Eight Year Anniversary: HEN Foundation Honours Five Innovative Students with SEED Awards

The Hen Foundation has noble aims: to encourage and implement positive change in Nigeria through better and more accessible Health care, the achievement of universal Education and working towards empowering the Needy (underprivileged) members of society.

Over the years, HEN Foundation has reached out to thousands of Nigerians in the wake of various crises. We have worked with schools to improve quality of education, empowered women to make them more independent economically, and as well provided health care to the underprivileged across the nation.

Brief History of the HEN Foundation

Eniola founded and named HEN Foundation as a befitting memorial to his late mother, with the objectives of empowering the needy with basic healthcare and access to basic education. A couple of years ago, over 2,500 pupils in a public primary and secondary school in Nigeria benefited from HEN Foundation’s Mathematics Skill Pilot Program.

Additionally, over 1,800 students in the inner city of Lagos State, Nigeria, benefited from free tutorial classes for the University Matriculation Examination. Also, in the year 2017, HEN Foundation conducted free Cancer Screening Exercise for over 1,000 patients, in collaboration with the University of Ibadan Cancer Research Center and the Femi Gbajabiamila Foundation at the Akerele Healthcare Center, Surulere, Lagos, in which valuable medical equipment were donated to both the cancer research center and the healthcare center. Last year, during one of its programme in Nigeria, the HEN Foundation marked the International Girl’s Day by granting scholarships to three (3) students in Ilorin, Kwara State.

Quite apart from Eniola’s philanthropic activities in Africa, he has also been a veritable source of hope and succor to the needy in the United Kingdom (U.K), and was among the first people to come to the aid of victims of the June 14, 2017, Grenfell fire disaster in London, while he continues to assist his local mosque to provide temporary shelter and provisions for survivours at the Westbourne Grove, Kensington area of London.
Eniola has also been a veritable pillar of support to many organizations, including Girl Child Network Worldwide founded by CNN Hero, Betty Makoni, Girls2Women Initiative, Okwui Mask Scheme for Survival of Domestic Violence, Mothers’ Pride Initiative and others. In the year 2017, during the annual event organized by Girl Child Network Worldwide, Never Again Royal Night, he donated Five Hundred Pounds Sterling for rural community in Zimbabwe which provided opportunity for the village girls to get Fourteen Pounds (for) a year sanitary pads, an opportunity for the community’s children to attend school for the whole term.

He regularly volunteers for Organizations that supports people striving to learn the English language, and other aspects of education which are necessary for British socio-cultural integration.
In 2019, Eniola, Founder of HEN Foundation was honoured with the Spirit of Maya Angelou Award for the global humanitarian activities at the prestigious Clinton Presidential Center in Little Rock, and two days later, the Mayor of Little Rock bestowed him with the Honorary Citizenship of the City of Little Rock, Arkansas, which is the home-state of former U.S President, Bill Clinton for his humanitarian works.

Between January and February 2020, Eniola and his Foundation Team travelled to Kebbi State (Northwest, Nigeria) for the fourth phase of the Math Skill Pilot Scheme to teach pupils and teachers new techniques to learning and understanding Mathematics, thereby enhancing the Children’s creative thinking and problem solving skills through the well simplified Math Board Games called ‘Take it Easy’ worth thousands of Pounds were donated alongside Exercise Books among other learning tools which were donated to the pupils. He then proceeded to Nigeria’s premier University, The University of Ibadan to organize a Leadership Roundtable Plenary Session in collaboration with the Student Union Leaders and the School Management, tagged: “Student Leadership in the 21st Century – The Critical Interface Between Student Union Government and the University Administration”.

Moreover, He is known for empowering underprivileged women across Lagos State and beyond who are into Small and Medium Enterprises.


In a bid to further accomplish one of our most important goals which is to educate and empower underprivileged members of the society, we came up with the SEED award for the brightest and most innovative students in Nigerian universities who against all odds are trying to bring change to the society by initiating projects that can only be imagined by most people.
S – Students’
E – Enhanced
E – Engagement
D – Development
The selected students for the SEED award were subjected to a fair screening exercise alongside other hundreds of students. The screening was done at different levels and some were dropped as the screening progresses at different stages. The Final five (5) selected individuals for the HEN Foundation SEED award who are multi-talented students with exemplary innovative projects are listed below:
Abigael Omeneke Anaka-Mark
Oluwasolamidotun Kassim
Mubarak Akingboye
Benjamin Adegbenro
Wonderful Osalor

It is our belief that this opportunity will further enhance their creativity and create a better environment for them to succeed and also build their network. HEN Foundation plans to make this SEED award a regular scheme and create more entrepreneurs in our society.

These entrepreneurs will create more start-up businesses with their unique and innovative minds, and they will employ more citizens which will help to reduce unemployment in Nigeria and also contribute to the country’s GDP.

Mr. Jamil Eniola
Founder/President, HEN Foundation

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