Exclusive: How UK Pastor, Temitayo Ogunmefun Battled COVID-19


By Dayo Olomu

UK-based Motivational Speaker and well sought-after Master of Ceremonies, Dayo Olomu has revealed exclusively how UK-based Nigerian,  Pastor Tenitayo Ogunmefun (who baptised him in 2005 at the famous River Jordan) battled the dreaded Coronavirus.

In a facebook post, Olomu revealed the first-hand encounter his pastor had with the virus.

“My purpose of writing : I write to encourage those that may be going through the same ordeal. Most especially my fellow African pastors and community leaders who love to be shielded in secrecy.
How it all started
Date: Monday 24th – Friday10th April . At the initial stage I thought it was just flu and I started to take lemsip until I drowned 3 packets and no improvement.

“I have been so careful as I followed the government directives to the letter. I washed my hands regularly , I have sanitizer in my office, at church , inside my cars , I have one in my pocket all the time , big jar of sanitizer at home .I didn’t just have them I used them regularly and I washed my hands too. How do I get contracted to the virus is a story for another day.
My symptoms
1. Severe headache- it was like putting a sledge hammer on my head
2. Feverish – morning and evening – the heater and electric blanket aren’t working to ease the violence shivering from the fever
3. Diarrhoea
4. Loss of appetite
5. Nose bleeding
6. Blood pressure-190/104. Pulse rate went down to 55. Before the contraction of Covid19 , I never had blood pressure problem. But only cholesterol with astovastatin 5mg
7. Breathlessness – but no coughing
8. Sweating profusely at night
9. After 14 days in self Isolation. I discovered that my health was deteriorating. The painful aspect of isolation was that I was alone . I had to do things for myself. No one wants to get closr to you . Food and drugs were dropped at my door steps.
10. I must have called NHS 111 and GP more than for  4 times
11. Pastor Michael and Rev Lawrence both called NHS 111 on my behalf. ( I will hold my peace as to the encounter with the NHS 111) It was then that I resolved to try herbal remedies.
How I battled he virus ( Herbal Remedies plus Western medicines combined)
1. Garlic
2. Ginger
3. Lemon
4. I Peeled the back of the orange and boiled into a concoction
5. I started to drink the concoction religiously by adding honey
6. Bitter kola – it was my first time of chewing bitter kola – all thanks to Pastor Tim and mummy Coker
7. Augmenting- antibiotics (self medication )
8. Pepper soup
9. Paracetamol 1000mg @ every 4 hours
10. Vitamins C 1000mg
11. Night nurse , NyQuil- bought from US
12. Drink lots of water – warm . I refuse to get dehydrated.
13. London Ambulance arrivals at my house frightened my neighbours. It was then that the entire residents knew that I was down with Covid19.
14. I turned down hospital admission . I have already made up my mind that if I am going to die , i prefer to die in my house . The new from the hospital was not impressive at all. ( call me stubborn person I agree – temi yemi)

While combating the Covid19- I took the following steps
1. I wrote and recorded my death wish with specific warnings that those who do not care for my life should not benefit from my death. The only thing I couldn’t do was to amend my will which I wanted to do.
2. I know many people may not be able to attend my burial because of the ongoing lockdown. So , I decided to put in place program for my memorial service if it happened that I passed away.
3. I picked the songs , scriptures, and names of those permitted to speak at my memorial service(Eulogies)
4. I also chose my favourite colour as the colour of the day and I nominated the preacher for the day.
5. My daughter said I was too morbid when I related my death wish to her and pastor Michael. But contrary to her view , I am a realist and those who know me well know that death does not scare me. The only thing I don’t like is pain. I have buried both of my parents over 30 years ago what else do I have to lose .

More so , God has used me to touch many lives in my own little way for 27 years . I said to God , I am not scared of death but I do not appreciate the pains I was going through. ( I hate pains)
6. The annoying thing was the phone calls , each calls that came through triggered the headache. My apologies to friends and family that I did not pick their calls . It was a terrible experience that I do not wish on my enemy
I have numerous people to thank . But I will like to appreciate my Christ Royal family for your prayers , my uncle DIG Osoba , friends , family and those who responded to my needs and aided my recovery process.

Thank you London Ambulance and the 2 paramedics who conducted series of tests on me including ECG.

Bayo Popoola my God’s son in law from Glasgow who called the Ambulance because the family couldn’t not hear from me for days . It was very timely and God’s response to prayers.

I will like to say a very big thank you to Pastor Michael Fashogbon even though , he was not feeling too well but he still had time for my well being ,

Rev Victoria Lawrence at one time wept 😭when she FaceTimed me . I told Rev Lawrence that ” I was still alive and you are weeping , if I die what would you do.?”

I say thank you to Dr Lola Osoba , my little daughter,  Layo Ogunmefun , Pastor Tim Oladipo, Rev Biola Akinyemi , Pastor Ayo Akinyemi from Dubai, Omotayo Humphrey , Akin Akinleye, Remi Fajolu, Pastor Nick, Nunayon, Gbenga Mebude, mama Coker, Kayfour, Elemo, Godfather – Kent Uche of Naijafm , Seyi Olusanya, Pastor Ayodele Ogunmefun, Dele Babalola , Amaka Obidike and her family.

Above all, my heavenly sent neighbour, Aunty Midge and her daughter  Karen (they are Oyinbo o) the family did my shopping , brought me hot meals even though I had no appetite for food- Amazing family .

No phone calls please . I still struggle with breathlessness . I will surely respond to messages provided it is not voice . I appreciate your concerns “

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