My Songs Will Leave a Positive Impression on Every Listener – Soul Scrollz

By Eric Elezuo

The world of entertainment, especially music, is taking a new turn with new artiste joining the fold. Many toeing the lines of their predecessors while a few others have deem it fit to carve a new niche; bring something new to the table. One of such new artiste is none other than SOUL SCROLLZ

Soul Scrollz has shown character in the field he expressed passion for – music. He is versed in rapping, conventional singing, and is known to be a songwriter of repute. Not only that, Scrollz is a spoken word act; a poet of the best kind, and is multi-talented in the use of musical instruments of any kind. No wonder his songs have the rare mix of beauty and intellect.

On how he got his stage name, the versatile artiste said: “I pride myself in my ability to be versatile with rap and singing on different genres of music, and this is where I got my stage name from. Soul is a function of my style of singing, while Scrollz reflects my intelligence and rap style”.

In 2014, Soul Scrollz launched out with the establishment of his own movement and Record Label Company called Emperaw Music. This he did in collaboration with his brother and Music Producer, Emperaw Beatz and a prolific Sound Engineer, Andy King. The coming together of these men gave birth to the recording and production of his debut album, Eclectiquette, which is programmed to hit the airwaves with a bang, as well as his just released EP Preclectiquette! already enjoying airtime on various beat stations.

Soul Scrollz has since released singles Suitcase, 2016, What’s in Your Hands, Offshore (M.A.R.S), Nti (M.A.R.S), Small Celebration (M.A.R.S), Tell em’ My Story and has received massive rotation on radio, tv, and press!

He is not new in the art, creative and entertainment business. He is the voice for Monster Muzik (Star FM 101.5) radio programme, and has hosted a poetry/spoken word programme for children called ‘Vivid Verses’. He also features on the radio edition that airs on Metro 97.7FM every Saturday at 10:45am.

Among their high profile social endeavours, Soul Scrollz and Emperaw Music used their music to speak and raise awareness for a Black History Month HIV campaign in Canada in February 2017 with a song titled ‘Play Safe’.

“My aim is to showcase to the industry my versatility and my way of merging my experiences in music while living in Toronto, Canada with the Nigerian Sound cutting across Trap, Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul, Reggae, Rock, Afrobeat, Dancehall, and few other genres,” he confided as regards what he intends bringing to the music table.

Without an iota of doubt, he is an artist whose voice and message leave an impression in the ears of a good music lover.

In case you are wondering what Scrollz meant by his album titles, he explains:

“Preclectiquette is the 8-track, EP version of Eclectiquette, which is an album of 20+ songs!” He added “The term Eclectiquette is my invention, and it is a fusion of the words ‘eclectic’ and ‘etiquette’, symbolizing my diversity and mastery of different genres of music as displayed on the project!

“Preclectiquette happens to be my debut project so the idea is to sensitize listeners with my different styles, and what to expect in the future in order to avoid confusion.

Consequently, my message to my teeming fans is expect nothing, prepare for anything and anything will probably be EVERYTHING you can imagine classifiable as good music,” he said

Soul Scrollz’s work is not the everyday industry project. It is far from the regular run –off-the-mill trend and sound, but an example of experimentation and fusions that shows that music allows freedom of expression. It is a proclamation that one can still standout, and be many things at the same time like be trendy, be diverse, be fresh, be entertaining and educating among others.

My music cuts across genres like afrobeat, jazz, pop, reggae, R&B, hip/hop, trap, gospel, rap, and dancehall, Preclectiquette was carefully put together to guarantee that every listener should have something they can relate to and enjoy,” the prolific artiste explains.

If you don’t have the album of Scrollz in your home, you are missing a lot. Get one today, put on your dancing shoes and enjoy as Soul Scrollz takes us on an amazing musical journey!

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