Wike: The Super/Spiderman of Our Time

By Eric Elezuo

The legend of super hero comics remains the major toast among children and the very young at heart. Among such super heroes are Superman, Spiderman, Flash, Ironman and many others. These super heroes have a tendency of appearing unannounced to save the day whenever there is an emergency, and in all the movies they have featured, they are always right on time.

However, right out of the comic books came another super hero, who appeared as a saving grace and averted an uncanny situation. He is the Governor of Rivers State, Mr. Nyesom Wike.

Very early on Thursday, July 16, as a fall out of the war of words between a former acting managing director of the Niger delta Development Commission (NDDC), Mrs Joy Nunieh, and the Minister of Niger Delta Affairs, Godswill Akpabio, policemen in their numbers besieged the residence of the former in apparent readiness to ‘arrest’ her.

The news of the siege got out so fast that the newest super hero in town flew in, in quick strides to the venue, matched the policemen out, and took the lady with him to government.

Wike has been known to react the way that suits him each time he feels there is a form of oppression lurking by the corner, and so his response to the calls for a super hero in the affairs of Nunieh was timely because not until 24 hours later, no one knows the reason the policemen came neither were they able to produce their search warrant or warrant of arrest.

Within the brief period the incident happened, one would have expected a call to be put across to the Commissioner of Police in the state, to confirm the reason for the presence of his men at the private residence of Nunieh. It did not happen neither did the officers who were matched bothered to inform their boss of the unfolding events. This lends credence to the fact that he presence of the officers were not logged. Obviously, no one would have been able to account for the woman if she had the house with the officers.

That the commissioner of police in Rivers State and the Inspector General of Police came out later to claim that they were aware of the invasion is not enough. If they were, why was it difficult for the officers to produce any sort of warrant. In the absence of that, they could very well be dismissed as invaders, and prosecuted.

Wike’s tactics may not be the most modern, but somehow, it came in handy to save the day. No one knows how the story would have been told today if he had not shown up.

Joy Nunieh has accused Akpabio of massive misrepresentation in the NDDC, bordering on fraud, intimidation, stealing of public and above all sexual harassment.

Wike’s action is a wakeup call for governors to stay alert and protect their citizens if for any reason they suspect official intimidation and victimisation. It must recalled in that sometime, not long ago, security agencies invaded homes of judges in the dark, and effected unlawful arrests.

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