Life Coach: I Love My Country

By Lamide Adenuga

Arise o compatriots, Nigeria’s call obey. Hold on one sec! Nigeria’s call obey? Is Nigeria calling? Oh well, yes I think. These are trying times and we are all being called to service; do what you can no matter how little, in your own little way contribute, speak out don’t stay mute, think of ethics, values, positivity you can put, with the manure of a call to service let’s go to the roots, and Nigeria’s call we obey in truth.

To serve our fatherland with love and strength and faith, now some folks will have issues with me here because many have lost hope and faith but we are told to serve our fatherland with three things, the third of which is faith, which explicates the fact that someone foresaw that there will be trying times, and had to tell us upfront to serve with love, strength and faith, even though it may tarry a while and we may have to wait, but we should keep the faith, that in a short while we will push open the gates, and with destiny we will keep our date, and I promise you it will not be late. Mate, don’t let us fall to the bait that we should keep living in hate.

The labour of our heroes past should never be in vain, what will become of all the labour of our founding fathers, what will become of the ideologies of our heroes who preceded us? Of course, they had a picture in mind before they gave their all and risked their everything to get this nation liberated and made sure we got our independence. But I ask; what will become of all their toil and sweat? I am of the opinion that our founding fathers had in mind a nation in which the God of creation will direct our noble cause, guide our leaders right, and help our youth the truth to know, that in love and honesty we should grow, and living just and true. Great lofty heights we should attain to build a nation where peace and justice shall reign, so the labours of our heroes past should not be in vain.

To serve with heart and mind, one nation bound in freedom, peace and unity, this is a call to service, serve with your heart and your might. And so my fellow Nigerians, I remember the very famous words of John F. Kennedy; “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”.

The other day I had a discussion with a friend, he said he doesn’t like the country, I told him; cut it! I love this country; my undying love for my country is embossed on the tablet stones of my heart. The country is blessed, a land flowing with milk and honey; I love my country, I LOVE MY COUNTRY. My favorite book says that “if ye be willing and obedient you shall eat the good of the land”

In no distant future, I foresee a nation where slavery shrivels, discrimination dies, and freedom flourishes. I LOVE MY COUNTRY.

God bless my country, Nigeria.

Lamide Adenuga is an author and an International Conference Speaker who believes that the right mentality can power anyone to success; an ideas man who is out to transform people and places he comes in contact with.

He is a Business Development Consultant/Business Management Consultant, a well sought out for motivational and inspirational Speaker, and a Business Coach to entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners and business starters. He is also an Angel of strategy and organization and has featured on Radio and Television shows severally.

Lamide is a Public Relations Specialist and has written articles in various newspapers, journals and magazines. He is a Personal Effectiveness columnist in OVATION International Magazine. He is also a Television host with his Motivational telecast, “MAKING THINGS HAPPEN” on WAP TV.

Facebook page – Lamide Adenuga Speaks.             Twitter – LammyMotivates

You can reach him on +234-8032454647


Meanwhile, this spoken word is so dope and less than 3 minutes, delivered by Lamide Adenuga himself, enjoying rave reviews across the country. I LOVE MY COUNTRY.


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