London Explosion: SPACNATION Foundation Hosts Summit on Youth Violence Solution

By Eric Elezuo

Following Thursday’s explosion which injured a good number of persons as a result of youth carnival turned violent, the Spacnation Foundation has decided to host a Summit on Youth Violence Solution on May 17, 2018 at the City Hall, London, to discuss actions needed to be taken to curb violence.

The violence, which took place in Stamford Hill, North-East London, reportedly occurred as a result of a Jewish Holiday celebration popularly known as Lag Ba’omer, to mark the eve of the Jewish holiday going awry.

Reports had it that the Jewish youths were seen throwing cell phones into bonfires as a means of dissociating themselves from the evils of cell phones when the explosion occurred.

A statement released by SPACNATION, and made available to The Boss suggests that community and political leaders need to ‘bring ideas together to begin to cultivate a change of mindset, attitudes and general lethargic response as seen over the years by the government’.

“In response to the recent spate of violent crime amongst young people on London’s streets, SPACNATION Foundation is hosting an emergency summit in City Hall to discuss what action needs to be taken to curb the violence. We believe political and community leaders need to bring ideas together to begin cultivating a change of mindset, attitudes and the general lethargic response as seen over the years by the government,” the statement stated.

SPACNATION, as a Foundation, is set up to address key issues and matters pertaining to the serious issue of violence by engaging young people to adopt an alternative lifestyle.

The statement signed by the Foundation’s Public Relations Officer, Lymell Cross, said that the summit will certainly be the answer to the national violence across London.

To attend the summit are former gang members, various leading community organisations, local authority officials, MP’s, national and local press, campaigners and many more.

It also noted that there will be a panel of key influencers as well as an opportunity for participants to make their contributions.

It is believed that at the end of the summit, a solution will be reached and a clear plan of action will be presented to the Home Office.

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