Adeoluwa Set to Wow Fans with Remix of ‘Let Me In’

Fast rising singer and songwriter, Atayero Adeoluwa, popularly known by his stage name Adeoluwa, is set to wow his audience with good music once again with a remix of his hit track, ‘Let Me In’.

The media team of the artist, in a statement signed by David Adeyemi, noted as follows:

“‘Let Me In’, a track that was released mid 2018 is in the oven, being baked and knocked into shape as a remix features Canadian based Nigerian singer, Oboise and Nigerian based ATP Kotrell. The track which was also lined up to fit into his debut album ‘About Bells And Whistles’ which was released with a listening party around July 2019 in Lagos, Nigeria.

“Adeoluwa recently announced via twitter that the next time we’ll hear from him will definitely be a new music and in light of this, he has proven himself to be a “man of his words”. The new single has a snippet that is all over social media platforms to wet the appetite of awaiting music fans and lovers.

“Judging from the snippet going round via social and for a fact that Adeoluwa doesn’t disappoint, we are expecting something fabulous from the artiste. In response to the announcement of the remix, various persons and fans alike have been sharing their own personal experience that’s in tandem to the hashtag dedicated to the title (#LetMeIn) as well as the impact that the original track had on their relationships.

“Judging from the snippet flying around on the cyber space, the remix track is definitely going to bow our minds.”

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