Opinion: Nigerians Under Serious Attack, Help Us!

By Dr. Funom Theophilus Makama

Nigeria is on the brink of collapsing, but what is more worrisome is the fact that the Fulani-dominated government has clearly chosen sides with the Fulani terrorists (the world’s 4th most deadly terror group) ravaging the country and in particular, the Christian dominated regions of the Middle belt. This is independent of the events of terrorism by Boko Haram (the world’s 3rd most deadly terror group) which concentrates more on the North Eastern part of the Country. Undocumented killings, kidnapping and unlawful military arrests/intimidation and extrajudicial killings are happening on a daily basis. The Fulani herdsmen maim, rape and destroy; and once the people cry out for help, the military comes into the picture to unleash more havoc on the victims. Nigeria needs help, but clearly, these people of the Middle Belt need this help the most.

The essence of writing this is to solicit support for our voice to be heard globally and to instigate any possible legal or political action to call the terrorist-loving government to order. I intend contacting more bodies from political to religious to Academic and then media houses so that more media attention can be given to the plight of the people of the middle belt, and Nigeria at large. Even if more academic papers, political articles are published on this issue, it will go a long way in creating the needed awareness that should draw the attention of relevant bodies that can come to our aid, and help us save our lives and preserve our cultures, traditions, property and heritage.

I have written two books which have extensively elaborated what is going on in Nigeria, instigated by the planned Aristocracy that just one tribe intends to force on over 400 others in the country. Their attempts to succeed have led to the loss of lives and the destruction of property, and since the government and military collude with these terrorists, we, the victims are left with no choice than to seek help from outside the shores of the land. The two books are The Return of Uthman Dan Fodio and Cry of the Middle Belt (hard copies can be gotten from Amazon). I urge and beg (on my knees) us to come to the rescue of the people of the Middle Belt and Nigerians at large. The country is obviously heading towards balkanization and if this happens, the Christians of the Middle Belt will be negatively most affected, war or not. So, whatever is the eventuality of the current crisis in the land, international support is imminent to save the massive bloodshed that will, most likely, befall the people of the Middle Melt. I will leave you with the most recent happenings in the middle belt and specifically, in Zangon Kataf Local Government of the Southern part of Kaduna State, which is predominantly a Christian settlement.


There’s gross human rights violation going on as we speak in Zangon Kataf Local Government Area of Southern Kaduna. My father’s elder brother, the oldest man in the Magoni family who is in his late 70s has been arrested by the military about 20 minutes ago (as at the time of sending this piece). My father’s house is being ransacked by the military as we speak. But what is the crime of our people?

For facts, these atrocities are happening on our lands. Our ancestral homes are being destroyed not just by the invading Fulani militia but the military have dipped their hands into it. A woman, Naomi John was shot and killed this evening along with two other women. Their crime is that they are protesting against the unlawful arrest of youths in our communities.

Soldiers have been ransacking homes from Sagwaza to Bafai to Gan looking for youth leaders. Do we even have youth leaders in this regards? How many Fulani homes have they ransacked since these killings started? Our mothers whose sons and daughters have been slaughtered, raped and kidnapped felt it was unjust to be carrying out house arrests decided to confront the military by way of protesting whereby they asked the men not to join them. In the process, they shot the three women with Naomi being unfortunate not to return home to her young children. They are holding her corpse right now as we speak.

What is the crime of the Southern Kaduna people for the love of Christ? We have not been known to go to other people’s lands to kidnap or carry out any dastardly acts on innocent citizens, so why us? Young men have been killed. Women killed. Children killed. Elderly killed and they are arresting people at random? Our mothers are being shot at in broad day light? We know they will twist this story but this is what is happening as we speak. Enough of this rubbish. Stop killing our people. Enough please. Enough!

We reported days back that Fulani men were seen walking towards our villages but have they done anything to stop them from infiltrating the villages?

How long do we keep silent about these happenings? My niece was killed last year and I will never forget. I will not stop talking. I have had enough. I will talk. I will spill…

Please save us and do something about these killings. Save the Middle belt of Nigeria, save Nigerians. Thank you for your time.

Dr. Funom Theophilus Makama, a medical doctor, writer, poet and published author, wrote from the United Kingdom.

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