northern states.”

Similarly, the PDP in a statement signed by its National Publicity Secretary, Debo Ologunagba, on Monday also blamed Tinubu and the Governor of Kano State, Abdullahi Ganduje, for the attack.

According to the party, the attack was designed to undermine the Presidency, cause confusion, trigger violence in the country, disrupt the conduct of the 2023 general elections “and derail our democracy having realised that he cannot win in a peaceful, free and fair electoral process.”

The statement read in part, “The PDP invites Nigerians to note how Governor Abdullahi Ganduje attempted to abridge President Buhari’s movement and even tried to stop him from visiting Kano State.

“More disquieting is the fact that the APC Presidential Campaign sought to humiliate and harm President Buhari while performing his official duties in Kano.

“It should be noted that the APC presidential candidate has been displaying open aversion and making inciting statements against President Buhari since Mr President’s declaration, in line with democratic best practice all over the world that Nigerians should freely vote for any candidate and party of their choice in the 2023 general elections.

“The apparent frustration of Asiwaju Tinubu to resort to encourage or condone violence is fueled by his entitlement mentality, that it is his turn to be President, despite his numerous ineligibility and disability baggage.”

Ologunagba reminded Nigerians about Tinubu’s infamous statement in London where he declared to his supporters that “political power is not going to be served in a restaurant, it is not served a la carte.”

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Organ Harvesting: Ekweremadu Battles for Freedom, Appears in Court Tuesday




A former Deputy President of the Senate, Ike Ekweremadu, will on Tuesday appear again in court in the United Kingdom where he has been accused of human trafficking.

The lawmaker was in June 2022 arrested at Heathrow Airport in London after Staines Police Station received a report from a young man claiming to have been trafficked into the UK.

The young man, who made the report shortly after arriving in the UK from Nigeria, also alleged that he was made to undergo some medical tests, none of which he consented to.

Ekweremadu was immediately arraigned before a Magistrate’s Court for bringing a child into the UK to harvest his organs.

While the lawmaker had been in custody since June 23, his wife, Beatrice, who was arrested with him, was granted bail by a criminal court in London shortly after their arrest.

Monday (today) makes it 221 days since Ekweremadu was placed in the custody of UK authorities.

The case against the lawmaker which had been slated for May was later scheduled for January 31.

The 60-year-old, who denied the allegations against him, will again appear before High Court Judge, Mr Justice Johnson.

His daughter, Sonia, had on November 7, 2022, appeared in court to defend the accusation of trafficking a homeless man into the UK to harvest his organs for herself.

According to Daily Mail, the 25-year-old, who is battling a kidney-related illness, pleaded not guilty to the charge level against her when she appeared again in court on January 13.

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