Opinion: #EndSARS: Pushed to the Wall

By Lamide Adenuga

Events and protests in recent days have sent a message across the country that there is power in unity. The youths of our great country have stood up to confront the excesses of SARS.

We have been pressed from all sides; oppressed, repressed and suppressed, but now the youths can’t take it anymore. In the midst of all these protests we should not be carried away with just the #EndSARS protests, because SARS and Police Brutality are only a component of the hydra-headed monster that we have to contend with.

While it is a good place to begin from; saying no to extrajudicial killings and extortions, by extension we also demand a good healthcare system that is not sick itself, good education, infrastructure, good roads, electricity, employment opportunities, and small start ups should not be choked, because we are in so much pains and we can’t breathe.

We want a system that works. Let ours be a Nation we can be proud of.

I heard Aisha Yesufu say; “we are angry, we are angry with lives being wasted. For people who forget I’ll always say to them; yesterday’s victims were once survivors, today’s victims were yesterday’s survivors, and tomorrow’s victims will be today’s survivors, the question is who is next. The victim card is going round, and I tell you today in Nigeria, to be a victim is not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when, and if you think it will not be your turn, guess what; the last person also thought the same way. The person who died once said God forbid, we have to make demands and let the Government know that indeed their power comes from their people… ”

The youths are the owners of Nigeria, as we are the largest population block, and we will not keep quiet, while we are being needlessly harassed and killed, nor will we watch our future being mortgaged. To my fellow young Nigerians, our voices are being heard not only by our government, but also by the International community.

I will however plead with our youths that in all these, we should tread cautiously, we should be as peaceful as we can be, and avoid violence because the entire world is watching, and we are making a huge statement.

History will remember everyone who learnt their voice, and our future generations will be grateful that once upon a time, their parents stood tall, and fought for the betterment of our Nation.

I share my pain and sadness with the families and friends who has ever lost a loved one to this needless killings, and also the people whose lives have been cut short prematurely in the few days of this protest.

Let your voice be heard through whatever means you can employ; through protests, talks, songs, articles and publications, art, whichever way, but show your support and solidarity.

We shall overcome, and our Nation will become better. God will protect us.

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