Controversy Brews over Where to Bury Ex-Governor Ajimobi

As a new controversy brews over where to commit the body of late former Governor of Oyo State, Senator Abiola Ajimobi, a family member and Islamic cleric, Alhaji Kunle Sanni, has spoken.

Hear him:

We are grateful for the concern of all Muslims on the issue of where Alhaj Ishaq Abiola Ajimobi would be buried. I apologise to those who were in a hurry for a confirmation from me. I have been proverbial since his demise. We were close because of his commitment to justice to Muslims in oyo state which is a story for another day. I was one of those who first got the news of his death but I didn’t think it wise to break the news. As devastated as I was, I went proverbial and I only broke the unfortunate news to those very close to me and equally close to him which wanted the proverbs decoded.

When somebody who probably is the sole authority said he would not be buried immediately I equally went proverbial and men of wisdom could understand what was amiss and why Ajimobi’s wish for immediate burial was unfulfillable.

Professor Noibi and Alhaj Muideen Ajani Bello had sleepless nights on these issues. When the news gained currency that he would be buried in the Mosque, my phone was inundated with calls from all over the world as if I can unilaterally change what the CONSTITUTED AUTHORITY this time may decide. We only can admonish and persuade.

I, Alh Ishaq Kunle Sanni believes it is Islamically wrong to bury a Muslim inside a Mosque even if it was built by him. Ditto for other erudite scholars like Professor Noibi. But there are some butter and bread scholars who are misleading people that at least The Prophet {SAW) was buried in the Mosque. Few hours ago, I spoke to a respected Islamic scholar who, with a billion naira inducement, will never lie. That is Imam Abdurahman Ahmad Chief Missioner of Ansarudeen, and he without mincing words, said the Prophet being buried in the Mosque is not true. The Prophet was buried in Aisha’s apartment and the expansion of the Mosque met their graves there. He unabashedly said it is unislamic to bury anybody in the Mosque.

Please note that we cannot force our opinion on the CONSTITUTED AUTHORITY. We can only persuade.

Now, as I am writing, we are trying on a land owned by the erstwhile Governor not far from the Mosque, but not in the Mosque. That is the parable of Alh Murzik Abidemi Siyanbade. If we succeed, that to me is a wonderful compromise. For those saying it is Muslim Makbara or nothing let them increase the velocity of their prayers. Allah may change the mind of THE CONSTITUTED AUTHORITY in this matter.

I apologise profusely for those who may take offence that either I switched off my phone or didn’t pick their phone. I am completely overwhelmed because I don’t have the power to take a unilateral decision on this issue. It is sad but that is the reality. In sha Allah in the next few hours you will get the final decision.


May Allah forgive Ajimobi the man Allah sent to right the wrongs done to Muslims for many years. A courageous and forthright human being who prayed to live for seventy years and Allah accepted his prayer. But we would have wished he lived longer. Who are we to query Allah’s decision

May Allah bless you all for your words of courage to us in this trying period.

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