Yoruba Emancipation Remains My Topmost Priority – Anthony Kila

CIAPS Centre Director Prof Anthony kila has declared that the Yoruba emancipation remains his topmost priority. and that a non-negotiable element of all his public engagements is geared towards emancipation of Yoruba Culture and people.

The Professor of Strategy and Development who is also the Secretary General of the Yoruba World Congress made the declaration after he was recently announced a facilitator of a new political group called the National Consultative Forum.

According to Prof Kila, “in the news of the Consultative Forum, the desire of many seems to have trumped facts. In reality there is no new political party as we speak today, all we had was a meeting of leaders of conscience.

When asked if he thinks there might be a new political party? The Cambridge trained Don was quick to reply that such party was none of his business but added that, “people have the right to form their political party especially since the major parties in Nigeria seem to be bad copies of each other.

The Don added that “on a personal note I have not shown interest or participation in partisan politics since the past twenty years and that will remain so for the foreseeable future. My public engagements are geared towards emancipation of Yoruba Culture and people, my focus is to ensure a vibrant, safe and prosperous Yoruba land.

When reminded that he has been one of the leading voices on socio-political affairs in Nigeria, Prof Kila noted that “unfortunately the jaundiced democracy being practiced in Nigeria has created the corrupt notion that everyone that talks about or is involved in discussions about the polity must have partisan affiliation or interest, that is a pity., it is a Nigerian Mess that does not interest me. Some of us are not interested in Nigerian partisan politics but that might be difficult to explain.

“My role as the Secretary General of a global pan-Yoruba organisation requires that my position is clear and readily understandably by all and my position is that a non negotiable element of my public engagements is geared towards emancipation of Yoruba Culture and people and I cannot belong to any organisation that is at odds with the ideals of the Yoruba World Congress.”

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