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Platinum Apartments and Suites: Comfort and Style Remixed

By Eric Elezuo and Morakinyo Ajibade                                          Photos: Funmi Adeyemi

There is a place that best suits the phrase ‘heaven on earth’ where the efficacy of ‘home sweet home’ can be only experienced at its fullest; where the beauty of luxury is made manifest; a place that extinguishes stress and brings relaxation to life. That place is Platinum Apartments and Suites. Surely, every good sight accompanied by good taste will appreciate the wonders embedded in the luxurious and tastefully furnished environment even from afar or even on a first visit. Little wonder the general atmosphere is tagged “peace away from home”.

Located at 5B, Michael Ogun Street, GRA, Ikeja, Lagos, Platinum Apartments and Suites is a cozy home with a serene atmosphere overflowing with an ambience only meant for royalty, and tucked in the quietest corner of the capital of the one of the vibrant cities in the world, Lagos.

Comfortable Cherry apartment

Assessing the home from the popular Isaac John Street, a would-be lodger or fun seeker would have no stress in his navigation. Hidden behind a high security gate with mentally alert security personnel on 24 hours duty, the apartments are sighted through a long stretch of motorway that provides knowledge of the arriving personality coupled with the highly welcoming display of exquisite horticulture that could have been done by only a professional.  Not only that, the aroma of splendor fills the air to practically tell the fun seeker – you are welcome.

Exquisite sitting room of the Passion Suite

The long extended walkway breeds a sense of lavish luxury at one’s beck and call. The colours of the walls depict the taste of heavenly satisfaction. No doubt, the certainty of relaxation in luxury is seen all around and welcomes you in a rush.

The Bar

The sense of relaxation is heightened by an exotic, clean and highly transparent swimming pool. Surrounding the pool is a two by two table set pool side restaurant that exposes one to the cool breeze and serenity of nature. The stylishly made chairs and tables, designed only to give the best of relaxation are available for drinks, food, and discussion, and not forgetting a quick nap.

The Elegant Conference Hall

Close to the pool is a top roof exquisite bar, better known as ‘Koko Bar’ which made available all kinds of drinks for you and family. It worth a bar to pass every moment one has, and dishes home comfort to users. The view one gets from this bar made life comfortable for its guests. Also, the Platinum has an over 50 sitting capacity, blessed with beautiful interiors.

Twin bedroom of one of the suites

The reception suits both foreign and local standard. The single rooms – Strawberry, Cherry, Kiwi and Peach – are the true face of convenience your home gives you. Talking about the 2 bedroom apartments – Passion and Blackberry – they are wonders of apartments; well furnished, and standard for style. The complimentary breakfast is another element that gives you comfort, when you go for apartments and rooms at Platinum.

The Reception

The rooms, which are name after beautiful objects and emotions, as well as the suites and apartments are embarrassingly cheap in comparison to the all the welfare they offer. Every room offers a standard Master’s experience with king size bed and flat screen television, comfortable reading table, highly functional air conditioner and more comfort than the mind could conjure. Again, the presence of a high performing generating set gives the assurance that no matter the situation, 24 hours power is guaranteed.

From the entrance to the reception and through to the kitchen and every corner of the complex are intimidating presence of highly trained staff whose welcoming smile will disarm even the strongest of faces. With unfeigned courtesy, the staff gives the fun seeker a reason to come and stay.

Cozy bed

Speaking about the pleasures and ambience of the environment, the House Keeper, who took pleasure in taking TheBoss crew around, said one can’t get enough of what Platinum can offer. “You just have to feel and taste it to know it,” he said.

Beautiful driveway

This affordable ‘heaven on earth’ is owned by the foremost business man and Chairman of Galaxy Television, Steve Ojo – one who knows the true meaning of satisfactory luxury and absolute relaxation.

Another sitting room

Take a trip to Platinum today with your family, business partners and much more, you will be happy you did. It is sure you won’t regret visiting the Platinum, as satisfaction and luxury galore is promised.

The Pool


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