Vox-Pop: What Nigerians Expect From President Buhari’s Second Term

By: Promise Oshewa

As Nigerians and foreign communities look forward to see President Muhammadu Buhari takes his second term oat of office as the president of Nigeria in days to come, many are engulf with the fear and tremble of what will befall them in the next four years; while others look to seeing a better and advance change than those that happened in the first term across the country.

However, The Boss Newspaper took to the streets of Lagos to sample the opinion of Nigerians on what they expect from the president’s second term and the areas they expect to see these changes. They have this to say…

I expect the president to tackle the situation of security, and educational sector, university are not being maintained. He also has to look at the health sector, the teaching hospital are not at their best. Also Electricity should be given a better attention, just like the situation of the roads that are not too good at all; we can commend him about corruption but as a president; he should not focus on corruption only security.

–          Omugenle Lawrence


Buhari should secure this country, the country is at a verge of collapse, people can’t travel on road like Abuja to Kaduna; they are abducted in mass, people are being killed everywhere. There is massive unemployment in this country, which is fueling insecurity; hence, people result to drugs and then they find means of releasing their angers and then compound this security situation. Also, he needs to fix the economy and create job to curtail poverty.

–          Ishaya Ibrahim


Buhari second tenure is about to kick off, and Nigerians are expecting a lot  in the aspect of security because that is the major area that we are looking up to him for. Nigerians expect a lot of infrastructure for good living, like good roads, electricity, security, social amenities, Buhari should surround himself with ministers with positive thinking faculty; I wish him good luck, we will always be there to remind him and God bless Nigeria.

–          Chukwudi Benjamin

Buhari’s first administration was wasteful, the economy was very bad, but we except above average this second term, Nigerians are suffering, no food, suicide has taken over, we urge him to perform above average this second term

–          Okeke Ignenus

My first expectation is that he should work on security but we expect much more than that and secondly his administration is extremely slow, the rate of development is taking much time and Nigerians need action to be convinced.

–          Habib Hassan


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