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Tobi Kukoyi: The Amazon Restoring Sexual Sanity, Happiness Among Couples

By Eric Elezuo

Do you have a challenge responding to sexual approach or drive, or as a man, it has become increasingly difficult to perform maximally in bed, and satisfy your woman? The solution is not far away or far fetched as a trado-medicine specialist, Tobi Kukoyi, has stepped out with far reaching remedies to restore sexual drive among couples, enjoyable intercourse and happiness in homes.

The last of seven children, Tobi Kukoyi was born on June 3,1984 in Ijebu Ode, Ogun State. She attended Adeola Odutola Elementary school, Ijebu Ode before proceeding to the Federal Government College Odogbolu, also in Ogun State for her Secondary School Certificate. She was to obtain a B.Sc in Mass Communication and from the Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU) formerly Ogun State University in 2006.

A very promising child, Tobi sharpened her entrepreneurial skills while a student at OOU, and thus was propelled to establish her first company, Gold Rush Beauty; an enterprise dedicated to beauty and aesthetics. Ever since, she has not stopped in creating aesthetics and its likeness.

She confirmed that it was her desire to be financially independent that drove her into aggressive entrepreneurship. Hear her: “It’s a wonderful feeling to look back and see where I’m coming from and the experience I had in school. The level of hustling in school was real and I wanted to be financially independent among other things.”

Having tasted entrepreneurship, Tobi couldn’t wait to launch big time into the world of enterprise on graduation, and so, driven with the zeal to affect the world, she put almost everything she has into her business; her doggedness, zeal, comportment, determination, right attitude, can-do-attitude among other rare qualities which have placed her in the front burner of entrepreneurship and research. These saw her undertaking a makeup and skincare course at Sonya Beauty Academy in 2007. The objective was to further horn her skills. It is not therefore, a surprise that today, she is a pacesetter in the field of trado-medicine, bringing succour and refreshment to sexual relationships.

While horning her skills preparatory to running a successful enterprise, Tobi was privileged to take up a job as a Floor Manager at Chocolat Royal, a popular sweets and confectionary store in the highbrow Victoria Island, Lagos, where she was saddled with the responsibility of supervising operational staff, management of inventory and assisting with customers queries and requests. Of course, she did not only excel, but she left lasting print in the organisation.

When she left Chocolat Royal, she became of boss of her own, taking up distributorship duties with the global brand, Forever Living. While at it, she came up with ‘strategies and plans for pushing direct sale of the products, recruiting and coaching additional distributors and facilitating seminars on health and wellness’. With the requisite experiences acquired and a business structure in her kit, she finally registered her company GoldRush Beauty Concept in 2010.

Tobi’s announcement into the world of her chosen endeavour was her discovery of a potent aphrodisiac, known as Kayanmata, an Hausa word for woman’s thing. This was the sole remedy to loss of sexual drive, which fortunately, she was a victim of. Kayanmata, she had often said, is a child of circumstance because its discovery in the northern part of Nigeria, was phenomenal. It was at a time she actually needed it owing to her curiosity to end a trauma. A sexuality trauma!

“After my first child, I sort of lost interest in sex, and for six whole months, I was not involved in sexual intercourse. The appetite and drive were not just there. My husband gave me some space because he felt I needed the space, especially as I had my child through Caesarean operation,” she narrated.

It was her quest however, to rediscover herself that led to the discovery of kayanmata, and “I got my groove back”, she enthused.

“Kayanmata is not fetish, it is a local herb and a potent aphrodisiac,” she added.

With these experiences, she was propelled to give a new lease of life to her business, thereby expanding it beyond her imagination. At this time, she was armed with complete knowledge of aphrodisiac, she followed it up with an online course on sex therapy, after which she launched the Mydsiac brand, with a view to providing men and women with the much needed herbal solutions to issues affecting their sexuality, and making sure that no one suffers what she suffered as far as sex is concerned.

She explained further: “Mydsiac is a corruption of My Aphrodisiac, and it thrives on using the popular Kayanmata and other herbs to produce organic products that solve sexual problems. You’d be surprised at the number of people who are secretly struggling with these problems and don’t know what to do to solve same. Meanwhile there’s a fantastic solution right here in the country.”

Tobi set out to find a societal need to meet, and she discovered the most precious need of all. Sex has contributed to the nourishing of families, and sadly enough has also contributed to the irredeemable collapse of most families.

“Good sex keeps families while frustrated sex can cause a lot of damage, including depression which can ignite suicidal tendencies. The good news is that no matter the age, one can still be active sexually, and perform optimally,” she said, adding that her kayanmata therapy is well formulated to recreate good sex.

As expected, Tobi has developed the market of aphrodisiac to become a huge financial base for herself and other operators. She has also taking it upon herself to educate the public on vital sex and relationship matters using her YouTube Vlog series tagged “Aunty Tobi talks”.

She has also signed on via Mydsiac brand some Nollywood celebrities as brand ambassadors. They include Nosa Rex Okunzuwa (Lagos real fake life) and Seyi Edun (Wonuola). These personalities are helping to change the falsehood over the use of herbs and organic products in solving sexual problems.

She spoke more on salient issues including her involvement in the sales of ‘mantle’ for favour, luck, bonding, love among others. She said a lot of things can be achieved through ‘conjuring’. Excerpts:

Did you have any formal and traditional training that equipped you to operate in this field?

I attended one or two mentorship programmes that helped me to put my foot on the ground. Then I distributed for somebody for about four months, and had the opportunity to understudy the industry before I started my brand. To her, I was selling, but I knew I am an entrepreneur understudying the business.

Does the mantles you sell have any spiritual undertone?

It is just mantles…just as we use the anointing oil, handkerchiefs and the likes. It is not only in Nigeria that those things thrive. There are herbs you can use to conjure, such as the sage, which is used to drive away bad energy or spirit when boiled. These are herbs from nature. We have the likes that can be use to conjure attraction, bonding, favour, luck etc. Among some people, salt in water can help in cleansing, and these are natural remedies.

Is the use of the word ‘conjure’ not the reason most people think your brand is fetish?

A lot of people get it wrong. We have different cultures that do ‘conjuring’: different cultures with their different beliefs, especially the South Americans. Most of them have even adopted our native names like Osun, Eledumare etc that they use. It is a matter of speaking into something, and it works for you. So many nationalities have so many figurines for good luck and favour among others. These are nothing, but because ours is coming from Africa, we label them as witchcraft. While we were growing up, my mum would tell me that she put honey in my mouth ‘so that people marvel when they listen to your voice’, especially when you are going for interview. This is just what we mean by conjuring; everybody with their different beliefs.

What’s your clients’ response so far?

It’s been fire. It’s been really amazing. For the sexual part, a lot of people has sexual issues. In fact, nine out of 10 men believe they have not been performing well in bed, especially from the age of 35 and above. They believe they can do better but because of life pursuit and distractions, their attentions are diverted. So, when they see that there is something they can use to perform better, they rush at it. On the other hand as regards women, and from the same age groups, once the babies start coming, a lot of things will begin to take their attention, and then the sex drive will begin to drop. So, when they also see what could help them be the woman they want to be, and not allow their husbands look outside, they rush at it. You know there are very young girls coming up now, who are full of life and fire, and you know, women do not want to share; so they rush this thing. The response has been amazing.

And for favour, attraction and more, it is basically the same way. Everybody want to do great things, and once they come across this enabling factor, they go for it. It is not ‘jazz’, and they know they don’t have to kill anyone or shed blood. So they rush at it. The market is really huge.

Is it compulsory that the two involved must use it so that the sex drive can be balanced?

Yes, it is very good, but not compulsory. Some people believe that they have high sex drive, but by the time they meet their match, they are floored. So, I advise that both parties should use it. Some buy for themselves and their partners, sometimes to encourage the other persons, and sometimes to ensure that both of them had a pleasurable time.

By the market being huge, do you mean it is putting food on the table?

Oh, yes it is. The market is huge. The truth is that we have not been able to value the aphrodisiac market in this country. It is really huge. It is an industry that really needs to be tapped.

People use to think that the aphrodisiac trade is not open, but done behind the curtains

Honestly, but we are the bold ones that can come out to talk about it. People still come behind to ask for their requirements. And thank God for the outline trade, people can hide behind their keypads to make their purchase. This way, it brings more people.

Are there more researches towards making more discoveries in this field?

Oh yes! If not for the pandemic, we would have gone to different states to seek more herbs, and uses. We just want to keep introducing new things. The pandemic has slowed that down.

How is the medicine packaged or stored?

It comes in different dimensions; powder, liquid, as food, soap, cream, oil and so on.

Is the usage a one off thing?

Some people don’t need to use continually. These things are curative. It can adapt to some people’s system once it is used because it is herbs. It is organic, and has adaptive gene. So it adapts to their system and corrects their conditions. Again, some people get addicted, believing they can’t perform without it. So they keep buying and using it.

For those who think they can’t perform without it, do they take it just before intercourse or how is it administered?

They can use before intercourse, yes. The good thing is there is no overdose. It is basically food.

Do you have any social corporate responsibility you have performed or is performing as a business venture?

Yes, we have a lot. During the lockdown, we carried out a lot of benevolence. This was from both online and off line. We partnered with some NGOs to give as much as we could. Even till now, we are still involved in benevolence; doing giveaways at random.


Tobi recognised that the society from where she operates deserve to receive back a chunk of what she has achieved, and so has engaged in various projects to assist mankind and humanity.

Consequently, she has given free skin care and make up trainings for youths in Mende, as well as organised skills acquisition programme, also for Mende community in Maryland.

Other programmes and projects Tobi has been involved in are:

  • Empowering youths for good governance at the Ikogosi warm spring resort Ekiti by the Oyebode support team Akure.
  • Queen Moremi Ajasoro Beauty pageant: empowerment and mentorship programme organized by House of Oduduwa in conjunction with International Women society, which was a seminar for the applicants of the pageant.
  • The Girl child empowerment seminar tagged Girls just wanna have funds: turning passion into profit,
  • The Free financial Master class empowering the youths on how to make use of social media to accelerate business growth.

In other developments, she partnered with the You Are Not Alone (YANA) Foundation during the lockdown to help the less privileged. She visited Apogbon Isale Community in Ketu, Lagos, a low-income residential area, where she distributed clothes, beddings, curtains, cooking pots and other household items.

“Many families are living within the poverty line and there are so many things parents have to think about providing besides food and education. From time to time, I take it upon myself to support the less privileged in the society, and I’m glad to have partnered with the YANA Foundation on this. It’s a beautiful experience helping the needy,” She said.

A rare gem, full of developmental ideas, with flowing milk of human kindness, Tobi is married to Dapo Kukoyi, and both are blessed with two children.

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